How to wear colour to boost your mood

Colour has been found to have a profound impact on our mood, as well as how we look.
For me, colour is the easiest way to update your image. It doesn’t require lots of money or time, just a little understanding. It’s also one of the most rewarding and favourite elements of my job as an image consultant.
This feels like a good time to share some tips on wearing colour so that you can feel good in spite of what’s actually going on.

Your appearance

You make a visual statement about how you view yourself in what you wear. It reinforces your self image as when you know you look good, it’s this confidence that shines through. When you don’t feel quite so good about yourself, this can be evidenced in exactly the same way.
At the current time of writing, there’s a global pandemic as a result of the Coronavirus and many people are either working from home or isolating themselves.
Just because you’re sat at home and not seeing anyone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel good in what you wear. Plus, thanks to technology, many people are having virtual meetings and as good as your PJs are, what impression does that give to your boss, colleague, business connection or client?
Be honest. When you sit there in your comfies, as lovely as you feel, it doesn’t exactly heighten your mood does it? I love comfy, but I just ensure that my loungewear are in colours which suit me so that I can look good as well as feel good!


The human eye requires balance and harmony. With your appearance, this is achieved between your physical features and what you wear.
When you wear the right shades of colour, they will flatter, enhance and brighten your appearance. Choosing the wrong shades of colour will cast shadows and age you and nobody wants that!
There’s only so many colours which exist – everyone can wear colour it’s simply identifying which shades work best for you and your physical characteristics.
Here’s a few popular colours and psychologically, the impact on not just yourself, but others too.


Psychologically, wearing red gives an air of confidence and being in control. Red is the colour of energy so it’s a great colour to wear if you feel like you need some energy to approach your day. Perhaps even a bit of red lippy 💋
Be careful though as it is also the most assertive, aggressive and attention grabbing of colours. Think of the colour of the stop light at the traffic lights.
Getting the undertone right when wearing red is crucial as if you’re cooler with no warmth in your hair or skin tone then you’ll need a blue based red. If you have these warmer tones, then you’ll be much better suited to a yellow based red.


Seen as safe, peaceful and logical and it’s known to convey trustworthiness as our law and order officials have navy blue uniforms. Equally blues can be seen as cold, unemotional and unfriendly so they may not make the best impression with a new client.


The colour of nature and is worn by the armed forces for camouflage purposes. It’s also seen as a calm and reassuring colour and wearing it can also demonstrate creativity and imagination so why not give it a whirl?


Have you ever found that you just feel a bit down when you wear black? A mood-hooverer and who needs that right now?!
Whilst you may find it easy and safe to wear, it’s not the most suitable for everyone. I often find that people wear it as they aren’t sure what else to wear. They lack the imagination, time or know how and get trapped in black!
It’s a rather authoritative colour and appears not very approachable too, so in a business sense, could this be to your detriment?
If you find that this isn’t the most complimentary colour to wear, try introducing a coloured shirt, blouse, top or scarf.


The one colour which truly reflects light making it the ideal colour to wear in hot climates. Given that the majority of travel is currently at a standstill, perhaps best staying in the wardrobe for now?
This purity makes it hard to wear for most people though as in its purist form, it’s too harsh. Wearing an off white is usually more flattering.
It is clean and hygienic too!


Often seen as a feminine colour though it can suggest empathy, gentleness and compassion. Guys who wear pink demonstrate that they are comfortable with their masculinity. Something which could be really helpful in the current climate.


As a colour, it can indicate sensitivity and be spiritual. Some people have found it helps in meditation and can promote a sense of relaxation which I’m sure is something we would welcome.


I often find that many people have lost confidence in what to wear or just don’t know what suits them which isn’t great for our self esteem. If you do find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, you might be tempted to do a bit of shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you already feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, shopping without any guidance or direction is likely to mean that you’ll end up with the same type of clothes that you’ve already got, or that they don’t work with other items you have in your wardrobe. You might also feel that they don’t suit you, or that you don’t feel like ‘you’ in them.
Don’t despair. This time will pass. But, try not to be tempted to buy what’s fashionable or simply because it’s there. Learn what what works for you and why, then all these bad purchases will be just that. Plus, they will no longer languish in the back of your wardrobe with the tags still on! You can finally stop wasting money on things you never wear!

Behind the scenes at Sassy ever after LIVE!

In January, I was invited to be one of the guest speakers at a female empowerment event. It sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and start off 2020.

Sassy ever after LIVE!

I arrived in Sheffield early and was greeted by Kate Grosvenor, the founder who also offers 1-1 coaching sessions. She showed me around the venue which was lovely, including their own lifestyle brand of clothing, candles and more.

Kate Grosvenor

After a glass of bubbles, Kate opened up the event and spoke of ways to change habits and ways to introduce new routines. Informative and useful tips but there was one specific point she made which stuck in my mind. She asked the room full of women; how do you celebrate your successes? I’m not saying you could hear a pin drop but….we were all a bit quiet. Kate said that it was important to celebrate your wins, however small and straight away. Don’t wait until you see a friend, or until you next see your partner or the moment has passed. It did get me thinking, how about you? Try saying well done out loud, tap your own back or even a little clap of the hands could be enough to reward yourself! Visit Kate’s website here.

Deepika Venkatachalam

Deepika is a blogger from India. I listened to her story with such admiration and found her incredibly inspiring! Coming from India to study at Sheffield university with a whole host of achievements under her belt for such a young age, she is definitely one to watch and follow here.

Sarah Tattersfield

The afternoon was not only my turn, but Sarah who is a nutritionalist and the owner of Rotherham’s first and the only members only weight loss and nutritionalist club. Another inspiring and very fit lady! What stuck in my mind from Sarah’s presentation was that they operate a healthy and positive change to your diet, health and fitness. Yes you can have a packet of low fat fat crisps for 90 calories, but is that the best way to eat those 90 calories? Diets are unsustainable and habits need to be changed to create long term healthy lifestyles which is really what your body needs. See more here.

New year, new you

When it was my turn, I was a tad nervous as these ladies were amazing and inspiring but I shared a bit about my background; how I came to become an image consultant and also what the start of a new year meant to me.
It may seem silly to talk of new year, new you now given that we’re in March, but really, you can press reset or pause on life whenever you want. You don’t have to wait until January!
Changing something that you’re not happy about can be hard. Especially if it feels big. Remember; you can’t eat an elephant whole so I always try and think about what the small things are that I can do and build on them, as it’s these small changes that can make the biggest difference. I don’t believe I would be where I am and doing what I love today without breaking it down and taking the steps I did to get here.


For instance, I started a bit of a declutter mission before Christmas. I once heard someone say that your home is your anchor and everything has a home when you declutter. Without meaning to, we can all hoard things can’t we? Even if we don’t mean to, those weeks turn into months and then before we know it, it’s over two years since you moved and that room you meant to sort out after you moved in still hasn’t been emptied…(just me?).
Given the fact that I’m an image consultant, you might expect my wardrobe to be organised and it generally is. I regularly declutter, but my declutter mission extended to each room, drawer, under the stairs and even the garage! During the declutter mission, myself and my husband both agreed we felt not only a sense of achievement, but we felt genuinely calmer knowing things were cleaned, tidy and organised. More on my clothes declutter and organisation another time.
I get a lot of women who get in touch because they feel like they’ve got nothing to wear and they are fed up of feeling like it! I help them understand what suits them and why, so they can get confident in what they wear.
When you understand what suits you and why, you can avoid having those what to wear days. You can save time in the morning and stop wasting money on things you never wear.
But, it doesn’t happen overnight. You can press reset or pause and simply try and change one thing that you’re not happy with but you don’t have to do it on your own either. Making little changes all add up to big changes, especially in how you look and feel. You know that when you feel good in what you wear – this confidence shines through and people notice. Who doesn’t want to feel good in what they wear?
All in all, an amazing afternoon spent with some amazing women. Plus, I bought a wax melt burner with the Sassy wax melts called ‘Be Flawsome’. I am trying.

What’s the difference between Oil and Serum?

Choosing the right skincare can be a nightmare. There’s so many products and solutions that you don’t often know what’s worth spending money on, or when you do, it’s not good for your skin and it sits languishing in the drawer or cupboard and you need to find another option.
We began using the Colour me Beautiful skincare range personally, before using with clients and have a loyal fan base building. But, there are two products which seem quite similar and so we set about identifying the differences between the illuminating grapefruit and orange facial serum and the age defying lavender and frankincense facial oil.

Lavender & Frankincense Facial Oil

This natural blend of ingredients deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. Lavender oil not only boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties, but is also soothing for the skin. Frankincense (liquid gold) used cosmetically, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections such as discolouration. It also stimulates the growth of new cells.
The surge of moisture increases elasticity and ensures that moisture levels are retained. The most effective time to use this product is at night because this is when cell regeneration speeds up. It is possible to use this during the day, but due to the oiliness, you may prefer using it when foundation or tinted moisturiser is not being worn. Suitable to all skin types.
This is what our clients had to say:

I use this product most evenings. When my skin feels particularly dry as a result of the cold weather, I really notice the difference to my skin the following morning. It feels much silkier, smooth and rehydrated.
I had the age defying facial oil for Christmas and absolutely love the smell and the feel on my skin! It feels amazing and like I’ve had a facial!

Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum

This actually has a totally different effect on the skin. The citrus infusions with avocado and strawberry illuminate and brighten the complexion whilst helping to even out the skin tone. It deeply penetrates and restores vitality to the skin plus its rich in collagen restoring vitamin A and C and beta-carotene.
Deeply cleansing and regulating the pore activity to unclog residue and prevent unsightly blemishes. Increasing skin luminosity and brightening with fruit enzymes. Papain, the enzyme found in papaya, promotes skin regrowth and lightening activities creating softer, more even skin.
It can be used during the day or evening but because it’s not oily, it’s ideal to wear before your application of moisturiser or day cream and wear without impact under your makeup. Ideal for all skin types.
Here’s what our clients had to say:

I was really impressed with the illuminating facial serum as it really felt like it soaked into my skin creating a glow from within. Thank you so much Toni for the recommendations, I’m so impressed!
Love, love these products. Especially the illuminating facial serum – the smell is amazing!

Both products are available from the Colour me Beautiful range which is organic, vegan and cruelty free. The products come in recycled packaging and airless pumps and are made in the U.K.
The Facial Serum is priced at £25.80 and the Facial Oil is £25. Both products are available to buy online here. To try a sample or to order from the studio, please contact Toni:

Pantone Color of the year 2020


We wear colour as a way of making ourselves feel good, look good and to boost our confidence. The Colour of the year has been around since 2000 and is now in it’s 20th year. In December last year, Pantone made their announcement!

Pantone’s colour for 2020

Industries across the world will be dipping into their blue dye pots following the announcement. For the new decade, it’s.. classic blue. A shade that sits between Colour me Beautiful’s own true blue and royal blue.

Pantone say: Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

It’s a shade that works especially well on our Deeps, Cools and Clears, but as with all colours, there’s a blue for everyone. The trick is to find the shade that is perfect for you (which is where your colour swatch wallet comes in) or how to wear it.

So, how can you wear it?

With her natural blonde hair, porcelain skin and light eyes, Cate Blanchett is a LIGHT. She looks fabulous in cornflower blue. Classic blue is slightly deeper and stronger so would be best worn with soft white or mint to keep it fresh and light.

On the otherhand, Michelle Obama with her strong, dramatic look is a DEEP. She can wear classic blue very well indeed. Wearing the colour alongside other rich shades such as black or charcoal will look simply amazing.

Poldark’s Emma Tomlinson is a fabulous redhead and her aim should be to balance this with warm, golden tones. As a WARM, her blues will always look best when worn with yellow-based colours such as apricot or primrose.

Of course Judi Dench is a COOL and can totally own classic blue. If she wants to team it with another colour, some contrast is always better than wearing shades tonally. Icy blue, soft white or baby pink would be just perfect.

Megan Fox has huge contrast between her bright eyes, skin tone and dark hair. She’s a CLEAR and will always look best in strong, vibrant colours such as this year’s classic blue. A contrast of light and dark suits her the best when wearing two or more shades.

Finally, Kate Winslet has a much more blended look; there is little contrast between her hair, eyes and skin. She’s a SOFT and as classic blue is quite a vibrant colour, would be better worn with a softer tonal shade such as light periwinkle or shell.

If you can’t tell from these celebrity examples which one you’re most similar to, you can always book a colour consultation.

If you’re interested in attending a group session, register your interest in our next round of events. Click here.


Fashion vs style and sustainability

“Don’t be a slave to trends, find your own style and you’ll always be the height of chic! Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” Lauren Hutton

I always say to people that dressing well is not about buying expensive clothes, or about being at the cutting edge of fashion. It’s simply, knowing what suits you and why so that you can dress with confidence, every day.

80/20 rule

We can all have those days when we feel like we have nothing to wear. You’ve probably seen the statistic that says that we typically only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and with the ladies I meet, the majority all nod their heads in agreement.

It’s not exactly true though is it? We often do have things to wear but we don’t like them / they don’t fit / they don’t suit you / they don’t make you feel good / it doesn’t go with anything. Sound familiar?

If this is you; don’t beat yourself up! But you can change it.


Your first port of call is to review and declutter your wardrobe. It can be as simple as this:

  1. Get rid of any items that no longer fit
  2. Anything that’s really worn, damaged and not repairable
  3. Anything you don’t like or hate yourself in.

Now, this might not help but you’d be surprised. Especially if you take the emotion out of it! If everything left it still good enough to wear, ask yourself why you aren’t wearing it.

If you’re serious about cleansing those wardrobes, then try following these simple steps:

  1. Check if it’s the right colour for you; if it doesn’t lighten and brighten your features then get rid
  2. Does it fit? Is it comfortable? Have you worn it in the last 12 months? If the answers are no; get rid
  3. What’s the condition like? Does it need a minor repair and are you prepared to do it? If not; get rid.

Use my free guide to help you declutter in five simple steps. Download your copy here.

Old favourites

Often, it’s not that you’ve actually got nothing to wear, it’s just that you’ve either lost your way or you don’t know what suits you. Instead you end up reaching for the same few favourites or buying another pair of black jeans / trousers / jacket / top that happens to be identical to the other six you have.

When you know what suits you and why; you’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes that are in the right colours which suit you, in the styles which suit your personality and lifestyle, in the right shape and fit for your body. But, it won’t happen overnight and if you need help, that’s where I come in as I have a range of services to support your journey which you can find here.

Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth

Textile waste is becoming a major problem. According to a government report published in February 2019 – 300,000 tonnes of textile waste end up at landfill from households. If you’re decluttering, please consider alternative ways of disposing your items. Try giving to charities, selling on, restyling or swapping.

Swapping events are becoming more popular. They give you the opportunity to exchange your items (providing they are in good condition) for others. They may not be new, but they’re still new to you. If this appeals, you may be interested in a Style Swap event which is being held in Leeds on 23 January. Tickets can be bought from here. The organiser has also asked me to attend the event and do a talk so why not book your ticket and come along? More details of the event can be found on my events page.

Take the 30 day challenge

Another trick is to turn all your hangers so they are facing the same way. Then, every time you wear something and it goes back in, turn the hanger the opposite way. This way, it’s more visible about what you are and aren’t wearing. I tried this last year for 30 days and you’d be surprised what difference it makes. Revisit the blog here and give it a go.

£s per wear

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll be familiar with my motto. It’s not how much you’ve spent on something, but how many times you’re going to wear it. Before I buy anything, I always ask myself: what do I have that I can wear it with?  Ideally, if you can make three different outfits with it then it’s a good buy in my book. But, it’s got to be the right colour for me (soft, cool and deep), right shape and style (natural/classic neat hourglass) too. Get something in the sale for £10 which you wear once and it’s £10 per wear. Spend £50 on something which you wear 10 times and it’s £5 per wear. I’ve got things in my wardrobe that must be pennies per wear but I regularly declutter too.


If you’d like some help sorting through your wardrobe or simply understanding what works for you and why, then get in touch. Most people start with a colour consultation because it’s the easiest way to update your look, but have a browse and contact me.

Mission Christmas – cash for kids

Every year, the Radio Aire Cash for Kids charity have their annual Mission Christmas appeal to make sure every child has a present to open on Christmas morning.

To help support the charity, I decided to take a stall at their Christmas Fayre on 28 November.

Joining lots of others on the night, I offered mini colour and makeup assessments for £10 and I donated all the money to the charity.

Here’s a peak at my stall.

Cash for kids event

You can also support the charity by buying gifts too. There are thousands of children in need of a gift this Christmas from new born babies up to 18 years of age.

Mission Christmas

You can send any gifts directly to them (or drop them off):

Mission Christmas

The Store Room



LS11 8EG

The deadline is 17th December.

If you’d like to know more about the charity please visit:

In full colour event – Sheffield Hallam University students and John Lewis

I was honoured to be invited to speak at the ‘In full colour’ fashion event on 20 November. It was organised by Sheffield Hallam University students with John Lewis & Partners.


The fashion students set up five areas around the room to showcase the colour trends of the season.

Sheffield Hallam uni event

1. Deep shores (greens and blues). 2. Spiced pumpkin (oranges). 3. Raspberry (purple and pinks). 4. New neutrals (browns, greys). 5. Fiery red (reds and rich oranges).

Colour Analysis presentation

At 7pm I was invited to deliver my presentation about colour analysis. If you’re on Instagram, you can catch some of the highlights and recordings from the grids. Here’s the profile links: @tlcstyleandcolour, @shu_fmc, @johnlewisincolour

I explained what’s involved in a colour analysis consultation and what to expect using some examples. Everyone can wear colour, it’s merely identifying the shade of colour which is best for you. During a consultation, you learn which work for you. This means you save time and money in the long run. When you wear the right shades of colour in your clothes and makeup, it will lighten and brighten your appearance making you look and feel good in what you wear.

If you’ve previously had a consultation and was analysed as a spring, summer, autumn or winter, things have changed. If you’re finding that some colours aren’t working for you anymore or your hair colour has drastically changed; it could be worth booking a review.

The current system is more advanced. At Colour me Beautiful, we assess a person’s physical characteristics – their hair, skin and eyes, to identify the shades of colour and how to wear them.

Using clothing from John Lewis, I demonstrated a few of the current trends to the audience. It included how clothes and styles can suit different body shapes. Size doesn’t matter but shape does, so if something doesn’t fit right, your shape will play a part.

It’s tempting to buy what’s in fashion, but when you learn what works for your colouring, shape and personality, you don’t need to.

The students worked so hard and the fashion show showcase was excellent. I truly wish them all the success and thank them for the invite.

Contact me to book a session.

Special offers to complete your look

Knowing what to wear doesn’t just mean the clothes you wear. For the ladies, it also means your makeup.

Makeup doesn’t have to take hours, change the colour of your face or learning how to contour, though if that’s your thing go for it!

But, whatever you do choose to apply to your face, just like your clothes, your makeup should enhance your features. This is as simple as choosing the right shades of colour in your cosmetics.

Colour me Beautiful offer a range of cosmetics to help you achieve this and as a Colour me Beautiful Consultant, I’m delighted to be able to offer these to you. They’ve been created with our colouring types in mind so you know you’ll always be able to get the shades which suit you from me.

The range is also cruelty free, with no lead or parabens (the nasty stuff) being applied to your skin and the majority of the range is now made in the U.K. As they are only available through Colour me Beautiful consultants, I’ve also committed that when I receive a special offer or discount, I pass it on.

If you’re following me on social media or you’ve seen me recently then you’ll have seen the amazing options available until 31 December.

All can be ordered online through my store and delivered to your home address. Spend over £45 and delivery is free.

Plus, if you’re local, you can collect from the studio in Wakefield too – just drop me a line to place your order (payment in advance is required).

The special offers make it an ideal time to stock up for yourself or treat a loved one with the savings you can make.

Here’s a summary of what’s available:

Eye defining duo

Eye defining duo offer

Choose a volumising mascara and any eye pencil for just £20. I’d recommend navy mascara for anyone with blue eyes. The black/brown shade works for everyone as does the teal eye pencil.

Time to sparkle

Time to sparkle offer
The perfect time of year to add some sparkle! Two highlighters in one handy compact (and you can customise by adding eyeshadows, blushers, lip gloss and powders in the same box too). Dust over the cheekbones, highlight the brows or above the lip. Or, they make great eyeshadows too all for just £20.85.

Getting lippy

Getting lippy offer

Have you Ever struggled to find the right shade of lipstick which suits you? With over 50 combinations available, fear not! Sorted via dominant colouring type online but includes a lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil all for just £31 to create that perfect pout. Drop me a line, send me a pic or pop into the studio to find out yours.

Defining moment

Defining moments offer
Define those lips and eyes with four soft pencils; two for eyes and two for lips. Line the lips first and my tip is to fill in for a subtle all over, matt colour. Use the eye pencils to help define the shape of the eyes, but be careful not to wrap the eye completely which can minimise the appearance. Four for £31.

Dazzling duo

Dazzling duo offer

Create the perfect base using the velvet perfection primer and your perfect shade of morning light foundation. This month, buy both for just £31.50. Remember when choosing foundation to test it first on your jawline. It should blend in and disappear if it’s the perfect shade. I always receive such positive comments about how the foundation feels on your skin – not clogging or heavy, good coverage but light.

Going undercover

Going undercover offer

The mint primer neutralises any redness (including spots, patches and rosacea). The neutral primer gets rid of those pesky dark circles! The concealer then conceals them all. Get all three for £33.

New Facial Oil – BOGOF

Liquid gold offer

What better time of year to introduce the newest skincare product to the range which includes GOLD!

All the skincare is made in the U.K., in recycled packaging and is organic and vegan and filled with essential oils.

Buy one, get one free (one for you, one for a friend?) for £37.50 or buy one for £25.

Pic n mix compact

Pic n mix compact offer
If you were a pic n mix fan in Woolworths like I was when I was younger, you’ll love this! Choosing eight refills for the compact will be tough though. Includes eyeshadows, blushers, lip glosses and highlighters but excludes the pressed powder and bronzer). All eight included in the compact for just £55.

Winter skin savers

Winter skin offer

This makes the perfect gift this winter. All three (full size) products in a purple cosmetic bag. Includes the new lavender and frankincense facial oil, replenishing jasmine and chamomile night cream and your choice of either the geranium moisture boost day cream or rose q10 anti ageing day cream. All three for just £59.

If you need any help choosing the right shades, just ask and I’ll be happy to offer advice.

Purchase online or contact me to buy and collect from the studio in Wakefield.

Guest blog – The art of using accessories

Recently, I met the owner of an online boutique called Thanks Suzanne. They have a lovely range of good quality accessories at affordable prices.

I was delighted when I was asked to write a blog on how to wear accessories.

Accessories can be the ultimate way to update your look, but not everyone can do so with ease.

Read my guest blog post here:


Funk it up ladies shopping night

This event coincided with Halloween, but, that didn’t stop people attending for a treat!

Alison is the owner of Funk it up Clothing boutique in Leeds. We’d been chatting about holding a joint event for a few months before agreeing the October date and that I’d talk about how to wear the key Autumn/Winter trends.

Like any shopping event, I make sure I do my research. So, I popped by the boutique to check the stock. I do this exercise for personal shopping trips too so that I’m prepared for our time together meaning more time shopping and less time browsing!

It was lovely to see so many and to chat about their common dressing challenges.

What to wear

Alison had a range of autumn trends in stock in a variety of colours (green, red, browns) meaning I could use the clothes to demonstrate the styles and colours which would suit people and what to look for.

Not everyone was familiar with the Colour me Beautiful system of analysis and so I explained that we have six main colouring types (we don’t do seasons), the impact of style personalities on our shopping decisions and a few tips for dressing your body shape.

The key thing to remember is that everyone is unique. My sessions provide you with the knowledge about what makes you look and feel good in what you wear. When you understand what flatters you and why, it will help you to gain the confidence to simply be yourself.

Everyone attending received a copy of my free guide to help them declutter their wardrobe too!

If you’d like to see the clothing range or visit the store, visit the Facebook page for more details:


To download a copy of the declutter guide click here.