Colour Analysis Consultations

Wearing colour is the simplest and most effective way to improve your look

Toni carver showing colour swatch wallet to client

Do you want to wear more colours but you’re not sure what shades suit you?

Booking a colour consultation is the perfect way to change or develop your image. You’ll be amazed at the difference that wearing the right shades of colour has and how you feel and look every day!

You’ll learn the full range of colours which compliment and enhance your natural colouring. Learn how to wear your colours with confidence and combine them to create a coordinated wardrobe.

It’s not just the colour of the clothes that we wear that are important, but also the make-up shades we wear. Understanding how to wear colour is the underlying secret to getting your make-up and clothing right.

You’ll be invited to my studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for your individual colour analysis and are welcome to attend a colour consultation with a friend or family member so that you can both enjoy a colour session together. You’ll see the impact of colour on each other as well as yourselves.

If you can’t make a face to face session at this time, why not consider a virtual or remote colour session instead? Read more details about our new virtual colour assessments here.

Colour is usually the first place to start but if you’d rather start with style and image, click here.

Colour Delux

During this colour analysis, you will learn your ‘dominant’ colour type, your second and third categories of colour and how to combine them together. This session includes some key make-up items and an accessory making it easy to replicate your new look instantly.

Included is a natural application of the Colour me Beautiful make-up range to complete your overall look. The cosmetic range has been specifically designed around our tonal colour types, is lead and paraben free and cruelty free too. All cosmetics are available for purchase on the day or via my online shop so you can be sure never to run out.

You’ll leave with your own personal wallet of 42 colour swatches to help guide you when shopping, a Morning Light Foundation, a Lipstick and a scarf all prescribed to your personal colouring.


1 Person – £159 – 2 hour session

2 people – £149 per person – 3 hour session

Colour Only

If you like the idea of a colour analysis but you would prefer to experience your session without the application of the Colour me Beautiful make-up range, then this session is for you!

You will still learn your ‘dominant’ colour type and your second and third categories of colour and how to combine these together but simply without any makeup application.

Your session is complete with your own personal wallet of 42 colour swatches to help guide you when shopping and a colourful scarf so you can begin your colour journey immediately.


1 person – £110 – 1.5 hour session

2 people – £99 per person – 2 hour session

Colour Confidence Workshop

These are small group sessions held at my studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

During the session, we will cover:

  • Your colour type
  • Which 30 core colour shades suit you
  • How to combine your neutral and fashion colours
  • Makeup in your colour tones

Book your place to learn how you can wear colour with confidence.

You are encouraged to bring along three tops in different colours, one of which you’ve never or rarely worn.

Each person will receive a complimentary makeup application in the shades which suit you best using the Colour me Beautiful cosmetics.

Take away your own Colour Swatch Wallet containing your 30 core colours which will help to guide you when shopping.


2 people – £80 per person – 2 hours

3 people – £75 per person – 2.5 hours

4 people – £70 per person – 3 hours

Colour Review

If you had a colour analysis years ago but you now realise that your colouring has changed, then perhaps it’s time to book a colour review.

This individual session will allow me to review your colours and provide a re-assessment of your personal colour palette. During the session you will also receive a complimentary make-up application using the Colour me Beautiful makeup range which has been specifically designed to compliment your colour type.

Swatches in your wallet can be removed and replaced and additional swatch cards (containing six fabric swatches) can be purchased at £6.50 each. If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete new wallet of 42 colours at a discounted price of £49.


1 person – £60 – 1 hour session