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What we wear makes a visual statement about who we are. When you feel good in what you wear; this shows. It’s like telling a story to someone without speaking.

With a little knowledge and guidance, you can learn how to look good and feel good in what you wear. Dress in clothes which flatter your shape and proportions and be who you are so that you can feel like YOU again.

Know the colours which make you look youthful and feel good on the inside and outside. Stop wasting money on things you never wear and create a wardrobe of clothes that you do wear.

If you want to feel confident in your own skin then you’re in the right place.

There are multiple aspects to your image to explore – consider it part of your new journey to discover!

Is your wardrobe set to burst? In five simple steps you can declutter your wardrobe, STOP wasting money on clothes you never wear and start building a wardrobe of clothes that you do wear.

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Meet Toni

With a background of over 20 years in financial services, how did I get here?

Whilst I enjoyed many aspects of my corporate career, it just wasn’t my true passion.

When I was in my 20s, I had an image consultation which made my confidence soar. I finally understood what suited me and it transformed how I dressed. No more costly shopping mistakes as I knew what suited me. My wardrobe became more coordinated too. But, it didn’t happen overnight!

In 2011, I retrained as an image consultant with Colour me Beautiful to help women gain this same knowledge and confidence so they could look and feel good, every day.

If you’re fed up of having nothing to wear, get in touch for a little TLC.

There’s a range of image services available from the comfort of your own home and in person at the studio in West Yorkshire. (1.5 miles from Wakefield, 10 miles from Leeds, 20 miles from Huddersfield, 30 miles from Sheffield).

Most people begin their journey with colour as it’s the easiest way to freshen up your look. Read my frequently asked questions about colour analysis here.

Gain the confidence on the inside and look good on the outside. Get in touch to begin your journey.

Toni x

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What My Clients Say

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable colour analysis today. I now understand much better what to look for in colours that work well for me. I’m happy to accept with your knowledge and easy way of explaining things that I am finally “Cool”!!  I have lots of really nice colours to try o... Read More


Colour Consultations

I really enjoyed meeting you and having a great colour analysis session. It was the perfect lift and I felt enthusiastic to go shopping and consider my colour palette!

The make up is great. I will be ordering more!
... Read More


Colour Consultations

Thank you so much for the day, I really enjoyed it and learnt so much. It has really changed my shopping habits.

I've had a clear out of make-up (long overdue) and feel much more confident with my makeup style now.

In terms of clothes, I have colours ... Read More


Colour Consultations

Thank you Toni for a wonderful Saturday afternoon spent on your Capsule Wardrobe Workshop. It was friendly, informative and fun. I learned so much not only about my wardrobe but also about my hoarding and purchasing habits. I can't wait to get started. Your ideas were so simple and practical espe... Read More



Another fabulous workshop! Packed with useful advice and information. A lovely group of ladies. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Off to work on my wardrobe with my capsule wardrobe workbook now! Highly recommended 😊... Read More



Thanks for the session - I really enjoyed it! Definitely learnt a thing or two and I’m going to have to buy a few new things now as I was convinced that darker shades of colour were better for me! ... Read More



Thank you so much for today - it was very enlightening. I’ve been experimenting with my colours and make up and looking at clothes that I already had in my wardrobe and haven’t worn for years! I’m really pleased and feeling liberated.... Read More


Online Sessions

During the lockdown I have had a colour consultation with Toni and also attended style and colour workshops via zoom. It's been a fantastic experience due to Toni's enthusiasm and knowledge to help women feel good about themselves with colour and style. Toni puts you at ease on zoom and the othe... Read More


Online Sessions

I recently had an online colour consultation with Toni and I loved it! I found it so helpful; Toni went through exactly what colours I should be wearing to help me stand out in the online zoom world we are currently living in! I would highly recommend Toni and her colour consultations to anyone.... Read More


Online Sessions

I had a colour consultation with Toni and she was amazing. She helped me understand the best colours for me and got me out of wearing black! Highly recommended.... Read More


Colour Consultations