Wearing colour is the easiest way to update your image. Wearing colour is not only a simple way to boost your mood, but when you wear colour which brightens your features and compliments your colouring then you will look just fabulous too!

Here we address some of the frequent questions we get asked about colour analysis consultations.

“I don’t want to be pigeon-holed”

With our colour analysis consultations, it’s more than just showing you your colours and telling you what to wear. It’s about you. Just because you’re the same colouring as Vivienne Westwood, doesn’t mean that you have the same need to stand out in a crowd. You’ll learn how to wear colour. Watch our video.

“You’ll tell me I can’t wear black”

It’s not about not wearing certain colours, it’s about understanding how to wear them for the best effect. Some shades of colour will look far more complimentary on you than others. You’ll learn how to wear colour to achieve your best look.

“It’s old fashioned to have your colours done”

Quite the opposite. Understanding how to wear and combine different colours enables you to build a cohesive, versatile, modern and lifestyle appropriate wardrobe. Sustainable dressing and the desire to buy less and wear more has increased the desire for people to understand what suits them best so that they can make better buying decisions.

“Isn’t that something that they did in the 80s?”

Indeed, but like most things; it’s moved on from the dated 80s look!

In fact, many of my clients are surprised at how modern my approach to colour is. I’ve seen people as young as 17 and as experienced as 76! My Virtual Consultation service is one example of how I’ve stayed relevent and moved with the times.

“I don’t have the budget to start my wardrobe all over again”

Not many people do! It’s about having a wardrobe of pieces that work for you but also how to work with what you already have.

“Colour Analysis is expensive”

Having your colours analysed will prevent you from making expensive shopping mistakes. How many times have you bought something which doesn’t work for you? You only have to look in your own wardrobe to see those rash purchases. Take a moment to tot up how much you have spent on things you never wear. I’m confident that the figure will be more than a colour consultation with me. My prices start from £139 for a face-to-face session and from £79 for my online colour assessment.

“I’ve been colour analysed as a season in the past, so I know what suits me”

That’s great! But, if it was some time ago, or your physical features have changed like the colour of your hair, you might want to consider a review. The seasonal approach can be somewhat restrictive and often clients had shades in their palette that were not their best. Under the new system, the analysis is much more flexible and based on the Albert Munsell Colour System, you’ll find the shades of colours are much more refined and flexible. Depending upon the colour analysis service you choose, you’ll have 30 or 48 fabric swatches that work for you.

“What’s the difference between an online and face to face session?”

The principles are still the same for both sessions but they are conducted in a very different way. Our face to face sessions are also much more in depth and last longer too. We’ve covered full details here in our previous blog.