Elasticated waistbands

Have you found yourself dressing more casually these last few months? It’s been the subject of many conversations recently as many of us have gotten used to a more casual dress code.   Formal or casual? With the kids back at school and many people returning to the workplace or socialising more; are you glad [...]

The wardrobe staple

A navy jacket (or cardigan) is often seen as a wardrobe staple for many people. The trick, like many things in your wardrobe, is knowing how to wear it successfully and repeatedly. Don’t worry too much if the jacket you have isn’t navy. It could be another neutral colour like black, brown or grey! In fact, [...]

Face masks – the next fashion accessory?

Today is the day that the use of face coverings and face masks is compulsory to wear in shops across the country. Early into the pandemic of the coronavirus, there seemed to be a little spike in the fashionable take on these. From matching swimwear to clothes and I wasn’t sure I was wholly comfortable [...]

What’s the difference between a seasonal and tonal colour analysis?

There are two main types of approaches with colour analysis - seasonal and tonal. It’s not simply having different names of the palettes but actually how they relate to one another too. Both systems of analysis are rather technical and beyond the scope of this blog but it should provide you with some background as [...]

My own colour analysis experience

It was over 15 years ago that I first heard the phrase “getting your colours done” from a lady I worked with. I had no idea what this was or even if it was a real thing! But, what I recall was how she dressed differently, wore more colour and seemed to exude confidence which [...]

How to leave a review

Over the years, we have received some lovely feedback from clients. As a business, it’s so nice to hear of the difference that we’ve made to you, however small. It helps us to constantly strive to improve our levels of service and is a great way for our clients to contact us, provide details about [...]

Post lockdown shopping tips

2020 hasn’t really shaped up to what we would have expected has it? Next week, the clothes shops are expected to open their doors once again, with many weeks having passed since closing them. I’m also not sure what to expect. Will you be rushing out to the shops? For those of you who love [...]

Guest blog – Thanks Suzanne – Coffee Pod Jewellery Collection

This is a guest blog written by Suzanne at Thanks Suzanne who we have worked with locally and offers a wonderful and unique collection of handmade jewellery.   You might think that in the UK, we are a nation of tea drinking addicts and as a true Yorkshire girl, you really can’t beat a cup [...]

How to wear yellow

As an image consultant, the number one thing I hear from potential clients is “oh, I’d love to wear more colour, I just don’t know what suits me”. There are many reasons why people feel this way: - the fashion world is obsessed with black - there’s actually more than one shade of a colour [...]

How do you dress for online video calls?

Working remotely is the new norm now after weeks of being in lockdown. Many people, including myself have been doing it for weeks now, but some people will be more familiar with it than others. With the advent of technology such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype, it means that we can connect easily with our [...]