Colour challenge: three ways to wear colour

If you’re feeling a bit fed up then fear not! Let me take this opportunity to boost your mood with my simple colour tips. Consider it a dose of some TLC!

Wearing colour has such a profound impact. Not just upon how you look (eg. brighter, younger, tired, youthful) but also how you feel and your mood. Trust me; it really can help to boost your mood and those around you too.

Maybe you had your ‘colours done’ (aka had a colour analysis consultation) in the past. Perhaps you have absolutely no idea what I’m banging on about. Or, are you up for experimenting with something new? Whatever your reasons, why not get involved and give these a try?

I’ve put together three simple ways and methods of introducing colour or adding colour in what you wear.

My only rule (well it’s not really a ‘rule’, just advice I give all the time: choose a shade of colour that you know makes you feel good on the inside. (I’m all for looking good on the outside, but it’s that feeling good bit I recommend you focus on).

If you prefer to watch my video on Youtube, click here.

1. Colour Pop

Colours by Ell sneakers This is the easiest way to start experimenting with colour. So, if you’re either not used to wearing colour at all, or you fancy trying something new then this one is for you.

Think of this more as adding a splash of colour to your outfit.

Choose just one colour to wear on it’s own as a method of injecting some colour to your outfit.

Most importantly, it could be anything! Perhaps a top, a bag, shoes, socks, earrings, a hat or even a scarf. Any colour you like as you’re simply going for a ‘pop’!

Here I am wearing a pair of Sneakers from Colours by Ell who stock a range of shoes and colours available to suit your colouring type.


2. Column of colour

Colour columnYour next challenge is wearing just one colour this time from top to toe. It could be a top and trousers or a skirt.

You don’t need to be too matchy-matchy with your chosen colour here (unless you’re a classic or city chic personality type). Tonal shades will work just as well together as does wearing one colour.

Interestingly, this is also a great way to dress if you’re on the petite side or if you wish to appear slimmer. A column of colour adds vital inches to a small frame and can make you appear visually leaner.

In this example it’s a simple jumper and jeans combo both in damson.


3. Colour drench

Depending upon your style personality type; this may feel rather daring!

With this colour challenge, everything you wear will be in the same colour – including your accessories. You’re drenching yourself in colour!

A great way to make this feel less daunting is to mix up your textures and fabrics. If you’ve not had a style and shape consultation, make sure the fabric you choose highlights your good bits. Adding chunky knits and bulk with layers upon layers of clothes will just add pounds to your frame. Should you carry weight around your tummy or bust for example (or you don’t want to showcase them), avoid bulk and texture in the area.

Here I have two examples for you. One in purple and one blue where textures and fabrics and shades of colour are slightly different.


That’s your three ways to wear colour!

It’s my favourite way to dress: in colour. Colour makes you FEEL GOOD and that’s why I like to wear it! My colour and style sessions are available as part of a programme as well as individual sessions both online and in person. If you’re ready to book, get in touch and I’ll help you on your journey!

Four tips to perform an autumn audit

Fashions fade, style is eternal. Yves Saint Laurent

You don’t need to constantly add things to your wardrobe every year.

Yes, you might need some updates or tweaks to bring things up to date and items of course will need to be replaced. But, as a good old fashioned Yorkshire girl I believe you can and should get your money’s worth.

I call it £s per wear and it’s a simple concept.

Buy less and wear more and learn how to re-style pieces you already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for too.

In my latest video, I share four tips to help you perform an autumn audit. Watch it here.

What to expect when you arrive at the studio

Lockdown has lifted and you’ve been able to finally book your appointment in the studio!

Congratulations 🎉!

Be sure to look out for our booking confirmation as this contains everything you need to know in advance of your session. This email contains details of our covid infection control and safety measures. It applies to all our face to face appointments.

We have created a brief video designed to show you what happens when you arrive for your appointment. From walking through the front door to being seated in the studio!

Watch it here: When you arrive for your studio appointment

Guest podcast interview – the importance of being happy

I was recently invited to talk about work-life balance in a podcast!

I don’t often talk about such personal matters, but it’s an important subject to me. It was after all, one of the reasons for becoming an image consultant and why I decided to leave my corporate career behind.

Marcus Lee of Reel Street Productions is based in Leeds and has his own podcast. At the time of the recording, we were still in lockdown and had to resort to a virtual meeting over the telephone!

During the interview, we talk about the importance of feeling good and how to boost your confidence. Marcus asks me about the impacts of the first lockdown and things I’m looking forward to doing! There’s even a quick fire round of what he calls ‘would you rather…’ (cringe).

I hope you enjoy it!

Visit his website to learn more:

Listen to the podcast interview here:

What’s a colour analysis consultation?

Have you ever wondered what a colour analysis consultation actually is?

Wondering what all the fuss is about and whether you should book a session for yourself?

In this short video, Toni explains what’s involved. And also, what it isn’t.

Watch it here on YouTube:

How to create ruching effect

In this 2 minute video, Toni shows you how to create a ‘ruching’ effect on your clothes.

This could be particularly useful if you have an oversized or shapeless top. It’s a good trick if you’re simply trying to create some shape or detailing, especially to highlight a narrow waist. The effect will also help to disguise a tummy area too with the ruching.

You just need a hair band or elastic band – no sewing skills are required!

Watch it here on YouTube.

Let’s talk winter coats

A winter coat can be quite an investment, especially if you have colder months like we do in the U.K.!

So, how do you know what type of coat to choose?

How do you know that the big coat you have is fit for purpose?

Do you know how to assess if it works for you style wise?

Read our blog for some ideas on what to look for here.

In this video, Toni shares two of her own coats and explains why they work for her and what she’s assessing.

Watch it here

If you need help shopping or finding the right coat for you, get in touch for advice.

Makeup brush mysteries – solved!

I’m often told by clients that they find the sheer volume of makeup brushes rather overwhelming.

Unless you’re told, you don’t always know what the most effective method of application is. Sometimes, you can work it out on your own, but it’s nice to be guided too!

That was the reason for this latest video here. I talk you through the makeup brushes I regularly use during my sessions with clients. There’s just four too – mystery solved.

Watch it here on facebook

Watch it on YouTubeYouTube.

If you need more guidance, contact me to book a makeup lesson.

Client showcase – how to wear colour

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me ‘they have nothing to wear’!

Of course, most people, especially women, feel like this. And it’s also not always because they have no clothes; it’s more the fact that they don’t feel like they have the right clothes for them.

We‘ve all felt a little lost in what to wear this year. Colour is the easiest and simplest way to boost your mood and feel good, but choose the wrong shade for you, and it can have the opposite effect.

Recently, I asked some of my clients if they’d be willing to send me a picture of them looking and feeling fabulous wearing their best colours so I could create a video. Using real women and real people to help me demonstrate how positive and uplifting colour can be and how amazing you can look and feel when you know what suits you.

This video showcases just some of my clients who agreed to take part and I’m very grateful that they agreed.

Don’t they look fabulous?

Click here to watch