Having your colours ‘done’ isn’t some out-dated thing from the 80s which only women of a certain age get done!

I love hearing people’s stories about why they’ve chosen to come for a colour analysis consultation. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lady in her 20s wanting to be more sustainable with their clothing choices. A lady in her 50s conscious of her spending and wanting to make fewer shopping mistakes. And, a mother and daughter both wanting to reduce their bulging wardrobes!

Colour is truly magical. There’s numerous studies about the psychology of colour and how certain shades can evoke different feelings. I’ve written about this previously which you can read here.

For me personally, it’s more practical. I love wearing colour as it boosts my mood. But, I love how simple and easy it is to actually do. Such as wearing a scarf, a pair of gloves or shoes. Even a lipstick can all have a significant impact when they’re in the right shade for you. That’s why I love showing people how to wear colour!

Everyone can get stuck in a rut and I love showing different combinations and how to make things work. Bright colours aren’t for everyone, and that’s OK! Having your colours done isn’t about being told what colours to wear. It’s about learning what does and doesn’t suit you and why so that you are armed with the right information to put it into practice when you leave the studio.

Here’s six benefits of a colour analysis consultation:

Dressing becomes easier

Knowing what suits you and how to wear your colours means you’ll be able to create outfits much easier and get dressed quicker!

You’ll save money

No longer buying things which don’t suit you and which therefore stay hung up and unworn in the wardrobe.

Increase in confidence

Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll feel good in what you wear as you’ll know they suit you. Add to the extra compliments you receive and there’s no stopping you!

Shopping is less overwhelming

Your searches will become more refined as you look for your best shades in the shops rather than just buying anything! If you use the seasonal updates I create, (from April for spring/summer and October for autumn/winter) you’ll know which shades to shop for (if you need to), and where to find them. More details about the spring seasonal updates can be found here.

A more coordinated wardrobe

Your wardrobe will naturally begin to coordinate so you’ll be able to create more outfits from what you have. You may even find you have fewer clothes but far more options over time. Matching your clothes can provide endless options and create outfits you won’t have worn before because all your colours coordinate and go together.

Find your best shades in clothes and makeup

Wearing your colours is easy as you’ll have your swatches and know the right shades in your makeup. All available buy here.

If you’re thinking about having a colour analysis consultation, just remember that it can be the start of your journey. Of course, you can just work with your best colours and leave it at that too!

It's an investment in yourself that you’ll value for the rest of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Contact me to book your appointment today: Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk