TLC Style & Colour

Online Sessions

Perfect for you if you can’t get to a session in person, or you prefer the ease and simplicity of virtual assessments. You’ll need a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer to be able to experience our range of online sessions.

They are available virtually from the comfort of your own home. Ahead of each session, there will be some preliminary work required and confirmed upon booking.

Online Colour Assessment

This one-to-one session happens virtually in the comfort of your own home.

Providing an introduction to colour analysis and the Colour me Beautiful tonal analysis system. You’ll learn how colour can be used to enhance your look and receive advice on how to combine colours together to suit you and your physical characteristics for maximum impact and confidence.

Prior to the session, you’ll need to supply at least one photograph of yourself, taken fairly close up, in good daylight, with little or no makeup.

Just like our face to face consultations, you’ll need to be makeup free, with good daylight so your natural colouring can be seen.

You’re encouraged to have your makeup bag on hand so we can talk about the cosmetic shades which are best for you as this has as much impact as the colour clothes you wear.

Having additional tops, blouses, knitwear and scarves on hand in varying colours will be beneficial during the session. Try choosing things you love wearing, any items you’re not a fan of, or things you have never worn, for whatever reason.

You’ll learn what your dominant colouring type is and suggestions on how to wear a selection of shades from your new palette. A 30 fabric colour swatch wallet* will be sent to you by post following the consultation. Any additional items you’d like including such as scarves or cosmetics can also be included.

An optional follow up face to face session is available for you to sample makeup in your most flattering shades and discover your additional range of colours within your colouring type – all 48 of them!

This session will revisit your dominant type, including your secondary and tertiary shades of colour and how to combine them together. It takes place at the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for a cost of £79 which lasts 1 hour. You’ll leave with 18 additional fabric swatches to add to your colour swatch wallet taking the total to 48.

* Non UK residents will receive digital swatches instead.


1 Person – £79 – up to 1 hour

Client Testimonial

Having had my online colour consultation I can highly recommend Toni and TLC Style and Colour. I hadn't realised quite how much intricacy there is in selecting the right colour. It isn't just about knowing to wear purple but it is about so many other facets of the colour and Toni really knows her stuff. She helped me to discover the best colours and shades for me and what to do with the clothes I already have that aren't my colours.


Style & Shape

This one-to-one session happens virtually in the comfort of your own home.

Discover how to dress confidently for your body shape and how to reflect your individual style personality.

You’ll need to supply at least one photograph of yourself, one of which must be full length to illustrate your body shape and complete our questionnaire ahead of the session.

When you understand what your underlying body shape is, you can learn the tips on how to dress it for best effect. Knowing who you are ie. your style personality, means you can choose and shop the styles which work for you and your lifestyle. These elements will be explained during the session.

You will receive Shape and Style hints and tips following the consultation.

An optional face to face follow up consultation is available lasting 1 hour and takes place at the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for a cost of £60. During this, we can review your proportions and any outfits in line with our discussions.


1 Person – £65 – up to 1 hour

Wardrobe audit

This one-to-one session happens virtually in the comfort of your own home with full viewing access to your wardrobe via your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Most people only wear a fraction of their clothes hung up in their wardrobes. If you don’t know what you’ve got, what you need or struggle to let things go, this session is for you.

A pre-assessment questionnaire will be required ahead of the session. It’s a good idea to have bin bags handy as part of the clear out too.

Be prepared to get everything out of your wardrobe ahead of the session!


1 Person – £100 – 2.5 hours

Additional Hours charged at £45 per hour


If you struggle to know what to shop for and want to learn how to make your outfits or makeup more current, this session is for you.

You’ll learn what colours and styles reflect who you are personally and which compliment you the best as we are all very different!

Discover how to update your existing outfits with either new purchases or utilise what you already have hiding in your wardrobe.

You’ll receive a card with 6 colours following the session and sent via post which includes your most flattering colour and makeup combinations and a copy of the presentation to refer back to and as a reminder.


1 Person – £75 – up to 1.5 hours

Makeup magic

If you’ve been applying makeup the same way for years, or you want to learn new tips and tricks in applying makeup then you can learn with this practical tutorial.

You can choose to use your existing makeup items to perfect a new look or advice can be provided on the best shades to enhance your features and skin tone. A choice of lipstick or lipgloss is included with the session and any items required can be ordered ahead of the session for you to work with during a tutorial, or simply to enjoy afterwards.


1 Person – £59 up to 1 hour includes a lipstick