Have you ever wondered what colours you look your best in?

Perhaps you’ve seen loads of videos lately about #colouranalysis and you’re curious about what ‘having your colours done’ actually means! (I’ve covered why the resurgence  in popularity here and also the Tok Tok craze explained here.)

Everyone can wear every colour, but not every shade of every colour will suit you the same. If you’ve been experimenting with colour, or found that certain colours did look good on you, and now no longer do, colour analysis could be a worthwhile investment.

Wearing colour successfully is about understanding the different characteristics of colour and their association with your features. Essentially; what’s the impact of the colour against your features?

As a Colour me Beautiful consultant, I’ve been offering colour analysis consultations at my studio in Wakefield since 2011. Rather than the four ‘seasons’, a ‘tonal’ approach is used. Having been first analysed as a season 20 years ago, I’ve found it much easier to explain to clients and for them to understand.

If you want your wardrobe to work harder and waste less money on clothes that don’t suit you, a colour analysis is the solution.

What happens during a colour analysis consultation?

When you join me in the studio, I have a table with 145 precision-dyed coloured fabric sheets called ‘drapes’. The drapes don’t lie! They show you (and me) the impact that the colour has against your features. When you understand this, you can then learn how to wear it successfully, and with ease.

To the untrained eye, mistakes can often be made choosing colours, which is something I’ve covered in more detail here. Should the colour wash you out, make your skin muddy-looking, sallow or blotchy, or your look tired, then it isn’t right for you. When you compare it to a shade which balances out your complexion, harmonising with your features, make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow, it should be no contest! Having to work hard to make it look right, is a tell-tale sign that it’s not right for you and is something I’ve covered here.

Flattering tones in clothes and makeup

Because there are so many shades of a colour, seeing the impact that the colour has against your features is the best way of assessing if the colour is right for you.

During a Complete Colour Analysis Consultation, I’ll use the fabric to ‘test’ for your full colour type. This way you get a personalised palette of colours which are refined to compliment you the most. Your colour type is made up of three elements – depth, undertone and clarity.

‘Getting your colours done’ can be transformational. Check out my client testimonials: https://www.tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk/reviews-page/

Wearing your colours is more than just what colours to wear, but how to wear them. Plus, it’s not just your clothes, but your accessories and your makeup too. That’s why an application of makeup is applied during my Complete Colour Analysis Consultation too, so you get to sample the cosmetic shades which compliment you too. The range used has been designed by Colour Me Beautiful to specifically suit your colouring. You can try as much or as little as you like! Browse the range here.

How to waste less money on clothes that don’t suit you

It all starts with learning what your best colours are, and how to wear them. All this is covered during your colour analysis consultation.

You’ll take away your colour swatches which contain fabric samples of your palette of colours most suited to you.

These colour swatches will help to guide you on your best shades. Use them to review what you’ve already got in your wardrobe and when buying anything new or pre-loved. During the session, I’ll explain how to use them but you can also watch my video on YouTube for more guidance here.

Your swatches represent the colours most suited to your from your colouring type. Using these to guide you, will mean you waste less money on clothes that don’t suit you!

A more coordinated wardrobe

As you embrace your colours, your wardrobe will become more cohesive too. You’ll find it much easier to mix, match and coordinate outfits together. As your confidence grows, you’ll begin to feel as fabulous as you look.

Knowing your colours will mean far less wardrobe disasters too. No more items languishing unworn and unloved in the back of your wardrobe!

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