TLC Style & Colour


I finally found some time for myself yesterday to sit down and watch your video (the on-demand seasonal masterclass). It’s great - very informative so thank you!

Many thanks for your time today. The session was super fun, and Ian and myself learnt so much!

Thanks so much for inviting me to the what to wear workshop. I found it very useful, as looking at the shop windows I mostly see browns and oranges this season – not great for soft and mostly cool. It’s great to see all the colours you have found shopping!

Thank you so much for your time this morning. I can't believe how quickly the time went by. When I got home and went straight to my wardrobe, I was delighted to see that you were absolutely right! A large chunk of my clothes already fit within my palette and some just need tweaking. If anything, there are new colours that I have not previously considered. Very much like the sheer fuchsia lipstick too. Thanks again.

Just a quickie to say a huge thank you for today. I loved finding my true colours and your passion for the subject and your great advice will be so helpful when looking through my existing wardrobe and also for buying and making clothes in the future.   The makeup ideas were a real bonus. Very happy and well worth the hours of travel! Thank you so much 😊🌈

Thank you for putting a spring in my step. I thoroughly enjoyed having my colours done. My wardrobe won’t know what’s hit it. It’s going to be fun experimenting with new shades. I can highly recommend TLC Style & Colour

Thank you for the capsule wardrobe information, it was great and informative. I managed to drill down what colours and items I was missing using the table provided in the workbook, it made me think and I was quite surprised with the results. Following on from that I have decided to wear my posh dress regardless, otherwise it will be a waste!

It was really helpful and i packed very well! I actually felt good in my clothes and got lots of compliments from the other women on tour. Your session gave me more confidence as well as ideas. It helped me realise what I need (to pack) and stopped me making impulse purchases while away too. I need to schedule you in at least once per year!

Thanks for your inspiration and helping me to sort out my wardrobe.  69 items were discarded. Some to charity and others to my sisters. Yippee. I love opening my wardrobe and liking what I see. So much easier to decide what to wear. My sister said I looked stunning when I picked her up. 😃. Amazed how much better I feel within. Most of what I dyed came out well, however the dye blackest black turned out dark grey. Just as well it's one of my colours. Thanks again and the tips are really useful.

Today was fabulous, I really enjoyed it! Telling everyone about it (including my sister)! It was a great group of people and very interactive which was great, hope I didn’t get too involved haha!