TLC Style & Colour


I want to say getting my colours done was one of the best things i’ve ever done. I look at everything so different now, especially with losing weight and looking at new clothes. Absolutely love it, you’re so talented!

I felt I really learnt a lot today at my style & shape consultation. I did a little online shop when i got home following your advice and managed to find some high waisted, extra short jeggings which until today, I never knew existed!

Been inspired after our session and been through my wardrobe yesterday. I've ditched at least half of what I own and found gaps which I have listed. I am now being very organised on what I get. Thanks again. It feels quite liberating.

I do think having a colour analysis is well worth the investment - especially if I think how much money I've spent on fabric which has been stashed away for years. Toni is lovely and highly recommended if you live t'up North!

I booked a colour and style consultation so I could find out what colours and style of clothes suit me. I already feel more confident in what to look for which will make shopping more enjoyable. Extremely valuable - worth the investment!

Your seasonal update material is really useful! A great reference guide and ideas to try new things out. I really liked the ‘shop the look’ guide with links to clothes which was so helpful!

I really enjoyed the ‘shop the look’ guide and did buy a dress featured in it - it’s very me, so clearly you’re doing it right! It’s a great tool for trying something different and new colour combos! Plus, you’ve done all the work and looking forward to your spring edition!

Your 'Shop the Look' guide was excellent. Being specific to my colour palette and references to undertone and body shape as well. I like the variety of shops, some I wouldn't have thought of visiting and accessories and suggestions of different ways to wear certain items too. A lot of information packed into relatively few pages!

Really enjoyed the session! What a difference colour makes!

I finally found some time for myself yesterday to sit down and watch your video (the on-demand seasonal masterclass). It’s great - very informative so thank you!