If you read my previous blog about how there’s a new ‘trend’ to get a colour analysis done (it’s not really new!) and you fancy dabbling in ‘testing’ yourself, I wanted to offer some guidance.

As much as I recommend a professional diagnosis from a trained colour consultant (like myself), you may still want to do-it-yourself.

You won’t have the same tools or experience that I have of course, but hopefully my tips will help you.


So you might be wondering how to test for the colours which suit you best.

My recommendation is always to use fabric because it is the most reliable indicator. Use whatever fabric you can get your hands on. It could be cushion covers, pillowcases, clothes, scarves or any other fabric!

You want to hold the fabric up underneath your chin for the best results. Ideally, have no makeup on and do this in natural daylight.

Check your complexion in a mirror when you’re holding each piece of fabric to see the impact against your face. Is your face and your look enhanced? Do you look fresher and brighter, or is your skin looking dull, pale, or washed out?

What you’re actually looking for is this brightening effect and that you are wearing the colours, not the other way around.

If it looks like the colours are wearing you, it’s often not an indication that the shade of colour isn’t quite right for you.

I’ve recorded a little video demonstration which you’ll also find on my YouTube page. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/zZh3jJGTOB0

When you are doing this yourself or you’ve had a go at another method, like an online quiz or the spinning wheel filter and find that the colours still aren’t quite working, you might be right!

Not everyone fits neatly into just one box. So, consider a professional colour analysis instead. After all, if the outcome you’re seeking is to make fewer shopping mistakes, it can be just as costly to buy things in the wrong colours!

I’ve been trained in colour analysis by Colour me Beautiful using a tonal colour analysis system. Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.

Get in touch to book your professional colour analysis!

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