Colour challenge: three ways to wear colour

If you’re feeling a bit fed up then fear not! Let me take this opportunity to boost your mood with my simple colour tips. Consider it a dose of some TLC!

Wearing colour has such a profound impact. Not just upon how you look (eg. brighter, younger, tired, youthful) but also how you feel and your mood. Trust me; it really can help to boost your mood and those around you too.

Maybe you had your ‘colours done’ (aka had a colour analysis consultation) in the past. Perhaps you have absolutely no idea what I’m banging on about. Or, are you up for experimenting with something new? Whatever your reasons, why not get involved and give these a try?

I’ve put together three simple ways and methods of introducing colour or adding colour in what you wear.

My only rule (well it’s not really a ‘rule’, just advice I give all the time: choose a shade of colour that you know makes you feel good on the inside. (I’m all for looking good on the outside, but it’s that feeling good bit I recommend you focus on).

If you prefer to watch my video on Youtube, click here.

1. Colour Pop

Colours by Ell sneakers This is the easiest way to start experimenting with colour. So, if you’re either not used to wearing colour at all, or you fancy trying something new then this one is for you.

Think of this more as adding a splash of colour to your outfit.

Choose just one colour to wear on it’s own as a method of injecting some colour to your outfit.

Most importantly, it could be anything! Perhaps a top, a bag, shoes, socks, earrings, a hat or even a scarf. Any colour you like as you’re simply going for a ‘pop’!

Here I am wearing a pair of Sneakers from Colours by Ell who stock a range of shoes and colours available to suit your colouring type.


2. Column of colour

Colour columnYour next challenge is wearing just one colour this time from top to toe. It could be a top and trousers or a skirt.

You don’t need to be too matchy-matchy with your chosen colour here (unless you’re a classic or city chic personality type). Tonal shades will work just as well together as does wearing one colour.

Interestingly, this is also a great way to dress if you’re on the petite side or if you wish to appear slimmer. A column of colour adds vital inches to a small frame and can make you appear visually leaner.

In this example it’s a simple jumper and jeans combo both in damson.


3. Colour drench

Depending upon your style personality type; this may feel rather daring!

With this colour challenge, everything you wear will be in the same colour – including your accessories. You’re drenching yourself in colour!

A great way to make this feel less daunting is to mix up your textures and fabrics. If you’ve not had a style and shape consultation, make sure the fabric you choose highlights your good bits. Adding chunky knits and bulk with layers upon layers of clothes will just add pounds to your frame. Should you carry weight around your tummy or bust for example (or you don’t want to showcase them), avoid bulk and texture in the area.

Here I have two examples for you. One in purple and one blue where textures and fabrics and shades of colour are slightly different.


That’s your three ways to wear colour!

It’s my favourite way to dress: in colour. Colour makes you FEEL GOOD and that’s why I like to wear it! My colour and style sessions are available as part of a programme as well as individual sessions both online and in person. If you’re ready to book, get in touch and I’ll help you on your journey!

Changing the colour of your clothes

In last month’s blog, I spoke about my three D approach for when clothes aren’t quite the right colour for you. (Revisit it and read it here.)

Something as simple as changing the colour can be a really easy way to get it back into your wardrobe circulation. Moving it from something that you’re not wearing, to one that you are.

I often introduce the idea of dyeing clothes to clients and I love the look on people’s faces!

For those who feel a little frightened at the prospect, I wanted to share my latest colour experiment with you.

Whilst this is a task that’s easily done at home nowadays in the washing machine, there are a few things to be aware of.

Clothes which are made of synthetic fibres (such as polyester) can’t be as easily dyed at home. A blend or mix of fabrics will dye, but the final colour won’t have the depth. Natural fibres such as cotton and linen will take very well to home dyeing.

I came across this great article at Dylon which explains everything you need to know about fabrics and dye here.

For my experiment, I chose three garments; a t-shirt and two dresses and used Dylon dye pod which I bought through Amazon.*

Item 1. A T-shirt

This was a great little top I’d picked up a few years ago in Oasis. It was fun and different in white with pink flamingos🦩! Overall, it was the white base I wasn’t a fan of as I felt it was too white for me. A soft white is always more complimentary (for everyone in fact). The fact was, I just wasn’t wearing it enough.

The fabric is 50% cotton, 50% modal and you can see me wearing it at York Fashion week below.

Yfw flamingo tshirt

2. Cotton dress

Next, I identified a simple T-shirt dress bought from M&S. It was nice, casual and easy to wear and cool during the warmer months. It was ivory (more like an off white) with blue stripes and (the holy grail of dresses) it had pockets!!

This was made of 100% cotton. Perfect!

3. Final dress

In truth, this was the main reason I had the dye in mind. I’d bought this from Zara last year as it felt an ideal lockdown wear item. Casual and comfortable but not loungewear.

A neutral colour (similar to stone) was something I was missing in my wardrobe. The style was quite different too. Sweatshirt style from the front, buttoned sleeves, light shirt style at the back with a tie belt. But, I always felt a bit uninspired when I wore it as I felt it lacked colour for me even though the style and fit was nice.

The front and the back of the dress were different fabrics, so I knew I’d have a challenge on my hands. 50% viscose, 37% polyester and 12% polyamide was the blend of the main fabric and the secondary fabric was 1% elastase and polyester! Here’s a pic of the front and back of the dress – the belt is the same material as the back.


My chosen shade of colour was plum red from the Dylon machine dye pod range. From the name, I knew it would be a cooler and muted shade and berry like so seemed a perfect fit for me as a soft, cool, deep. I also wanted no fuss.

With the Dylon pods, the garments need to be damp and clean, so I ran them through a wash cycle. Once clean, I took off the labels on the pod and lid and stood it upright in the machine drum on top of the clothes. Next, I set it on a cycle as per the instructions.

It’s quite nerve wracking and exciting seeing the colour go round the machine! Once finished, you have to run another cycle with detergent. When this is finished, you’ll need to run an empty cycle with detergent to clean the washing machine of any dye residue.

The result

Here are the items following their colour transformation!

You’ll see the Flamingo t-shirt and the M&S t-shirt dress both dyed well. The stitching around the neck, base and sleeves are still white as most likely synthetic and the patterns have remained on both too.

As expected, the Zara dress was completely different. The back didn’t colour at all because it was polyester and it’s created a nice two tone effect and style. The front of the dress which had the blend of fabrics has coloured a much paler shade. It’s got a kind of mottled effect because of the fibre mix which I quite like.

Bizarrely, it’s like I’ve got some new clothes and I’ve worn all three items at least once!

If you do happen to have items which you’re willing to be brave with, it could be worth the experiment! Let me know how you get on or if you have any of your own stories to share as I’d love to know. Why not tag me in them on social media?


*The Dylon pod I used was deep plum bought through Amazon for £5.00 in August 2021. If you have synthetic fabrics, Rit Synthetic dye is recommended and also available from Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases you make using the links above.

I’ve also seen them at Wilko’s and eBay as well.

What to do if it’s not the right colour for you

This is a popular discussion when people begin their image journey with me.

When you have a colour analysis session with me, we’ll talk a lot about colour and how to wear it for best effect.

It isn’t just about what colour to wear, but how you wear the shades of colour and combine them with others.

If you haven’t experienced your own colour analysis, you’ll know when the colour isn’t right as you’ll take the garment off claiming something along the lines of ‘it’s not right’. You often can’t put your finger on why. You might also find you need to apply more makeup so it balances you out. Or, you may see shadows under your chin or eyes, or your skin has turned a funny colour. These are all examples of when a colour isn’t right for you. When your skin looks smooth, you look brighter, younger, healthier and lighter then you’ll know these are the good colours for you.

When you’re assessing the colours in your wardrobe and specifically the ‘wrong’ colours, think of the three D’s:

Ditch it

When you have your colours done, one of the first things you’ll do is check inside your wardrobe and compare what you have to the colours in your swatches!

I encourage this simple task because there’s always something hanging in there which you’ve never been sure of. Each time you’ve put it on, you’ve taken it off shaking your head that you can’t quite put your finger on why it doesn’t look right. And so as soon as I confirm that it’s not one of your better shades, you’ll instantly want to remove it from your wardrobe!

Dye it

Always an interesting one this as it can divide opinion. Sometimes, a garment isn’t quite the right shade but you can’t bring yourself to ditch it. So, it hangs there for a little longer. Unworn and unloved. Of course, I’m not going to arrest you for wearing the wrong colour remember, but I do understand that once you know something isn’t right, you don’t feel as compelled to wear it! The way I see it, there’s three options:

1. Wear it. It’s not your best so if it’s worn near to your face then just be aware that it isn’t your most flattering and you risk those annoying questions asking if you’re feeling ok as you look poorly/tired etc. If you can wear it away from your face or with a scarf, then this will work also.

2. Change the colour! If you can’t bring yourself to ditch it because you spent money on it / like it / it fits well, then simply change the colour to one that will work for you! This is easily done at home nowadays in your washing machine (look out for the blog next month when I share my own experiment). But, be aware that any garments which are 100% polyester won’t dye. A blend or mix will, but it won’t have the depth of say 100% cotton.

3. Keep it hung up, unloved and unworn and taking up valuable space.

Delay the decision

I wouldn’t want you to make a rash decision which you’ll later regret. Life’s too short after all! Just ponder it and see how you get on. How does it make you feel if you wear it? Have you noticed any comments about how you look when you’re wearing it? Does it give you joy?

Now, if you’ve still not worn it after 12 months (or a global pandemic for example) then maybe it’s time to reconsider if it’s time to revisit the other two D’s.

Knowing the colours that suit you best and determining how to wear them to achieve a flattering look is the first step of your journey. All my sessions are about helping you to feel good in what you wear. When you don’t, it doesn’t just affect your mood but your overall confidence level and self belief. If it’s time to change things, or you’re not sure what to do next, get in touch and let’s have a chat about starting, or continuing your journey.

Colour Analysis – Frequently asked questions

Wearing colour is the easiest way to update your image. Wearing colour is not only a simple way to boost your mood, but when you wear colour which brightens your features and compliments your colouring then you will look just fabulous too!

Here are some of the frequent questions asked about colour analysis consultations.

“Will I be pigeon-holed?”

With the colour analysis consultations which Toni offers, it’s more than just telling you what colours to wear. It’s about you. Just because you’re the same colouring as Vivienne Westwood, doesn’t mean that you have the same need to stand out in a crowd. You’ll learn how to wear colour. Watch our video for more detail.

“Will you tell me I can’t wear black?”

It’s not about not wearing certain colours, it’s about understanding how to wear them for the best effect. Some shades of colour will look far more complimentary on you than others. You’ll learn how to wear colour to achieve your best look.

“Isn’t it old fashioned to have your colours done?”

Quite the opposite. Understanding how to wear and combine different colours together enables you to build a cohesive, versatile, modern and lifestyle appropriate wardrobe. Sustainable dressing and the desire to buy less and wear more is on the rise. More people have the desire to understand what suits them best so that they can make better buying decisions. And, know they’ll look good as a result.

“Isn’t that something that they did in the 80s?”

Indeed, but like most things; it’s moved on from the dated 80s look!

In fact, many of my clients are surprised at how modern my approach to colour is. I’ve seen people as young as 17 and as experienced as 76! My online services are one example of how I’ve stayed relevent and moved with the times.

“I don’t have the budget to start my wardrobe all over again, will you tell me to get rid?”

Not many people do! It’s about having a wardrobe of pieces that work for you. But, learn how to work with what you already have too. If you need a little help, why not download my wardrobe charts. You’ll find them here.

“Isn’t Colour Analysis expensive?”

Having your colours analysed will prevent you from making expensive shopping mistakes. How many times have you bought something which doesn’t work for you? You only have to look in your own wardrobe to see those rash purchases. Take a moment to tot up how much you have spent on things you never wear. I’m confident that the figure will be more than a colour consultation with me. My prices start from £79 depending whether you choose an online or studio session.

“I’ve been colour analysed in the past, do I need an update?”

That’s great that you have already seen and felt the benefits of knowing your colours! But, if it was some time ago, or your physical features have changed like the colour of your hair, you might want to consider a review. The four seasonal approach can be restrictive and often clients had shades in their palette that were not their best or as refined as what’s available now. Under the new system, the analysis is much more flexible and refined and based on the Albert Munsell Colour System. This means you’ll find the shades of colours are much more suited to you. Depending upon the colour analysis service you choose, you’ll have 30 or 48 fabric swatches that work best for you.

“Will you tell me my ‘wow’ colours?”

Under the system of analysis used here, it is a much more refined system. During the analysis, Toni will filter out the shades of colours which aren’t your best ones. Your colour swatches will contain the shades of colour identified to be your best ones! All the colours you’ll have will therefore be your wow colours!!

You may find the odd one or two which you may not be a fan of, however it’s all about learning and understanding how to wear it.
A ‘wow’ colour is often associated with being the best one(s) for you and these will be identified during the analysis.

“What’s the difference between an online and face to face session?”

The principles are still the same for both sessions but they are conducted in a very different way. Our face to face sessions are also much more in depth and last longer too. We’ve covered full details here in our previous blog.

How to get your mojo back

Are you fed up of wearing the same old things?

Starting to feel like you’re trapped in loungewear??

No idea about wearing ‘normal clothes’!

Here’s some tips to help you feel back in control and get some light back in to the wardrobe darkness!

Organise your wardrobe

It isn’t rocket science but a tidy, edited and organised wardrobe makes it easy to see what you have. You’ll be surprised sometimes at what you have forgotten about. Start wearing them and enjoying them! But, do move on anything that you’re unlikely to wear again. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure as they say.

If this is a task that you find difficult to do yourself, rope in a friend or family member who you know will be honest about items that don’t suit you. If you can’t, then bring in the professionals and get in touch. Our Wardrobe Audits can be conducted face-to-face (when lockdown is lifted) or virtually by Zoom or face time. They are an excellent and fun way to identify what works for you, what doesn’t and what changes you need to make. If you’re determined to tackle it on your own, use our free declutter guide which you can download here.

Know your colours

There will be certain colours in your wardrobe that always seem to gain compliments. Actually there are many shades which will work for you. Perhaps you haven’t discovered them all, especially if you’ve never had a colour consultation with me! When worn, they will make you glow; you will look healthier and more vibrant. Who doesn’t need a bit of that! What’s not to love?

So look through your wardrobe with a critical eye. What colours seem to give you that wow? Make a note and build on these shades when you next shop.

I can show you up to 48 of your very best shades. Imagine that; a fabric wallet filled with fabulous colours which work for you. You will have a mixture of investment busting neutrals, and fashion colours that work together and on their own, with endless outfit possibilities.


Identify your must-have pieces

These are items in your wardrobe that must pass many tests to achieve this glory status:

1) The colours look great on you
2) The styles and shapes flatter your figure
3) They fit in with your lifestyle
4) You feel comfortable and enjoy wearing them

Once you have worked out a few key pieces, you will be able to build on these with similar styles and colours in the future. Before you know it, your wardrobe will be cohesive, stylish, lifestyle appropriate and have longevity.

Of course this is what I show my clients every single day, during my Consultations. So why not invest in yourself? What better way to emerge!

New from old

As you work through your wardrobe to discover your Must-have Pieces, take the opportunity to try on different combinations. Split up any skirt and trouser suits; try the jackets with more casual pieces such as jeans. Dress down more formal pieces. Be aware of trends; cardigans are huge this season. Can you wear yours in a different way?

Be you!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of copying your favourite celebrity, Blogger or Instagrammer, and even when you’re window shopping, because the outfits look amazing. Sadly it doesn’t mean that this will work for you. We’re all different, and what suits one person, may not look great on you. It’s far better to take inspiration and make it work for you rather than emulate a look that’s just not ‘you’.

Spend time discovering your own style, and dress for you. Understanding your style personality is key as there’s very little point in putting someone in heels and pencil skirts, if they’re happier in jeans and fleeces. If you’re a business owner, this is critical. Check out our new programme for 2021 here: Authentically You

Avoid the lull of bargains

It’s very easy to be swayed by the amazing savings to be had. 70% off! Just remember; every item that has been reduced, is because no-one wanted it at full-price! So, before you part with your hard-earned cash, ask yourself, ‘would I buy this at full price’. How many times have you purchased something in the sale, only to find six months later, it still has the tags on it?

That said, sales can be a great time to stock up on wardrobe basics (jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jackets), and investment buys (coats, boots and premium fabrics such as cashmere).

Make a list of items that you really need in your wardrobe and stick to it.

Get a quick makeup routine

We’re not all blessed with flawless skin, but a simple make-up routine can make you feel and look amazing. It’s incredible what you can achieve in ten minutes.

1. Cover dark under-eye circles and blemishes with the correct concealer.
2. Use a foundation or tinted moisturiser that is a good match to the tone of your skin.
3. Apply a swish of bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face.
4. If you enjoy wearing eye-shadow, choose shades that complement your colouring.
5. Choose an eye pencil that works with your skin tone.
6. Define your brows.
7. Top off with mascara.
8. Multitask with a product for lips and cheeks.

Makeup example

If you have been applying your make-up the same way for years or don’t know where to start, get in touch.

Colour me beautiful 2021 colours of the year

Delighted to bring to you two new colour me beautiful Colours of the Year for 2021.

If you’re looking for some colour inspiration and longing for spring time garden shades, here’s two colour me beautiful shades which are very wearable and will instantly update your wardrobe. Both feature in the new colour collections.



This is a cool pink shade therefore those of you who have a cool undertone can wear it with confidence. If your secondary or sub type is cool then here’s a few tips on how to wear this new colour. Should you have a warmer undertone then scroll down to Olive Grove.


This is a lovely shade that will complement your colouring perfectly. Wear on its own or try mixing with a lighter colour from your palette, such as Icy Pink.


Add a deeper shade from your palette such as Dark Teal to balance out your strong look.


You will find that you need to add a stronger colour to Orchid due to your look. Try wearing it with Plum.


Wear tonally to complement your blended look. Jade works as a nice combination.


If you’re a Cool dominant colouring type, you can enjoy wearing this colour on its own. Also try to create new looks by combining it with deeper shades in your palette.

Olive Grove

Olive grove

This is a warm green that anyone with a warm undertone or secondary sub dominant can wear successfully. If you have a cool undertone, scroll up to see Orchid.


Keep your look delicate by combining it with Buttermilk.


Wear with a strong shade such as Mahogany to balance out your look.


Add contrast to Olive Grove with a lovely Zingy Lemon shade.


Try and wear it tonally to complement your blended look such as with Peach.


Those of you as a warm core colouring type, you can of course enjoy wearing this colour on its own, but create new looks by combining with your other warm shades.

Orchid and Olive Grove are part of 12 new colours introduced by colour me beautiful in the latter part of 2020. There are six new colours to compliment your colouring type and can be added to your current fabric swatches on a new colour card.

To obtain your six extra fabric swatch card and a guide to how to wear and combine them with neutrals in your palette, click here for warm and click here for cool.

What’s a colour analysis consultation?

Have you ever wondered what a colour analysis consultation actually is?

Wondering what all the fuss is about and whether you should book a session for yourself?

In this short video, Toni explains what’s involved. And also, what it isn’t.

Watch it here on YouTube:

Pantone colour of the year 2021

Recently, Pantone have announced their colour of the year.

It’s quite the highlight for not just the fashion industry, but for interiors and retailers too.

This year, Pantone announced two colours for 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.

Pantone colour of the year 2021

Illuminating is a bright and cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power. It will certainly be a hit and work for you ‘warms’ and those of you with a warmer undertone.

Ultimate Gray is emblematic of solid and dependable elements which are everlasting and provide a firm foundation. Much better for your ‘cools’ or those of you who have a cool undertone.

If you’re keen to wear them and it’s not your most flattering, keep it away from your face or wear as part of a pattern or accessory to inject colour.

If all else fails, why not introduce it to your interiors like a kitchen accessory, vase or furniture as you’ll see more of them both during 2021.

Festive gifts, offers and party wear tips

Christmas is approaching at speed so here’s some festive special offers and ideas to help you this festive season.

Festive gift boxes

These gift sets are all available to order online and from the studio. These special offers end on 21st December and each one comes gift boxed making it tree-ready!

Lip sync – Your choice of lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss and retractable lip brush – £37.30 (save £7).

Festive eyes – Your choice of volumising mascara, eye pencil and eye base – £32.90 (save £6).

Velvet perfection – The velvet touch foundation primer and your choice of morning light foundation – £33.40 (save £6).

Your Time to Sparkle – Get shimmering with two highlighters inside a magnetic refillable compact – £24.85 (save £5).

Going undercover – A concealer, a mint primer and a neutral primer – £36.00 (save £6).

Cool Compact Collection – A filled Magnetic refillable compact with shades designed for the cooler skin tone. Includes 1 x blusher, 1 x highlighter, 1 x lip cream, 4 x eyeshadows (1 is intense) and a red lipstick – £75.00 (save £10.80).

Warm Compact Collection – A filled Magnetic refillable compact with shades designed for the warmer skin tone. Includes 1 x blusher, 1 x highlighter, 1 x lip cream, 4 x eyeshadows (1 is intense) and a red lipstick – £75.00 (save £10.80).

You can view and buy them online here.

Christmas postage and deadlines

Whilst the special offers are available until 21 December, Royal Mail have advised the final day for second class post is Saturday 18 December and first class post is Tuesday 21 December. Of course, there’s no guarantee so it’s best to get organised early and ensure your loved one receives their gift in time for the big day!

All orders from the studio will need to be placed before 11am on Friday 17 December please. Collection from the studio is free of charge but postage is extra. Special delivery is recommended for items of value including any physical gift vouchers you may require for colour, style or image services. The latest date for items requiring special delivery is Wednesday 22nd December.

Christmas gift wish list

If you need help dropping those hints then this will help!

The gift and wish list has been updated with the festive offers mentioned above and you can download, print, mark off and supply to whoever needs it (or leave it hanging around of course).   Click here to download your copy.

Party season clothes

The shops are awash with sequins, glitter and luxe fabrics which can only mean that the party season is on the way!

It can feel very tempting to want to shop for something new and if you’re a sucker for a bargain then revisit my blog with tips on curbing your impulse buying here.

That being said, here’s five tops tips for festive outfit shopping:

  1. Choose a flattering shade of colour, especially if you’re wearing it close to your face.
  2. Make sure it fits and flatters your shape. Broadly; if you’re straighter in the body chose boxier shapes and if you’ve got curves then choose fluid fabric that will mimic your curves.
  3. Go with your personality type. If shimmer is all a bit much for you, don’t buy it! Try and look for different fabric or textures to luxe up your look instead – there’s lots of velvet at this time of year too.
  4. If you’re looking to be more sustainable then consider shopping on Vinted, eBay and charity shops for a piece that you can give another life to. Garments don’t always have to be new, just new to you. Also consider using the rental marketplace sites for garments that you can rent for a few days. Read the previous blog on this here.
  5. Know your metal! Gold is perfect if you have a warmer skin tone. If you’re cooler toned then go silver! If you’re not sure or you have a neutral skin tone, pewter or rose gold will be a great option.


Finally, enjoy the festivities and if you need help, get in touch.