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Cool colour collection pack (featuring fabric swatch card, guide & tote)

Cool colour collection pack (featuring fabric swatch card, guide & tote)


Do you feel like you need a little colour inspiration since you last had your colour analysis consultation?

Here’s some NEW colours and swatches, colour combinations and makeup shades to inspire you and give you the boost you need!

PLUS you’ll also receive a colourful and practical tote bag made from 100% cotton, exclusively designed by Toni!

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


Do you feel like you need some new colour inspiration since you had your colour analysis?


These NEW colours will do just that! They’re supplied as an extra card with six new fabric swatches which you can add to your existing swatch wallet.


The card comes in it’s own plastic cover which helps protects it from damage. It means you can use it whichever style of colour swatch wallet you own.


You’ll also find some new makeup combinations to try out for yourself on the reverse of the card. These feature some of the new colour me beautiful cosmetic colours designed to suit your colouring type.


PLUS, you’ll get a selection of colour combos designed to inspire you. These features the new colours and how to combine them with your neutrals and other colours from your existing swatches. AND you’ll receive a colourful tote bag made from 100% cotton which is the perfect addition and accessory to your outfit! The colour of the tote and the slogan printed on one side will be picked by Toni but rest assured it will be a ‘cool’ colour!


If you’ve had a recent colour analysis consultation, please check your swatches as you may already have these additional colours. Feel free to get in touch: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk


Is this for me?

This is the cool colour collection, so it’s perfect for you if you’ve been analysed as a ‘cool’ dominant colouring type, or you’ve got a cool undertone to your skin.

(Hint: check the bottom of your swatch cards for the colouring type names).

I’m not cool at all, what about me?

Don’t worry! You may be a ‘warm’ dominant colouring type, or have a warm undertone to your skin as your secondary/sub dominant colouring type. Visit the warm colour collection here as these cool shades won’t suit you.

What if I have a different dominant colouring type?

If you’ve been analysed as a Light, Deep, Clear or Soft as your dominant colouring type, you will either have a warm or cool sub dominant as your secondary type, depending upon your skin tone. Occasionally, you may have a neutral tone to your skin meaning that both warmer tones and cooler tones of colours will work for you.

I’ve only been analysed for my core / dominant colouring type

You could be either warm or cool toned. To ensure you get the right swatches, why not arrange to book for a top up session? Toni will assess your secondary and tertiary analysis during a one hour session and you’ll gain a further 18 fabric swatches which are best for you. This will need to take place in person at the studio in Wakefield. Contact toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk to book.

My colour analysis was under the seasonal system, how does it work for me?

A seasonal colour analysis is a slightly different method of analysis (more info here If you’re happy that this assessment is accurate and your hair hasn’t drastically changed since the time of your consultation then get in touch. Contact Toni confirming your colouring type and she’ll recommend the best option. Email toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.

Can I specify the colour and slogan for the bag?

Afraid not as stock levels and designs do vary. Rest assured that each of the bags have been carefully selected by Toni based upon the colour and the slogan may vary. You can view the range here but cannot guarantee your selection. If there is a specific colour or slogan that you would prefer, please do get in touch with Toni: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk

What will I receive?

Your new swatch card and stylish tote bag will be posted to the delivery address provided via Royal Mail.

The colour combinations guide is a digital guide. You will receive a link to download the document when your order is complete. Simply click the link to open the guide so you can save it or print it.

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