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Authentically You

Toni Carver 7 Step Programme

Welcome to our new programme for 2021 – Authentically You

We’ve all heard that first impressions count. So how do you know what that first impression is, and whether it’s the best possible version of yourself?

How you represent yourself to others isn’t just about branding or your logo. It’s more than that: it’s your proposition, your personality and your purpose. Simply, it’s what makes you, you!

If you’re not confident in your own skin and with the way you dress, then this 7 step programme is for you.

The programme typically takes place over a 6 to 12 week period but the frequency is personalised to you. There’s no pre-recorded videos to watch. You’ll be guided through each stage of your image by colour and style expert Toni via zoom, so you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to become your authentic self.

Invest in yourself. Be you.

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Client Testimonial

I had the full colour and style program with Toni as I needed a bit of focus for what I was wearing as I'd managed to get myself into a bit of a rut with the clothes that I was buying. Over the years I'd bought lots of clothes of similar styles and found that I didn't wear a lot of them. Toni really helped me to focus me on my colours and style and being ‘me’. I managed to get rid of lots of unsuitable and unworn items from my wardrobe and I now have a great excuse to buy new clothes! I would highly recommend Toni; she is very knowledgeable about style, colours, fabrics and personality. Plus, we had a laugh and great fun during the sessions!