A few months ago, I explained about the science behind my colour analysis consultations.

People are often surprised when I say that you can wear every colour. But, the key thing to remember is that not every shade of a colour will suit you.

How do you know which are the right shades?

Think about the colour red as an example.

There are many shades of red aren’t there? Think about how you’d describe it. Red can be orangey, a vibrant scarlet, a muted geranium, a pale or pinky red, or a bluey-red like raspberry. Your challenge is to find the shade that works with your own physical colouring so that you look vibrant, younger and healthier.

That’s where a colour analysis consultation comes in!

In its simplest form, the tonal analysis system I use is made up of six core colouring types I refer to as ‘dominants’.

From this starting point, you’ll have a secondary and tertiary colouring type which will refine your palette further. This means you’ll have more colours in your swatches to choose from, expanding your colour options.

Here’s some examples of differing colouring types. Take note of the difference in the shades too.

When it comes to an analysis, it’s the combination of their overall features I’ll be assessing as a starting point. But, that’s not all. Their individual styles will each differ and their preferences. Don’t worry, as we go through this during a consultation.

You’ll learn your very best shades of every colour and more importantly; how to wear them too.

I also go through how to ‘rescue’ shades which aren’t quite so good on you. Because it’s not about emptying the wardrobes and getting rid of all your clothes. It’s about gaining the knowledge about what suits you, why that is and how to make your wardrobe work for you with your new palette.

If you’ve opted for a session which includes a swatch wallet, you’ll receive fabric swatches to take away from your consultation. (see options here)

Remember, these are yours to wear however you wish but I will give you some guidance during your session and in my follow up emails.

And, don’t be afraid to experiment – they’re your colours after all!

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