Looking after yourself on the inside and outside

In October, I ran an event in Wakefield alongside Julie Woodward. We wanted to show people how you can not only look good, but feel good too. How? Well, simply with the power of wearing the right colours and having the right nutrition. The event It was a rather wet evening but we didn’t let […]

Self care and good skincare habits

We all know the importance of a good skincare regime, but how many of us actually follow one? Good genes only go so far. It’s been a popular subject during a few of my recent consultations and with the weather turning much colder, seems like the perfect time to help you address it. Did you know that […]

How to wear a scarf

Ever noticed that some people wear scarves and they just look so ‘done’? Then you put one on and you look so ‘undone’? I hear you! I’m not a massive scarf wearer, but there are a few I like to wear and I like the versatility you can achieve from one. Everyone can wear a [...]

Here’s how to colour yourself slim

I’ve lost track of how many times people say that black is slimming. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but the question really should be; is it the most flattering? For most people, probably not. Now you’re probably thinking that I would say that given I’m all about the colour, but stay with […]

Dressing for work in black – yes or no?

Take a look around your office or workspace. Are you or your colleagues dressed in black, grey or navy? It’s very common in the workplace. When I worked in the corporate world, there was one particular team photo shoot where I wore a pink dress! I wasn’t meaning to stand out from my colleagues, but I […]

All whites at Wimbledon, but who can wear pure white?

If you’re a tennis fan then you’ll have been glued to the TV this week and checking social media for the scores at Wimbledon 2019. But, ever wondered why the players only dress in white? Official dress code Well, there’s an official dress code which you can visit on the Wimbledon 2019 website here. It’s […]

York Fashion Week – behind the scenes at Debenhams

I was delighted and privileged to have been asked to take part in an event during York Fashion Week last week which I announced in January: https://www.tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk/2019/01/28/save-the-date-28th-march-2019/. York Fashion week It takes place across the entire city with businesses and communities taking part across the full seven days. 2019 was reported as the biggest to date and [...]

Celebrity hair

We often look to celebrities for a bit of style inspiration. It could be  their clothes, makeup or even the latest celebrity hair styles. Copying their looks can seem easy but at the end of the day, you’ve still got to look and feel like you. Lately, there’s been a number of celebrities who have […]