Meet Becca who travelled to my studio in Wakefield from Clitheroe for a colour analysis consultation.

Twenty years ago, she’d had her ‘colours done’ but felt stuck in a rut wearing the same colours. Especially navy blue!

Becca is a keen sewist, and had been recommended to me. She had lots of handmade clothes and had found herself with a huge stash of fabric she’d not used! Keen to reduce the stash, she was also struggling to put outfits together and wanted to make better choices with her colours.

Following her colour analysis consultation with me, she was initially surprised by her new colour palette. Her older palette was so different but mainly because she had much darker hair when she’d had her previous analysis aged just 15. Feeling much more confident with her new colours, here she is with just a few colours from her palette. That smile says it all!

Here’s what Becca had to say:

I do think having a colour analysis is well worth the investment – especially if I think how much money I’ve spent on fabric which has been stashed away for years. Toni is lovely and highly recommended if you live t’up North!

Becca is wearing 10 colours from her soft, cool and deep palette. She’s also wearing Colour me Beautiful makeup designed for each colouring type. Morning Light foundation in Oyster, Soft mauve lipstick, Marsala blush, Melon and Smoke eyeshadow with Teal eye liner and Navy Mascara. All cosmetics are available to purchase from the studio and through the online shop. Makeup is prescribed to each colour type, which you’ll be able to sample at a consultation. However, if you do need advice on the right shades for you, get in touch.

Both group sessions and individual consultations are available to book.