Fabulous reds this Christmas

Red is the colour most often seen at this festive time of year. The good news is that there is a shade to suit everyone! Here are some options for you to try. Soft & Romantic Check out the back detail on this Reiss dress – this will no doubt appeal to those of you […]

The Style Edit – shopping results

A few weeks ago, I held The Style Edit. It was great to see some new faces and some familiar ones too. I know that some of you couldn’t make it but I thought I’d share some of the shopping purchases I showcased here. Next The jumpsuit was an amazing shade of green, very bold […]

Choosing a new coat for the winter months

The colder months are beginning to set in. So, if you’re on the look out for a new coat this season, then read on. Here are three essential styles that will see you through any occasion.   The Cosy Quilted Parka This the coat for all-weathers! It might not be the most stylish coat you’ll […]

Three items to buy now for Autumn

We are heading fast into Autumn, the kids are back at school and a sense of ‘normality’ can resume! As the season changes, it’s often a time to look in our wardrobes and update with a few key pieces. Here’s my top three items to buy now that will give your wardrobe an instant update. […]

Is there a perfect heel height on shoes?

There is nothing more frustrating than wearing a pair of shoes and finding that they are killing your feet when you’ve barely worn them! What makes one pair of shoes comfortable to one woman, is also very different to another. Flat shoes do not necessarily mean comfortable shoes, but they will be for some. Wearing […]

Dressing for the beach

The holiday season is upon us but, are you beach ready?

Fear not ladies, it’s remarkably easy to feel glam on holiday with a fabulous beach cover-up.


Here are my tips for dressing for the beach

Ideally, you want a beach cover up that can be easily taken off. A tight fitting tunic may look great, but add sun cream to the heat and it can be difficult to remove and getting stuck inside your kaftan is a look to avoid!

Next, be mindful of volume. If the fabric is opaque and you can’t see through it, be careful going too over-sized as if it’s too tent-like, then it won’t necessarily be very flattering. If it’s sheer, then your body shape will still be visible through the fabric which means you can go big.

Natural fibres such as cotton are best in the heat, but be warned as they also crease. Try a thin viscose or polyester mix is lighter and much more versatile and can be screwed up in your beach bag and it will still look great at the end of the day. Plus, being lighter it can be easily washed and dried and you won’t need to spend time ironing!



There are lots of different styles to choose from and for all budgets. Work out what your preferred style of cover up is:

  • tunic
  • dress
  • kaftan
  • t-shirt
  • long
  • short
  • patterned
  • plain

Ask yourself – which one do I reach for over and over again? What do I feel the most comfortable in?

Pick your style and then choose different colours (from your palette of course) so you’ll always look and feel fantastic.

One final point; Accessorise. Finish off your look with something as simple as a straw hat, a colourful beach bag or flip flops.

Enjoy and happy holidays !

Makeup – choose your colours wisely!

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How to shop

Last month’s blog looked at spring cleaning your wardrobe and I gave five tips on doing this. Now you’ve done you’re wardrobe, do you know what to shop for? There’s something quite satisfying I think about detoxing though how you feel afterwards will be dependent upon what you’ve left yourself! Assuming you do this task, […]

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Race day dressing announced by Royal Ascot

Planning a trip to the races this year? You may need a tape measure and to check the dress code given Royal Ascot’s announcement. I listened to the radio with some mild humour and agreement today when I heard the strict dress code for those attending a Royal Ascot race day this June. If you’re […]