Face masks – the next fashion accessory?

Today is the day that the use of face coverings and face masks is compulsory to wear in shops across the country.

Early into the pandemic of the coronavirus, there seemed to be a little spike in the fashionable take on these. From matching swimwear to clothes and I wasn’t sure I was wholly comfortable with the idea of this fashion trend emerging if truth be told. After all, these were largely intended to protect others against the spread of the infection.

The pros and cons over their use has been well debated and whether you agree or not, if you’re venturing out from now on, you’ll need to wear one. Here’s my take on choosing and wearing one.




Like any clothes, we want to feel comfortable wearing them and a mask is no different. Should it dig in or be too tight then it really won’t be comfortable.

For the purpose of the outbreak, your face covering should safely cover your nose and mouth. This doesn’t have to be a face mask as you can use a scarf, bandana or any other cloth garment. Make sure it fits securely around the side of your face. The government website suggests using material which is breathable and comfortable such as cotton with at least two layers of fabric. But, the World Health Organisation recommends three layers depending upon the fabric used. You can also buy masks and add your own filters for extra protection.




Let’s be honest, face coverings are not the most flattering of garments you’ll wear! Therefore, wearing something which is in a pattern or colour can elevate their appeal. I had a white one in the very early days and did feel as though I was an extra for a hospital show! A client of mine was making them so I ordered a purple one which I had to agree, did look much better, less scary and was more complimentary.

Being able to choose a colour which compliments your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour will actually make your eyes stand out too!




We all have our own sense of style so there’s no reason why your face mask should be any different. Choose something which feels more ‘you’ and it will help to make you feel more confident wearing it.

If you’re more creative, then chances are you’ll have designed or created your own, but if this isn’t you, there are plenty out there who have so I’m confident that you’ll find something that works for you and your personality. Whether it’s print, plain, unfussy or disposable, there’s lots of options available now to suit all budgets.


Let me know what you choose and feel free to send me pics on social media.

What’s the difference between a seasonal and tonal colour analysis?

There are two main types of approaches with colour analysis – seasonal and tonal.

It’s not simply having different names of the palettes but actually how they relate to one another too. Both systems of analysis are rather technical and beyond the scope of this blog but it should provide you with some background as to how each approach operates and the main differences between the two systems.

Seasonal approach

This system operates the standard four season approach – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Within each season, there are sub-types within each season to create either a ’12 season’ or ’16 season’ system rather than the traditional and older ‘4 season’ one. If you were analysed and ‘had your colours done’ many years ago; like I was, you may just have the traditional four seasonal palette. 

Sub types essentially finesse your palette further by narrowing down the colours that harmonise the most with your own natural colouring so that you have a more tailored approach for the shades of colour which work best for you.

Tonal approach

This approach is based upon an assessment of your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour where you will be one of six ‘dominant’ types – Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear or Soft. Within each dominant colouring type, there are sub-types too to create a secondary and tertiary palette. Within each of the six dominant types, there are four sub-types. 

The translations of tonal to seasonal systems, vice versa or even between the different versions of the same analysis can differ slightly. If you’re feeling a little lacklustre in your colours, or you don’t feel like they are working for you, it may be worthwhile reviewing your palette with a colour consultant.

Will your colour type change as you get older?

That depends!

The standard four season approach is thought to be wide and broad enough not to alter as you age. However, the sub-type is likely to change within the season to reflect the changes. For example, you may go from a sultry winter to a bright winter.

With the tonal system, due to the assessment of your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour, you may change either your dominant type or sub-type. If your hair colour drastically changed for example, from dark brown to grey then you are likely to move from a Deep to a Cool. 

If you’re feeling a little lacklustre in your colours, or you don’t feel like they are working for you due to a drastic change in hair colour or skin tone, it may be worthwhile reviewing your palette with a colour consultant to discover your best shades. 

‘Getting your colours done’ is for anyone of any age. Everyone can wear colour, it’s merely about knowing and understanding what works for you so you can feel confident in colour. 

I trained with Colour me Beautiful who operate a tonal system of analysis and if you’d like to book a session, please get in touch. Sessions are available online and face to face and gift vouchers can also be purchased for that special person. 

My own colour analysis experience

It was over 15 years ago that I first heard the phrase “getting your colours done” from a lady I worked with. I had no idea what this was or even if it was a real thing! But, what I recall was how she dressed differently, wore more colour and seemed to exude confidence which she didn’t seem to possess before her consultation.

Not long after, I had my own colour and image consultation. What I recall at the time was a lot of information about me, dressing for my body shape, my proportions and also what suited me from colours to styles and makeup.

It was colour that resonated the most for me and it still does now. I was a ‘summer’ and I had my colour swatch wallet tucked away in my handbag which I used shopping for new items as well as for weeding my wardrobe of any not so good items.

The declutter

I recall purging my wardrobe not long after my session. Naturally, the most obvious items which didn’t suit my shape, colouring and which didn’t match my swatches were the first to go. But, there are always some things you aren’t quite ready to get rid of.

For me, it was black suits which I wore to work. At the time, I was working in an office in the financial services sector and I already knew that they didn’t compliment my colouring as they seemed to wash out my complexion. It was visible – I could see it and so could everyone else! I often received comments about looking tired or unwell (when I felt perfectly fine!). I also had a range of other items, in colours, which I frequently wore to work, but for some reason I wasn’t quite ready to let these go and so they remained in the wardrobe.

There were some mornings that I put the suits on, looked in the mirror and saw a drained and tired looking face staring back at me and each time, I promptly took them off and hung them back up! Was it because I knew they weren’t right for me? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, these suits remained hung up for around a year before I decided that enough was enough. If I wasn’t going to wear them, there were other people who could get their use out of them and bagged them up for charity.  

Future purchases were always in line with my swatches, wanting to both look and feel my best, but certain colours eluded me and it wasn’t until I retrained years later that I realised why.

I’d say it genuinely took me years to finally have a wardrobe that truly worked for me and suited me and my lifestyle, so you shouldn’t feel disheartened if it’s the same for you.

If you would like a little help and guidance when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe, download my free five step guide here. 

Colour and the impact

Colour was always my go to though. Whenever I wore my colours, I felt good and I had more confidence in my outfit choices and styling things to suit me.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a person who could dress effortlessly, chic or particularly fashionable. But, I had knowledge and tricks about how to dress for best effect.

Years after my session, I decided to retrain as an image consultant so I could impart the same knowledge and demonstrate that same amazing impact that dressing for your shape and lifestyle, in the right colours and makeup and how it can totally transform you.

Different methods of colour analysis

When I originally had my colour analysis, I didn’t realise that there were different methods of analysis available.

I’d personally experienced the seasonal approach all those years ago but there was another method which used a tonal approach. When I was looking at training, I looked into this further and the tonal analysis really appealed to me and so I chose to train with colour me beautiful who trained their consultants on this method.

The local paper wrote an article about me and my new services which still hangs proudly on the wall in my studio.

Toni Carver

It’s fascinating that there are so many colour theories which have developed over the years and adapted so that they still influence these main forms of colour analysis today.

With both approaches, when a colour combination is harmonious, whether that be with colours being worn as much as with a person’s colouring, then it is pleasing to view. The person will look healthy, they will look well and their complexion will look brighter. But, when that colour is not harmonious, the effect is the opposite and it will appear to discolour a person’s complexion making them look unhealthy, tired or unwell.

I’ll explore the two systems in a separate blog next week, but if you’d like to experience the impact that wearing the right colour has, get in touch to book your colour analysis consultation.

How to leave a review

Over the years, we have received some lovely feedback from clients. As a business, it’s so nice to hear of the difference that we’ve made to you, however small.
It helps us to constantly strive to improve our levels of service and is a great way for our clients to contact us, provide details about their experience and show others the value that they’ve received.
Here’s how you can provide feedback about your experience with us.


To recommend us on Facebook, please follow the steps below:

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  3. Click Yes or No to recommend the Page (If it’s no, we’d like to make it right so please get in touch with us first.)
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You can also recommend a business and share a Page with friends.


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On occasions, privacy is preferred, but you’d still like to let us know how much you’ve enjoyed and valued your time with us. We understand and value your privacy. If you’d like to provide feedback following your session or experience with us, here’s how:

  1. Send us an email, card or message.
  2. Write or type out your review or feedback and send it to us.
  3. Please say if you would prefer that we didn’t use it publicly. Sometimes we still like to share cards and feedback we’ve received on social media.

Thank you for your support.
If you have any further questions or would like any help please get in touch: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.

Post lockdown shopping tips

2020 hasn’t really shaped up to what we would have expected has it?

Next week, the clothes shops are expected to open their doors once again, with many weeks having passed since closing them. I’m also not sure what to expect. Will you be rushing out to the shops?

For those of you who love the joy of shopping; perhaps a leisurely browse with a coffee stop, this is unlikely to be the case for some time. For those of you who despise shopping, then I’m sure you won’t have missed it in any event!


What to expect

There is the prospect of queuing, just like we do at the supermarket as shops limit the number of customers at any one time. Sanitise stations on entry and exit with one way systems likely to be in place. Of course, there will be no changing rooms either and strict social distancing in place too.

Contactless payments have already increased their limit to £45 in many stores and shunning cash payments, clothing retailers are likely to follow.


The new norm?

Without changing rooms, you’ll need to buy and try on at home. The benefit of this is the comfort of your own home with your own mirrors and lighting! Though, the added inconvenience if you need to return them.

One of the many benefits to understanding the colours, style and shape of clothes which work for you, can help to minimise this as you will shop better knowing what to buy and what suits you. 

If you do buy something, get it home and it’s not right for you, please don’t feel that you need to hold onto it! It’s only a waste and you’ll regret the purchase every time you see it hung up with the label on!

Statistics show that during this period, people have taken to online shopping and it will be interesting to see if the spending ratios tilt again.
Many people have been encouraged to ‘shop their wardrobe’ during this period and I’ve spent time with many clients helping them assess their wardrobes. Don’t discount what you might have lurking at the back of the wardrobe!

Is it really a bargain?

This period has also brought about more awareness to sustainability again with their clothes. Buying less items but spending more on quality is certainly a positive effect.

But, if you can’t resist a bargain – beware! I do predict that there could be huge sales emerge from some retailers who have been unable to sell their current range of spring and summer season stock. This can be both a positive and a negative.

Do you adopt the smash and grab approach in your local budget store: a pair of shorts for a fiver, a swimsuit reduced by 80% and those faux-leather sandals that you’ll ‘bed in’ on a buy one pair, get one free offer which you’ll save for your holiday next year?

Or, do you use this opportunity to invest in better quality items that will last for years to come? There may be an opportunity to look at retailers that have always been slightly out of your price point as they may offer discounts that you can afford to treat yourself to now.

The choice is yours!

My tip is always to go with a shopping list of items you need and fill what gaps you have. Remember, that something is only ever a bargain if you actually wear it. My £s per wear motto also means that the more you wear something, the more use you get out of it and the lower cost per wear. Compare spending £5 on something you wear once versus spending £25 on something you wear 10 times – the latter is better value. 

Before buying anything, ask yourself if the item concerned will go with at least three other things in your wardrobe. If you have to buy ‘around’ the item to make an outfit, chances are it isn’t really a bargain. It may be that there is a coveted item that you’re lacking in your wardrobe and which you’ve been searching for. That one item that transforms other items to create multiple outfits. This could be a good purchase. Have a look in your wardrobe and really look closely. And, if you’re trying to match up something then take it with you.


Spring/Summer update

I believe that everyone should feel good in what they wear.

Understanding what suits you and why can help you shop wisely and avoid making more wardrobe mistakes. If you need any help then please do get in touch as I have a range of services to offer.

If you’re keen to update your wardrobe without making more wardrobe mistakes, consider booking my seasonal style update. The session addresses the key colours and styles available in the shops and what will specifically work better for you. This isn’t always about what you should buy, but what you have and how you can update your wardrobe to work better for you and be more current. Sessions are available individually or as a group and a handy seasonal style guide is included.

You can purchase the handy seasonal guide separately. Please get in touch to get your copy.

One final point, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to test make-up at the cosmetics counter or experience a makeover. Don’t leave your purchases to chance. Let me help, guide and recommend the best shades of make-up to enhance your features. Plus, theres 10% off until 3 July. Visit the online shop to make your purchase and an additional 10% will be donated to NHS Charities together.

Guest blog – Thanks Suzanne – Coffee Pod Jewellery Collection

This is a guest blog written by Suzanne at Thanks Suzanne who we have worked with locally and offers a wonderful and unique collection of handmade jewellery.
You might think that in the UK, we are a nation of tea drinking addicts and as a true Yorkshire girl, you really can’t beat a cup of Yorkshire Tea. But, like the majority of brits, I have fallen in love with the café / coffee culture. Pre lockdown it had been fully adopted in the UK, with a surge of independent high street coffee shops and the more well known ones. The freedom to meet a friend, colleague or family member for a coffee, chat and maybe that sneaky piece of cake is something I’ve certainly missed throughout lockdown. Not necessarily the coffee itself, but the social aspect of the café culture, the ability to have a face to face conversation and engage with people rather than via social media.

Coffee obsession

In the UK, we now drink over 95 million cups of coffee per day. As a family, we have really embraced the café culture; not just for two tired parents to get their caffeine fix but it also plays an important role in our family social life. Weekends are normally consumed with walks, bike rides and activities, all of which end up in a café. 
Lockdown may have put an end to the café culture as we know it for the time being, but it is estimated that now over a third of the population owns a coffee machine, with single use coffee pods leading the way in popularity. The queue outside our local Costa Coffee Drive Thru last week reflects how us brits really do need our daily caffeine hit!

Recycling schemes

As a Nespresso Owner, I must admit that I do love the convenience of single use pods; a variety of flavours and barista style coffee all from the push of a button. In the UK, Nespresso have a recycling scheme for their pods and up to the launch of my business, as a family, we were regular users of it, finding it a convenient and easy way to recycle. However, after some research I was still shocked to discover that even with coffee pod companies offering recycling schemes, over 29,000 per year still end up in landfill. 

My inspiration

My daily morning Nespresso caffeine fix soon became my inspiration to build my business on. I launched Thanks Suzanne last year, as an online ladies boutique. I love shopping, clothes and accessories and as I was building the business, I began researching the impact of fast fashion on the environment. As a shopaholic, I knew that the market was already becoming saturated with amazing independent high street boutiques, so not wanting to re-invent the wheel and repeat what had already been done, I wanted to create my own individual brand. I knew I wanted my brand to be as sustainable, and eco friendly as possible and after many morning Nespresso fixes, I started looking at the pods, wondered what else they could be used for. 

Our Jewellery Collection

This year we launched our own Jewellery Collection out of the coffee pods, and in doing so we have put a great deal of effort into making sure that every aspect of the coffee pod gets re-used. 
The aluminium pod itself is the main component of our jewellery and provides the start of each piece of jewellery which we handmake. Obviously, we need to clear the pods out from the coffee, this is quite a lengthy and time-consuming process, which leaves me with a lot of coffee! The coffee goes straight into our compost heap or directly onto the garden as a fertiliser. Yes, coffee can be used as fertiliser! We also hope to begin to send you some coffee for your plants and gardens when you place an order and making our whole process even more sustainable. Watch this space!
Our collections are named after coffees; from Cappuccino to Mocha and we will also be launching an Expresso Martini Collection for those of you like me who love handbags, shoes and cocktails!
Whilst our daily Nespresso Fix has helped get us through lockdown and homeschooling, we are definitely looking forward to embracing the social aspect of the UK’s café culture once again in the near future.
If you own an independent Café or can recommend any throughout the UK then please get in touch as we are creating a directory on our website for independent coffee shops. Email: suzanne@thankssuzanne.co.uk.

Thanks Suzanne sustainable jewellery collection10% off

Thank you to Suzanne for her guest blog about the sustainable jewellery collection. We love the range of earrings and necklaces available with some lovely colours and patterns. For the entire month of June, she has agreed to offer a 10% discount against any orders when you use TLC10 at the checkout. Happy shopping and if you need any advice on colours or patterns, please do get in touch and I’d be happy to help.
Visit: www.thankssuzanne.co.uk or email Suzanne at suzanne@thankssuzanne.co.uk.

How to wear yellow

As an image consultant, the number one thing I hear from potential clients is “oh, I’d love to wear more colour, I just don’t know what suits me”.
There are many reasons why people feel this way:
– the fashion world is obsessed with black
– there’s actually more than one shade of a colour
However, everyone CAN wear colour and with a little knowledge, everyone can learn how to choose and wear the right shades which suit them. Even if you feel that you don’t have the confidence to wear colour, you can still introduce it and build up to what you’re comfortable with. You’d be surprised at the difference that colour can have on your mood (see our previous blog here). I believe that everyone should feel good in what they wear.

How to wear colour

Let’s talk about the colour yellow.
It can be a really tricky colour to wear. Some people will suit it far more than others but, as with all colours, there is a shade for you.
For those of you who have previously had a colour analysis consultation, your colour swatch wallet is the best place to guide you and remind you of your best shades and the top tips on how to wear colours that would suit you best. Your colouring type will also be noted on the bottom of the card and fabric inserts. Get in touch if you need more help.
If you’ve never had your colours done, these celebrity examples demonstrate how different shades of yellow compliment their physical features the best.

Other colours will be covered in future blog posts, so be sure to check them out.
We also have a series of videos which you can watch here. 
If you’d like to learn what shades of colour suit you, book a colour analysis consultation. Both online (virtual) and face to face sessions are available. No appointments for face to face sessions are being taken until July at the earliest.

The three prints that don’t date

Do you struggle to wear prints and patterns or do you just LOVE them?
I often find that one of the challenges with prints is choosing something which you like (and likes you equally) and then, how to wear it. It’s something which I’m asked frequently.
There are lots of patterns and prints and it’s ok to say that you don’t like it, even if it is ‘fashionable’ or ‘on trend’. Don’t worry about it, choose what you’re comfortable with as when you do, you’re more likely to wear it.
Here, I’m going to name three prints that won’t date so that if you are going to venture into the world of prints and patterns, you can feel confident that what you invest in, can be worn time and time again. That’s £s per wear.

The stripe

The most popular I’d say of all patterns and something which many clients bring into the studio. The Breton stripe, is possibly the most well known but officially speaking, to be a true Breton, it should have 21 stripes, each representing a Napoleon victory because sailors were wearing stripes way back in 1858 (apparently the distinctive print made it easier to spot wayward sailors who had fallen over-board – who knew?)
Bar far the most popular retailer of the Breton top is Boden as featured in this image.
Boden top
Stripes can be used as a method of balancing out your figure. Triangles (pear shapes) can use stripes across their top half in order to visibly balance out so their shoulders look more in line with their hips. You can see this in the pic above how the shoulder area appears wider and at the same time, lifts the eye away from the hips.
Vertical stripes are excellent for lengthening the torso, so if you’re after a few extra inches without the heels, try this which is an easier fix.

Polka dots and spots

Oasis polka dot dress
Another pattern which always seems to be ‘on trend’. It doesn’t have to be black and white or navy and white remember! Use colour where you can as seen in Oasis.
If you have a larger frame, be sure to choose larger prints such as super sized polka dots. And for petites, tiny little spots will work well.
They are surprisingly easy to mix with other prints. Go for a preppy look by adding stripes or try a floral print of similar scale and colour for an interesting combination.

Animal Print

Not only for Bet Lynch! Animal print remains around but does seem to get reinvented each season to switch it up. If it’s a little bold or too out there for you, try to keep the pattern to just one item. It could be a pair of shoes, a top, scarf, coat or bag. Check out my brogues here. Bought a few years ago now from Clarks and still worn today.
Animal print brogues
Last year we saw more coloured animal print patterns emerge making it more versatile. Warmer skin tones will suit the more traditional brown leopard print but if you’re cooler with pinkier skin tones, try for other colours as there really are more versions out there. If you purchased anything last year when the trend really peaked, be sure to dig it out!
Of course, there are other patterns but these are my top three. Go on and check inside your wardrobe and see if you have them!

Beauty school tips

A top in the right shade of colour will help you to look younger, fresher and more vibrant, the wrong shade could make you look pale, sallow, grey and even unwell. But, choosing and wearing the right shades of colour applies to your makeup too. It really does matter what you put on your face.
Remember that even if you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you have to go barefaced! With so many people working remotely and having online meetings, make sure you look your best even virtually.
Here’s my cosmetic tips using the Colour me Beautiful cruelty free range.


Having a good skincare regime is a must, even if you are staying safe. Good genes will only go so far, as will diet and exercise. Cleanse, tone and moisturise are the steps I’ve followed for many years. Revisit last year’s blog on self care and good skincare habits you can adopt here.

Colour me a Beautiful skincare range

Base and primers

If you suffer from foundation that creases or seems to sink into the skin, there’s a really easy fix. Try using a primer; it creates a smooth surface onto the skin (after your moisturiser or day cream), so your foundation glides on. Your pores and fine lines will be minimised and the effect will last all day. Keep it in the fridge for a refreshing application, especially in hot weather. It will help to close your pores after a hot shower too.
I like to use the Velvet Touch Foundation primer when I want a flawless finish and to limit any touch ups during the day. Just a small drop is all that is needed and you can shop the Velvet Foundation Primer here.
Velvet touch foundation primer
Foundation does a great job of evening out skin tone and gives much more coverage than a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, but sometimes it needs a little help. Introducing targeted concealers or coloured primers as they are designed to hide imperfections and are applied before your foundation.
Here is how you choose the correct colour:
Lavender – counteracts any yellow tones, brightens dull or sallow skin
Mauve – counteracts any brown tones, helps to brighten any dark or age spots and help diminish dullness.
Green – neutralises any redness, broken capillaries, rosacea and sunburn.
Yellow – counteracts any purple and dark circles under the eyes.
I couldn’t live without the yellow and the green coloured primers. On the occasions when I need some extra under eye coverage, I will mix together on the back of my hand the lavender and the yellow.
If you prefer a lighter texture which you can build up or just need one colour to solve a problem, then the liquid coloured skin primers are worth using. They have an in built applicator which you can apply to the skin and blend with your finger. Shop the skin primers here.
Undercover primers Colour corrector wheel
If you prefer a fuller coverage or you have more than one area you’d like to correct, the creamier colour corrector wheel contains four shades in one pot which you can apply with your finger or a brush for more precision. Shop the Colour Corrector Wheel here. 


Not only does foundation even out the skin tone, it also acts as a barrier against pollutions and toxins. Generally speaking, the most coverage is needed in the centre of the face, so try to apply here first and blend outwards. Contrary to what some say, blend downwards as it won’t clog the pores and will prevent fuzzy facial hair from lifting and spoiling the flawless look. I prefer to use a damp sponge to apply foundation, though you can equally use your fingers or a brush.
I always recommend choosing a shade of foundation which matches your skin tone. All too often I see ladies wearing a shade of foundation which is too dark for their natural skin tone. Often I’m told they feel too pale otherwise so they go darker but your colour is added with your bronzer and blusher and if it’s too dark, you’ll see a tell tale line under the chin looking very different to the neck!
Apply your chosen shade of foundation to your jaw line in natural daylight and when you check it in a mirror, it should completely blend in. If it doesn’t, I’d recommend choosing a lighter shade. There are six of shades of Morning Light foundation in the range I use with clients and many are surprised at how good the foundation blends and doesn’t feel heavy at all on their skin. The Morning light Foundation contains light-diffusing properties that deflects light from the surface of the skin, thereby minimising the visibility of fine lines. I use the lightest shade of Porcelain on my skin and then move up to the second lightest called Oyster when I have some colour in the summer. Shop the Morning Light Foundations here. 
Morning light foundation

The eyes

Did you know that black eye pencil and mascara can look really harsh on mature skin. It can also minimise the size of the eye making them appear smaller too.
If you’ve got particularly large eyes or really rich and dark colouring, black may not be such a bad thing, but for the majority of clients I see, black isn’t the most complimentary shade of eye makeup colour to wear.
So what can you wear? Fear not, there are far more flattering shades to choose from in your eye pencils and mascara. I’m often asked why bother with eye pencils. When you apply it on the lash line, it appears to thicken the look of the lashes and add definition. Mascara will colour the lashes and add volume and length, depending upon what you use.
When it comes to eye pencils, most people are surprised by the array of shades available. Teal is a colour that most people can wear and if black is your thing, try wearing granite next time you need to replace it.
A volumising mascara is something I can’t leave the house without (together with the yellow primer. Oh and a bit of colour to my lips). Everyone can wear black brown mascara and it’s readily available, but, there’s two shades I tend to favour with clients – Navy and Warm Brown. Most people look horrified at my suggestion, then they try them out and they are utterly flabbergasted at how great they look on. If you’ve got blue or grey eyes like me, I’d recommend the Navy volumising mascara and if you’ve got green or brown eyes, you’ve got to give the warm brown volumising mascara a try!
Shop the eye pencils and mascara range of shades here.
Eyeshadow can be used to add depth and dimension to your eyes, whether it’s a natural, dramatic or smokey look that you are after. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a look that is right for you.
I meet a lot of women who’ve either been applying their makeup the same way for years, so it feels a little out-dated, or they’ve never really learnt how to apply eye makeup for good effect. During my makeup lessons and assessments I would generally use up to four different eye shadows; a neutral base, a deep shade to define the crease, a colour for the outer edges to add interest and a blender shade to soften any lines.
To achieve your best look, the colours that you choose to apply should also compliment your physical features; your eyes, hair and skin tone. I would advise against buying expensive, universal eye shadow compacts, as there will always be multiple shades that do not suit you or which you do not like. Any pre-made universals compacts are not personalised to you or bespoke to your characteristics.
During consultations and assessments, I recommend the shades of cosmetics which suit your physical characteristics as not everyone suits nor wants to apply a dark smokey eyed look! Using a refillable compact system enables you to build a bespoke palette of eye shadows (and more) that you use and love. And most importantly, there’s less waste too because when you finish using your favourite shade, it can simply be replaced. There’s room for any combination of eyeshadows, blusher, powder and lip gloss too making it perfect for personalisation.
There are over 25 different eyeshadow refill shades to choose from to suit you. You can use them on their own (keep the plastic lid on them), but I’d recommend using the magnetic refillable compact and building your box with the additional items you require. Shop the refillable compact range here.
Magnetic compact


There’s nothing better than giving your cheeks a rosy glow but finding the right shade can often be a challenge. The job of your blusher is to make the rest of your face look brighter and fresher, so choose a shade that compliments your skin tone rather than contrasts against it.
As a rule of thumb, pinky-pinks work well on cooler skin tones, whereas peachy-pinks are better on warmer skins. The depth of your blusher very much depends on your overall colouring. Apply to the apple (middle) of your cheeks and blend out towards the hairline. There are six shades of powder blush which are available as refills and fit inside the magnetic compact. If you prefer a cream to a powder, consider using the cream blush. There’s two shades available to suit warm or cool tones but as an added bonus, they double as a lip gloss too for a light colour. I have cooler skin and love the crushed berry shade which fits neatly inside my magnetic compact. Shop the powder refill range and the cream blush range here.
Cream blush for compact


As well as foundation, lipstick is another product which I am repeatedly told that finding the right shade of colour is a challenge. One look inside your own makeup bag and a rummage may find multiple shades of lipsticks, many of which you do not wear!
Lipstick can be impactful or tonal, the choice really is yours. Either way, it’s important to find the right shade. A bit of lippy can be as powerful as wearing the right colours in your clothes – so long as it’s the right shade for you of course! Plus, I was told a long time ago that as lipstick frames the mouth it makes people pay more attention to what you’re saying. Give it a whirl!
I’m not much of a believer of buying the ‘latest colour trend’ (be that clothes or makeup) and whilst two people with similar colouring may well be able to wear the same shade of lipstick, in my experience they will each wear it with a very different impact.
It is very rare to find a shade of lipstick which works for EVERYONE! But, you can find the perfect red, pink or other shade for you. You probably won’t look back either! If you need any recommendations, feel free to ask.
If you prefer a slick of lipgloss, there are shades for you – from nude to colour. Shop the range of lipsticks (sheer and cream) and lipgloss here.
There are lots of ways for you to experience the Colour me Beautiful makeup range. Most people have been introduced to the range by a Colour me Beautiful consultant like me, as it’s exclusively available through their U.K. and Europe consultants.
Obviously, face-to-face sessions are something for you to bookmark for the future, but in the meantime, you can get in touch for an online or virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home if you need advice.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 25% is available off the entire range until 16 April. Visit the online shop here.

Announcing NEW virtual colour assessments

Book Club cancelled? Pilates put on the back-burner? Take the time to invest in yourself.

New service

As a Colour me Beautiful consultant, I am delighted to announce a new online ‘introduction to colour’ service.
In light of the extraordinary situation that the world is facing, I am still committed to helping people to feel good about themselves and what they wear through the joy of colour.
As social activities are cancelled across the world and work from home becomes mandatory, it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and more importantly, enjoy time at home.
Let’s not forget that for many now working from home, there’s Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype calls and Zoom to think about! You’ve still got to look the part – even if it’s on a computer screen!


The service

It’s a virtual one-to-one session where you will learn how colour can enhance your look and discover flattering shades and advice on how to combine colours for maximum impact.  As we return to normal, I will also offer an upgrade option to meet face to face for makeup application and to discover the full range of colours personalised to you. This session will take place at the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire at a special rate.
I will be offering two new options:

  1. Virtual colour assessment, conducted online which includes a 30-colour swatch wallet and style update guide of the current seasonal trends for £59 introductory price.
  2. Remote colour assessment which you’ll be required to supply a series of pictures for assessment and includes a colour card with 8 shades and a style update guide of the current seasonal trends for £35 introductory price.

Items will be sent out by post following the sessions.
When normal service resumes, a more confident new person will be able to step out into the sunshine.

For more information about this new colour service, please contact: Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.