This is a common question which comes up, especially around the holiday season and summer time.

The short answer is; no. Your colouring type won’t change if you have a tan. This is the case whether you had a seasonal analysis or a tonal analysis consultation.

Let me expand further.

Your colouring is ultimately determined by your genetics, so will remain broadly unchanged in the event of a tan.

As you gain more colour to your skin, it will add more of a ‘glow’ to your facial features. This isn’t permanent but you will find that some colours begin to look much better against your skin than when you were paler by comparison.

Many people tend to reach for brighter or more vibrant colours in sunnier times. This is more of a psychological effect of the brighter sunnier days impacting how we feel and wearing brighter, sunnier looking clothes.

Having a tan will likely mean that you need to change your foundation shade. You may also feel that you don’t require as much coverage as you normally would without a tan.

Unless your tan is fake, it really won’t affect your colouring type. Fake tan tends to be warm/yellow toned which can therefore dramatically change the appearance of your actual skin tone, even if you are cool toned.

Either way, don’t let having a tan put you off booking a colour consultation to learn your best shades of colour.

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