Dressing for your Job Interview – Guest article

I was asked what advice I would give to someone on what they could wear to a new job interview. It was a friend of mine working in recruitment for the financial services industry.

We agreed to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) and co-wrote an article with hints and tips with our advice. It was featured on LinkedIn.

If you’ve got an interview coming up or want to improve your chances, have a read of the article here: Dressing for your job interview.


Guest blog on Mumbler – Three great ways you can update your wardrobe this Autumn!

In her guest blog, Toni Carver, Personal Stylist & Image Consultant shares her Top 3 items to buy this Autumn.

As the season changes, it’s often a time to look in our wardrobes and update with a few key pieces.

Here’s my top three items to buy now that will give your wardrobe an instant update.


The Corrective Colour Wheel – the best seller!

Four targeted concealers and correctors in one easy to use container. The shades can be mixed for perfect correction. The smooth cream formula is long wearing and doesn’t crease or melt. Paraben, fragrance and gluten free.

Lavender – to counteract yellow tones, brighten dull and sallow skins
Mauve – to counteract brown tones, brighten dark/age spots and dullness
Mint green – to counteract high colouring (redness), broken capillaries, rosacea and sunburn
Yellow – to counteract ‘purple’. Use to cover mild redness and under-eye dark circles.

Buy from my online shop.

Three items to buy now for Autumn

We are heading fast into Autumn, the kids are back at school and a sense of ‘normality’ can resume!

As the season changes, it’s often a time to look in our wardrobes and update with a few key pieces.

Here’s my top three items to buy now that will give your wardrobe an instant update.


The Print

Animal print is everywhere this season and in more colours which is nice to see. Try blue or pink if you have a cool undertone to your skin.

You don’t have to go all out if it’s not your thing; think a subtle belt, shoes or boots. If it is your thing; how about a statement coat?



The slouchy boot is here for the Autumn. Try tucking in skinny jeans or wear with a midi skirt for a bit more of an edge.



You will have heard me say that black is not everyone’s friend and this season is no different! Instead, I’m seeing two colours emerge – brown and green.



A great alternative to black and a versatile neutral shade too. With neutral colours, they mix very easily with fashion or accent shades which come and go with the seasons (think yellow and lavender in the spring earlier this year). Crucially, brown works particularly well if you fall into the Soft, Warm and Light categories.

As with any colour, it’s all about HOW you wear it.

If you have a cool undertone be sure to keep brown shades away from your face and break them up with some cooler tones on your top half.

Lights should opt for lighter shades of brown and could try combining it with pale blues and pinks. Keep a look out for Rose Brown too – a lighter, softer shade of brown. Warms and Softs can wear browns of a medium depth on their own or combine them with colours one or two shades lighter for a subtle contrast.

Deeps can mix it with rich reds, greens and damson and Clears will need to add some vibrancy and contrast with a colour pop.


Fifty shades of green!

There are so many different shades of green that if you are not a fan, I’m sure you’ll find one if you give it a go. If in doubt why not try teal? It’s certainly one of my favourites and a shade which tends to work for everyone.

Why not treat yourself to an eye pencil in the seasonal colours? I have a lovely coffee (lights, softs, warms), brown (deeps, warms), moss (warms, deeps) and teal (everyone!) available which are under a tenner and are lovely and soft so as not to drag on the delicate eye area.

If accessories are more your thing, how about a scarf? I’ve got atmosphere which is a lovely neutral beige colour in raw silk material for you warms, deeps, clears, softs and lights or teal which suits everyone. If you’re a light or a soft-warm then I have just one of the yellow-green pashminettas available in the studio.

Get in touch with me on 07958657032 or buy from my online shop (above). This month there’s half price postage.

Finally, if your interested in learning all about the new season trends and how you can wear them, reserve your place at my Autumn event – details to follow soon.


Is there a perfect heel height on shoes?

There is nothing more frustrating than wearing a pair of shoes and finding that they are killing your feet when you’ve barely worn them!

What makes one pair of shoes comfortable to one woman, is also very different to another.

Flat shoes do not necessarily mean comfortable shoes, but they will be for some. Wearing uncomfortable or ill fitting shoes can also cause damage to your posture so here’s a few tips for you to consider.


Block versus stiletto heels

Typically, a heel with a block is likely to offer much more support and possibly comfort versus a narrow heel as it will be more supportive and provide a more even weight distribution.


Too small versus too big

If your heel slips out of the shoe when you walk then they are probably too big. It has been reported recently that Meghan Markle wears shoes too big for her to allow her feet room to breath on account of her being on her feet during Royal visits.

If the skin on your foot sits higher than the shoe, it’s likely they are too small. Try either another size or a wider fit. Many shops do half sizes which could make all the difference.

Should your weight fluctuate, be aware of the impact on the fit of your shoes. Weight gain may mean you require wider fitting shoes.

Wedges are a good alternative as you can gain height and support, though they tend to be more popular in the summer months !



It’s reported that there are methods of measuring your foot in order to find the perfect height for you.

1) measure your foot from the ball of your foot to your heel. The ball is the padded part of your sole between the arch in your foot and your toes. This measurement is deemed to be your ideal height of heel and the most comfortable.

2) measure the full length of your foot from the heel to the big toe. Make sure you measure it in centimetres (or convert it) then divide it by 7. This is your healthiest heel height.


Style tips

You should always wear shoes which are comfortable for you but here’s a few style tricks.

  • A pointed toe will lengthen the appearance of your legs.
  • The more of the foot that is shown, the greater the illusion of longer legs and narrower ankles.
  • If you are petite, avoid ankle straps as they will visibly shorten the appearance of your height.
  • Avoid shoes with straps which fasten around the ankles if your ankles are wide.
  • Shoes can date quickly. If you choose a shoe trend that’s in fashion now, be sure to wear them – don’t be tempted to keep them for best.
  • As we enter the autumn and you move from sandals towards boots, make sure that the top of the boot stops at the narrow point on your legs.

Finally, the Autumn/Winter season is fast approaching. Look out for the dates of my seasonal updates which I’ll be announcing in September to run from October. Reserve your interest early and contact me: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk


Dressing for the beach

The holiday season is upon us but, are you beach ready?

Fear not ladies, it’s remarkably easy to feel glam on holiday with a fabulous beach cover-up.


Here are my tips for dressing for the beach

Ideally, you want a beach cover up that can be easily taken off. A tight fitting tunic may look great, but add sun cream to the heat and it can be difficult to remove and getting stuck inside your kaftan is a look to avoid!

Next, be mindful of volume. If the fabric is opaque and you can’t see through it, be careful going too over-sized as if it’s too tent-like, then it won’t necessarily be very flattering. If it’s sheer, then your body shape will still be visible through the fabric which means you can go big.

Natural fibres such as cotton are best in the heat, but be warned as they also crease. Try a thin viscose or polyester mix is lighter and much more versatile and can be screwed up in your beach bag and it will still look great at the end of the day. Plus, being lighter it can be easily washed and dried and you won’t need to spend time ironing!



There are lots of different styles to choose from and for all budgets. Work out what your preferred style of cover up is:

  • tunic
  • dress
  • kaftan
  • t-shirt
  • long
  • short
  • patterned
  • plain

Ask yourself – which one do I reach for over and over again? What do I feel the most comfortable in?

Pick your style and then choose different colours (from your palette of course) so you’ll always look and feel fantastic.

One final point; Accessorise. Finish off your look with something as simple as a straw hat, a colourful beach bag or flip flops.

Enjoy and happy holidays !

Makeup – choose your colours wisely!

As with the clothes we choose, makeup is merely an extension of our look. There’s a vast array of cosmetics on display at makeup counters, but how do you know what to choose?

It can feel rather daunting at some of the brightly lit with un-natural light in some department stores. What seems to look good in the shop, may not suit you best when you get home. This can be both disappointing and costly.


Heres my three tips to avoid making those mistakes

First, understand and determine the needs of your skin. Adopt a good skincare routine together with a good, balanced, healthy diet. Oily skin requires different products to those with dry skin.

Secondly, your makeup look and choices will be determined by your style and lifestyle in much the same way as your clothing choices. If you don’t have the time or you prefer a more natural look, then you won’t want to spend an hour putting on a face! What’s more, if you did, you’re not likely to recognise the person staring back at you in the mirror either.

Third, choose your makeup colours wisely. Your makeup should flatter and enhance your features and can be used to hide and disguise any flaws too. Choosing shades suited to your colouring type will make you look radiant whilst others can make you look unhealthy or age you prematurely. You don’t need me to tell you to avoid this look!

What next?

When was the last time you checked the contents of your makeup bag? If you’ve got items lurking in the bottom that you’ve had for years, be warned. Makeup has a shelf life too. Bin anything which is more than two years old and if something doesn’t look or smell as you expect – bin that too.

Most packaging these days has a use by date which is indicated by an open pot sign with the number of months written inside. By way of an example, if the little pot says ’12’ then the shelf life is 12 months. Beyond this, it’s not at it’s best so be sure to throw it out to avoid infection and remain hygienic.


As a guide, keep the following life spans in mind from the time they are first opened:

  • Mascara – 3 to 6 months
  • Lipstick, Lip gloss, foundation, concealer – 12 months
  • Pencils, Cream Eyeshadows and blusters – 18 months
  • Powders, eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers – 24 months

Good hygiene is a must so wash your makeup brushes regularly. I use a brush cleanser and a ‘brush egg’ which allows me to give the brushes a proper clean between clients and they are very cheap to buy online too.

Throw away any disposable sponges once used or wash after each use. Any velour sponges should be washed weekly and replaced regularly.

Finally, give the bag a clean too!


If you’d like help reviewing your makeup bag then get in touch. I offer a free makeup assessment in which I prescribe the cosmetic shades which compliment your colouring type based upon the Colour me Beautiful tonal panel system.

Book before 1 August and receive a free Colour me Beautiful purple branded zip up pouch.

Learn your best makeup shades and book today. Call or text 07958 657032 or email me toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk

How to shop

Last month’s blog looked at spring cleaning your wardrobe and I gave five tips on doing this. Now you’ve done you’re wardrobe, do you know what to shop for?

There’s something quite satisfying I think about detoxing though how you feel afterwards will be dependent upon what you’ve left yourself!

Assuming you do this task, it’s also best to do a quick review afterwards to identify what clothing gaps you have so you can go armed with a list when you hit the shops.


Value for money

Please remember that it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it. The more times you wear something, the more value for money it is. I refer to this as £s per wear.

If you’re following me on social media, you may have noticed a recent video from M&S which I commented on. It was a lady in one of their blue summer dresses. The dress could be worn in three ways and it cost less than £50. Using my £s per wear rationale means that if you wear it in their suggested three ways, then it’s just over £16 per wear. Compare this to the dress you bought in the sale for say £25 which you’ve only worn once (or not at all!) and you can see the difference that smart shopping makes.

Given it’s a new season and you may want to fill a few gaps – what do you shop for now?


This trend can be found in tops and dresses. Be wary of the depth of colour as if you’re lighter, avoid the dark denim look or it could wash you out. Equally, if you’ve got darker colouring, this will work for you but avoid the pale denim. Be carful of the weight of the fabric against your body lines too.


This trend continues in lots of styles and colours so there should be something out there to suit everyone.


For all you lights out there : shop now!!

This season brings pastel colours which are perfect for you. Pinks, blues, greens and lavender. Be sure to pick the right shade to suit you. On the subject of lavender – lots of this is out there! Take this colour trend right through to purple. Don’t forget ultra violet is the colour for 2018.



From trousers (the River Island ones I shared on social media did not seem popular with my viewers!) to jump suits and jackets. Be sure to choose both the colours and styles which suit you best. Stripes don’t have to be all over (especially if you have a smaller frame or aren’t looking for the attention). Try a discreet stripe too.



It’s mainly florals again this season on dresses, tips and trousers. The same rule applies as stripes; wear with care the larger patterns so that they don’t dwarf you.


Above all; have fun when you hit the shops!


If you would like to know more about what colour and styles suit you, then book a consultation with me.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning what the seasonal trends are for you, please get in touch to book your own personal style update or shop with me.


Is it time to detox those wardrobes?

Every so often, it’s worth opening those wardrobe doors and having a clear out!

This type of detox can be a time consuming task and one which usually fills people with dread! Make sure you give yourself enough time to do this!

Often clients ask if I can help them and of course I am more than happy to do so. In my experience, people find it easier if someone else helps as it can be quite an overwhelming task. Click here for more details.

If you’ve heard me at a talk or had a consultation with me then you may have heard me mention the 80/20 rule. This is that most women only wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe 80% of the time. Plus, I have found that there are many women who have more than one wardrobe full of clothes!!

The key thing here is about ensuring that what you have in your wardrobe is right for you. If you’ve got five identical items and nothing to wear them with, then they won’t get worn.

It’s the same with sale shopping. We all love a bargain! But it’s only ever a real bargain if you actually wear it!

If you have clothes languishing in the back of your wardrobe and *shock* still with labels on…then something has gone wrong!

Here’s some tips on detoxing those wardrobes:

  1. Is it in the right colour for you which compliments your features and characteristics such as your skin tone?
  2. Does it fit? And I mean properly!
  3. Is it in good condition? If a button has fallen off or the hem stitching has come undone, can it easily be repaired? If it can, make sure you do or you won’t wear it!
  4. How do you feel when you wear it? This is key as if you don’t feel good wearing something, you won’t even leave the house.
  5. Have you got at least three other items in your wardrobe that you can wear it with?

If the answer is no then I’m afraid it’s time to say good bye.

If you need some help, please get in touch with me and I come and help you to detox those wardrobes with pleasure!


Race day dressing announced by Royal Ascot

Planning a trip to the races this year? You may need a tape measure and to check the dress code given Royal Ascot’s announcement.

I listened to the radio with some mild humour and agreement today when I heard the strict dress code for those attending a Royal Ascot race day this June. If you’re planning a trip; read on.

For the men

Anyone planning to attend bearing their “mankles” (that’s men’s ankles) may be refused entry. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of this look or why a man wouldn’t wear socks. Admittedly though, it’s very popular with Jude Law, Tinie Tempah and Idris Elba carrying off the look with some style.

Formal dress code generally states that socks are a must for gentleman.

No cravats allowed. If you’re in the Royal enclosure, wear a black or grey morning dress suit which means a waistcoat, tie and the same coloured top-hat. Choose a shirt and tie combo in your colour palette.

For the ladies

There’s significantly more rules for the girls than boys so I’ve broken them down to assist you in your race day choices.



Off-the-shoulder necklines have been banned. An example would be a Bardot style made famous by Bridget Bardot herself. This neckline is complimentary for most body shapes, so it’s a shame it’s been banned.

Straps are required and should be one inch or more on dresses and tops. Strapless, halter and spaghetti have all been banned. Don’t think you can cheat with a jacket or pashmina ladies as what you wear underneath must still comply!



Fascinators are not allowed in the Royal Enclosure, only hats and headpieces. Your headpiece must have a solid base measuring a minimum of four inches in diameter!

When choosing a hat, try to compliment it to your face shape. Choose a colour from your palette and if you’ve not had a colour analysis, choose a shade which compliments you. Avoid any colour which casts a dark shadow!



The jumpsuit famously allowed last year stays, but needs to be ankle length now, so similar to the boys.

Skirt lengths and dresses should be “of modest length” falling just above the knee or longer. Avoid having your hemline finishing at any wide parts of your leg. Choose a narrow point instead which is the most flattering.

Trouser suits must be to the ankle of course. They should also be of matching material and colour. All over colour gives the appearance of height so is good news for any petite ladies. City chic and classic personality types will be the happiest with this matching rule!

Finally, it should go without saying but no midriffs on show!


I can help you shop and dress accordingly choosing the right race day outfit. Just get in touch to book any of my services.


New seasonal trends

Recently, I went to London to the Colour me Beautiful Image Consultant conference. We were a very colourful bunch of Ladies!

As well as the opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues (plus new ones), we spent time looking and assessing the new seasonal trends.


Spring/summer trends

Whilst it doesn’t feel like it, Spring is just around the corner. Why not use it as an opportunity to inject some freshness into your wardrobe?

Each new season brings about new trends which I’m sure you’ve begun to notice in the shops and online.

Yesterday, I was in a cafe in Wakefield having a cup of tea with my fiancé. I saw an elderly lady dressed in jeans, white trainers and a tailored jacket and I smiled as she looked comfortable and stylish. I often hear ladies over a certain age say that they don’t want to look old, or frumpy but we all have our own sense of style and uniqueness which we should embrace, whatever your age.

We’ve all got parts of our bodies which we want to hide but this is down to clever dressing. It’s not about being ‘fashionable’ and on trend, it’s knowing your style, what suits you and how to wear it.

Are you guilty of buying the same things time and time again? Many of us are! Why not try something new – you might surprise yourself.

I’d bet that you’ve already got some key pieces which will take you into the spring/summer season with ease too.

Want to learn what’s on trend and how to wear them? Come along to my next seasonal update to find out.

Click here for details: https://www.tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk/events/


Spring / Summer 2018 seasonal update

Want to learn what’s on trend and how to wear them this season?

Book your place at one of my next seasonal updates to find out the Spring/Summer 2018 trends and you’ll learn what’s most suited to your body shape, personality and colour type.

These are small group sessions which are informative and fun. Plus you can try on some examples from the high street and make-up from the Colour me Beautiful range.

Available dates:

  • Wednesday 28 March – 10:00 – 12:00
  • Wednesday 28 March – 14:00 – 16:00
  • Wednesday 28 March – 19:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday 7 April – 14:00 – 16:00

Places are limited and must be pre booked and paid for in advance.

Tickets cost £15 per person and you’ll take away your own seasonal update card. Receive a £5 discount against your own ticket price if you book and bring a friend.

Contact me to book your place: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk or call/text me on: 07958 657032.

If you’d prefer a 1:1 session or your own group session, please get in touch.

Ultra Violet – the Pantone colour of the year 2018

Every year, Pantone announces a brand new colour of the year and 2018 is no exception. When the Pantone Color Institute make their announcements, designers around the globe take note and trends emerge.

It won’t just be clothing you’ll see in purple, but products too. Think hairdryers, bags, sofas and makeup!

Pantone is the world-renowned source of colour information. We wear colour extensively as a way of making ourselves feel good, look good and to boost our confidence. The Colour of the year has been around since 2000.

Colour of the year – 2018

Ultra Violet is a blue based purple and Purple is a universal shade meaning it looks great on all skin tones. Make sure the shade you wear is tweaked so it suits your specific colour characteristics.

If you’ve been for a colour consultation and had a colour analysis then it’s easy to choose and wear the most flattering purple shades. Simply use your colour swatch wallet to guide you.

Here are some clothing and eye makeup suggestions sorted into our dominant colour types. If you don’t know your colouring type, simply book an appointment with me.


Try wearing periwinkle as it’s a much lighter shade and more complimentary against your features. In terms of eye makeup shades, wear melon with purple or lavender bliss with heather eyeshadows and an amethyst eye pencil.


You are best wearing a richer colour of purple or try burgundy or damson. For eye makeup shades, wear steel with purple eyeshadow or heather and damson with an amethyst or aubergine eye pencil.


Purple is a great colour for you to wear. On your eyes, wear eyeshadows in pistachio and purple or heather and damson and try with amethyst eye pencil.


Ultra Violet has a blue undertone so works well for you, but a bright periwinkle shade from your palette is a great alternative. When it comes to eye makeup shades, wear lavender bliss with purple or try heather and damson eyeshadows with an amethyst eye pencil.



You need a brighter version such as a Violet colour or purple. On your eyes, apply eau de nil and purple eyeshadows or heather alongside an amethyst eye pencil.


With your colouring, soft Violet or a heather shade would look amazing and are much softer shades for you to carry off. For your eye makeup shades, try wearing peach with purple, lavender bliss with heather or damson eyeshadows and an amethyst or aubergine eye pencil.


Makeup is an easy way to have fun experimenting with different looks which will bring you bang up to date. Remember the Colour me Beautiful cosmetic range has been developed with the six dominant colour categories. The eyeshadows featured here are from the exclusive refillable range which fits neatly into your magnetic colour compact box.

Contact me to try any shades or buy online.

T’is the season to party!

December is here which means party season!

I don’t know about you but it’s pretty hectic and going fast too. Not only is Christmas getting closer, but I’m sure many of you have parties to attend.

I had my first Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and decided that I’d buy a new dress for the occasion when I was heading out to the shops a few weeks ago.

I’m always surprised and a little disappointed by the amount of black dresses on the rails at this time of year and it did make me a little bit sad too. What there is this year is lots of sparkles, sequins, lace and velvet so more of what you expect for a party!

Black doesn’t actually suit everyone (sorry ladies!) so if you’re looking for a new outfit then try something with colour! Admittedly it may take a little more effort to find, but it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s my tips for our colour types:



Try wearing silver, blue, teal or violet colours.



Try midnight blue, damson, navy or aubergine.



Try out Bronze, olive or gold.



Try midnight, fuchsia, purple, charcoal or silver.



Try wearing royal blue, scarlet or purple.



Try out pewter, charcoal or navy.


If you really can’t face wearing colour, or you’re struggling then try something in a softer looking fabric such as lace.

Head on over to my Facebook page to view a quick video on ‘feel good dresses for the party season’ which includes some shopping ideas. Please like and share whilst you’re there.

Wondering what colour I wore? Plum!

Happy shopping and partying and if you need any help, just get in touch.


Makeup Assessments

A makeup assessment is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Colour me Beautiful. You’ll learn about our colour types and the makeup shades which suit you.

Makeup is merely an extension of our look. Whether it’s a full made up face you prefer or a flick of mascara, a sweep of blusher or a bit of lippie. Make sure the shades you wear suit you and make you feel good about yourself.

These sessions work on the same Colour me Beautiful tonal system covered in a Colour Analysis but they specifically focus on our cosmetic range. You’ll be prescribed only the shades which compliment your colouring and enhance your features.

These FREE assessments are available on an individual basis, as a group or as a party or a get together! If you’re hosting a session then you’ll also receive a free gift.

The Colour me Beautiful cosmetic range is cruelty free, paraben free and prescribed specifically for YOU. It’s not available to buy on the high street. Both new and repeat orders can be purchased through me or via my online shop. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch to book your assessment and learn your best makeup shades.

Party eyes – Black Friday special offer

So, today is the day – officially Black Friday!

All week, retailers have been offering deals to encourage you to spend. There are some good deals to be had, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

In colour world, black isn’t a ‘colour’ which works for everyone – some people suit it but others don’t. If you’re interested in knowing what colours work for you and if Black is one of them, then book yourself a colour consultation. You’ll take away a colour swatch wallet after your consultation. Visit my services page for more details and get in touch to book.

I’ve got my Black Friday open event tomorrow (Saturday 25) which you’re welcome to come along to between 2pm and 5pm and I have some great gifts available too.

The colourful bunch at Colour me Beautiful head office have been working on an offer too. It coincides with the launch of their NEW ‘intense’ eye shadow refills which are available for all dominant colour types and which fit neatly into the new magnetic compact.

There are five rich, high-pigmented eye shadow colours available:

  1. olive
  2. midnight
  3. damson
  4. storm
  5. espresso

As a Black Friday offer, purchase four eyeshadow refills when at least one of them is one of the above intense shades and you’ll receive a free eye pencil!

Heres some ideas:

You can place your order online (Via the shop link) or contact me. Offer ends 30 November.


Exclusive event – Black Friday offers

Come along and join me for your exclusive viewing of my Black Friday offers on Saturday 25 November.


Offers include:

  • New boxed compact gift vouchers as seen on my Facebook page
  • Limited edition purple Makeup Pouches
  • Gift vouchers
  • Top up your makeup supplies
  • Discover your most flattering lipstick shade or enchanting eye colours with a mini makeup assessment
  • Choose a lovely colourful raw silk scarf or pashmina to finish off an outfit
  • Buy any book at a special discounted price

Please feel free to come with a friend or family member too, they’re more than welcome.

Open between 2pm and 5pm. Contact me for further details.

Events also being held on 6 December, 13 December and 20 December.

Pre-Christmas gift event

Come and join me at the studio to view my special pre-Christmas gift ideas and packages on Wednesday 6 December.

Get organised early and feel free to pre-order any of the following to be sure you don’t miss out:

  • New boxed compact gift vouchers as seen on my Facebook page
  • Limited edition purple Makeup Pouch
  • Gift vouchers
  • Top up your makeup supplies
  • Discover your most flattering lipstick shade or enchanting eye colours with a mini makeup assessment
  • Choose a lovely colourful raw silk scarf or pashmina to finish off an outfit
  • Buy any book at a special discounted price

Please feel free to bring along a friend or family member with you so you can both enjoy the experience. Open between 10am and 1pm.

Contact me for further details.

If you can’t make this date, I’m also open on 13 December and 20 December.

Pre Christmas shopping event

Come along to my Christmas gift shopping event on Wednesday 13 December.

Shop for yourself, friends and loved ones from the following gift ideas:

  • New boxed compact gift vouchers as seen on my Facebook page
  • Limited edition purple Makeup Pouches
  • Gift vouchers
  • Top up your makeup supplies
  • Discover your most flattering lipstick shade or enchanting eye colours with a mini makeup assessment
  • Choose a lovely colourful raw silk scarf or pashmina to finish off any outfit
  • Buy any book at a special discounted price

Bring along a friend or family member too, they’re more than welcome.

Contact me for further details. Open between 4pm and 8pm.

Can’t make it? Pre-order and collect any last minute gifts on 20 December.

Last chance for colourful Christmas Gifts

With Christmas around the corner, this represents your last chance to treat yourself or a loved one. Give them the gift of colour this Christmas!

Available to take away:

  • New boxed compact gift vouchers as seen on my Facebook page
  • Limited edition purple Makeup Pouches
  • Buy gift vouchers
  • Top up your makeup supplies
  • Discover your most flattering lipstick shade or enchanting eye colours with a mini makeup assessment
  • Choose a lovely colourful raw silk scarf or pashmina to finish off any outfit
  • Buy any book at a special discounted price

Bring along a friend or family member too, they’re more than welcome.

Contact me for further details including any pre-orders as this is the last chance to collect any gifts.

Open between 2pm – 6pm on Wednesday 20 December.

Is red the colour of the season?

It was predicted that red would be the colour of the Autumn/winter season and with the festive season fast approaching; it’s no surprise.

A quick wander round the shops confirms this and I’m sure the emails in your inbox do too!

Colour has been found to affect people’s mood and energy levels – how do you feel when you wear colour?


Red is the colour of energy making many people feel confident and in control and there’s a red to suit everyone.

The undertone (whether it has a yellow or blue base) matters a great deal with reds so be sure to choose the one best suited to you if you’re wearing it close to your face. If in doubt, revisit your colour swatch wallet or book a consultation.

Just remember, you don’t have to go top to toe in red! Embrace as much or as little as you like – here’s a few ideas.

Red trousers

Surprisingly versatile! Wear with a slogan top (also on trend), animal print or simple understated top.

Red jacket

Wear with denim jeans for an off-duty look or over a dress for work or dinner out. Invest in a winter coat or mac for a truly statement look.


Red boots have walked onto the scene this time and can make quite a statement if you prefer to let your feet do the talking. If you prefer a more understated look, there are plenty of trainers, loafers and ballet shoes to choose from too. Extra points for embellishments!


A simple way to update any look is with a statement item of jewellery such as a necklace, wrap around a new red scarf or invest in a new bag.

The red lip

It’s not always just about the clothes that you wear, your makeup finishes your whole look off.

An element of confidence is required to carry off a statement lip so make sure you choose the right shade for your skin tone. To keep it in place, use a lip base and a lip liner – both can be purchased from me.

The Colour me Beautiful range of cosmetics has been designed around our colour types and as with clothes, there’s a shade to suit everyone!

A few weeks ago (16 September), I posted a red lipstick colour to suit each of our dominant colour types on my Facebook page. Purchase a Lipstick for £14.50* from me or through my online shop.

Click here to view it.

Alternatively, why not try before you buy and make an appointment with me to have your makeup prescribed to your individual colouring. These sessions are free and can also be done as a group or party.

Get in touch to book.


*As at 27.9.17

How to wear pink

You may have noticed that pink has been really popular this season and there is a pink for everyone!

Check out these shades to take you from Summer and into the Autumn.


Try wearing dusty rose and if you like your lipstick to match, you should check out the Colour me Beautiful Dusty Rose lipstick. Wear it with the hot pink scarf to finish off your look.


Light colours aren’t always best for you, especially on their own, so try your Blush pink shade and for bright lips, try the Colour me Beautiful Sheer Fiesta lipstick (whilst stocks last). Or try the Berry burst lipgloss.


Pinks tend to have a cooler undertone to them which isn’t complimentary for you, so you’re best trying out the Coral colours in your palette. For your lips, try out the Colour me Beautiful Coral lipstick. For a brighter shade; try the Warm Pink lipstick.


You have lots to choose from in your palette! How about Hot pink if you’re daring! For your lips, try the Colour me Beautiful Soft Mauve or Sheer silk shades alongside the hot pink super soft scarf. Anyone preferring a more versatile cover up would love this fringed pashmina style.


You’ll need to create contrast with your shades so try Blush pink with something like Light teal. For the lips try out the Colour me Beautiful Strawberry lipstick.


Wear your pinks with some neutral shades such as pewter or taupe alongside blush pink. For the lips, try Colour me Beautiful Chiffon lipstick or Sheer Breeze along side the coral ;pink super soft scarf (if you’re warmer toned)


All Colour me Beautiful makeup and the scarf range is available online for Credit card payments or to order and collect from my studio in Wakefield. Simply get in touch to make arrangements or visit the shop here.


Updated 23.9.21

Get colour confident

Do you spend a fortune on clothes which you don’t wear?


If you want to shop better and wear more colours, but you’re not sure what really suits you, then reserve your place at this small group session held at my studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


During the session, we will cover:


  • Your colour type
  • Which 30 core colours suit you
  • How to combine your neutral and fashion colours
  • Makeup in your colour tones


Wearing colour creates an immediate and powerful impact and when worn well, can really enhance and brighten your overall look. But, it can also have the opposite effect and instead drain the colour from your face, making you look washed out or even worse – ill!


Book your place and come along to learn how you can wear colour with confidence.

You are encouraged to bring along three tops in different colours, one of which you’ve never or rarely worn.


Each person will receive a complimentary makeup lesson in your colour tones and a scarf tying demonstration.

You will take away with you a Style Update handout showing you the key styles and colours for the season.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to buy your own Colour Swatch Wallet containing your 30 colours which will help to guide you when shopping.



These group sessions are limited for between 3 – 6 guests.

£35 per person including makeup lesson, scarf tying demonstration and makeup lesson.


Optional extras!

A 30 colour swatch wallet, books, scarves and makeup are all available to purchase for an additional cost.



Saturday 30th September – 10am – 12:30pm

To book your place please contact me.

How to wear the midi skirt

The midi skirt has become rather popular. Spring/summer trends in the shops and online have seen a multitude of stores stock this item.

But how do you know which style to choose?

The style of the skirt is key to work with your proportions and body shape. See below for my suggestions including a video at the bottom too!


A full skirt will be the most flattering for your curves. Be sure to highlight your waist by using a belt or tucking your top in.


Try to keep your clothing lines simple. A panelled skirt style will work well for you. Remember to balance our your top half adding details such as pattern or jewellery.

Inverted triangle

Try a straight skirt or one with box pleats. To balance your proportions be sure to wear your detail on the bottom half of your body.

Lean column

Opt for an A-line skirt which will give the illusion of some curves.


Avoid too much detail around the waist.


Click to watch this short video illustrating these ideas. If you haven’t booked your style and image consultation, visit my page here and contact me to book. If you would prefer to join a style workshop then email me for more details at Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.

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Learn to dress with confidence

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time?


If you want to learn about dressing in clothes which flatter your body and personality, then reserve your place at this small group session held at my studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


During the session, we will cover:


  • Dressing for your body shape
  • Assessing your proportions
  • Fun style personality quiz!


Come along and learn about clothing lines, fabrics and clever dressing tips so you can feel more confident about showing off your best bits and disguising the bits that you’re not so fond of.

You are encouraged to bring along one of your favourite outfits and one that you’re not so fond of so that we can see what does and doesn’t flatter you.

Each person will take away their own personal style cheat sheets and a Style Update handout showing you the key colours and styles for the current season.



These group sessions are limited for between 3 – 6 people.

£35 per person including handouts.

Optional extra!

An additional makeup lesson and scarf tying demonstration can be added to this session for just £5 extra per person. Please allow extra time if opting to include this.


Saturday 26th August – 10am – 12:30pm

To book your place please contact me.

Holiday packing tips

If you’re planning on jetting off on holiday, this latest blog may be helpful, especially if you pack too much!

It can be easy to take too much away with you and find that you simply don’t wear everything that you take. With these simple tips, I’ll help you pack what you need and wear what you take!



Invest in a lightweight suitcase so as much of your allowance is used on clothes as possible!



Lay out your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can visually see what you have. You want to try and combine pieces together to make multiple outfits. (When you’ve had your colours done, this task becomes so much easier as mentioned below).

Be prepared to cut down the number of shoes and accessories you take as ideally you only need a few key pieces which will work with more than one outfit.

Think about that statement necklace; ideally you’ll be able to wear it two or three times. A great pair of sandals will work with three or four outfits, especially if they are in a metallic shade like silver or gold.



Pick out just a few colours from your palette and choose clothes this way. It’ll enable you to mix and match items much easier, creating a holiday capsule wardrobe.



Now, this isn’t something I do, but it’s long been recommended: Try rolling up your clothes to make the most use of space in your case. Use the inside of shoes for small items such as your underwear (I do however do this). Use sample sized toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner rather than taking the full sized container. It’ll take up less room and weigh less! (And I definitely do this!).



Hot summer weather can change your makeup habits. I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser when I’m away as it’s more lightweight on my skin. I find I don’t need as much coverage that a foundation provides.

You can purchase the Colour me Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser from me as I stock five shades now.

The magnetic colour boxes are ideal for home and away as you can take one box with multiple eye shadows and blushers. Plus, when you finish each item, just push it out and dispose of it so you only replace what you use! Very sustainable too. Replacement stocks are available, just let me know what you need.

All products are also available through the online shop here.

Colour me beautiful magnetic compact

If you’ve already had your colours done then you may want to think about booking a style session so you can learn how to dress for your shape, lifestyle and personality.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about holiday packing then get in touch about booking a session.


Happy holiday packing!

Choosing sunglasses

If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses then read on!

Picking the right pair which suits you will depend upon your face shape. The general rule is to try and choose a pair which has a shape opposite to your face shape as these will be most complementary.



A cat eye shaped pair of sunnies works well as it widens the upper part of your face which also giving the appearance or narrowing your jawline.


Your face will be narrower at the forehead and jawline and widest across the cheekbones. Choose square shaped or rectangular shaped sunnies and avoid a round shape.


Whilst this is the most balanced face shape in terms of appearance, try choosing a pair which is shaped opposite to your face shape such as rectangular or square shaped.


The narrowest part of your face is at your jaw line so you want to give the appearance of width here to balance the look. Try rimless framed sunnies.


One final tip I learned was to take pictures whilst trying them on as it’s surprisingly different to see yourself in the photo than it is in a mirror!

Give it a go and remember to send me any pictures!!