Every year, Pantone announces a brand new colour of the year and 2018 is no exception. When the Pantone Color Institute make their announcements, designers around the globe take note and trends emerge.

It won’t just be clothing you’ll see in purple, but products too. Think hairdryers, bags, sofas and makeup!

Pantone is the world-renowned source of colour information. We wear colour extensively as a way of making ourselves feel good, look good and to boost our confidence. The Colour of the year has been around since 2000.

Colour of the year – 2018

Ultra Violet is a blue based purple and Purple is a universal shade meaning it looks great on all skin tones. Make sure the shade you wear is tweaked so it suits your specific colour characteristics.

If you’ve been for a colour consultation and had a colour analysis then it’s easy to choose and wear the most flattering purple shades. Simply use your colour swatch wallet to guide you.

Here are some clothing and eye makeup suggestions sorted into our dominant colour types. If you don’t know your colouring type, simply book an appointment with me.


Try wearing periwinkle as it’s a much lighter shade and more complimentary against your features. In terms of eye makeup shades, wear melon with purple or lavender bliss with heather eyeshadows and an amethyst eye pencil.


You are best wearing a richer colour of purple or try burgundy or damson. For eye makeup shades, wear steel with purple eyeshadow or heather and damson with an amethyst or aubergine eye pencil.


Purple is a great colour for you to wear. On your eyes, wear eyeshadows in pistachio and purple or heather and damson and try with amethyst eye pencil.


Ultra Violet has a blue undertone so works well for you, but a bright periwinkle shade from your palette is a great alternative. When it comes to eye makeup shades, wear lavender bliss with purple or try heather and damson eyeshadows with an amethyst eye pencil.



You need a brighter version such as a Violet colour or purple. On your eyes, apply eau de nil and purple eyeshadows or heather alongside an amethyst eye pencil.


With your colouring, soft Violet or a heather shade would look amazing and are much softer shades for you to carry off. For your eye makeup shades, try wearing peach with purple, lavender bliss with heather or damson eyeshadows and an amethyst or aubergine eye pencil.


Makeup is an easy way to have fun experimenting with different looks which will bring you bang up to date. Remember the Colour me Beautiful cosmetic range has been developed with the six dominant colour categories. The eyeshadows featured here are from the exclusive refillable range which fits neatly into your magnetic colour compact box.

Contact me to try any shades or buy online.