Here you will find the various services we have to offer at TLC Style & Colour.

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[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”809″ pb_text_icons=”icon_pencil” pb_title=”Colour Analysis Consultations” pb_description=”Wearing colour is the simplest and most effective way to improve your look”]Find out more[/endless_servicesbox]
[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”811″ pb_text_icons=”icon_balance” pb_title=”Style & Image Consultation” pb_description=”It’s not size that matters, but shape!”]Find out more[/endless_servicesbox]
[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”813″ pb_text_icons=”icon_plus” pb_title=”Colour, Style & Image Masterclass” pb_description=”This is the full package!”]Find out more[/endless_servicesbox]
[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”822″ pb_text_icons=”-1″ pb_title=”Make Up Masterclass” pb_description=”If you’ve been using the same products for years or even if you don’t really know what suits you or how to apply, then a Make-up Masterclass is for you.”]Read more[/endless_servicesbox]
[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”824″ pb_text_icons=”-1″ pb_title=”Personal Shopping” pb_description=”Do you find shopping a daunting or frustrating experience? Perhaps you’re looking for a special outfit and need some guidance?”]Read more[/endless_servicesbox]
[endless_servicesbox pb_image=”826″ pb_text_icons=”-1″ pb_title=”Wardrobe Detox” pb_description=”Do you still have clothes not worn in months, or even years? Do you need some help sorting through what items to keep?”]Read more[/endless_servicesbox]