Recently, I went to London to the Colour me Beautiful Image Consultant conference. We were a very colourful bunch of Ladies!

As well as the opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues (plus new ones), we spent time looking and assessing the new seasonal trends.


Spring/summer trends

Whilst it doesn’t feel like it, Spring is just around the corner. Why not use it as an opportunity to inject some freshness into your wardrobe?

Each new season brings about new trends which I’m sure you’ve begun to notice in the shops and online.

Yesterday, I was in a cafe in Wakefield having a cup of tea with my fiancé. I saw an elderly lady dressed in jeans, white trainers and a tailored jacket and I smiled as she looked comfortable and stylish. I often hear ladies over a certain age say that they don’t want to look old, or frumpy but we all have our own sense of style and uniqueness which we should embrace, whatever your age.

We’ve all got parts of our bodies which we want to hide but this is down to clever dressing. It’s not about being ‘fashionable’ and on trend, it’s knowing your style, what suits you and how to wear it.

Are you guilty of buying the same things time and time again? Many of us are! Why not try something new – you might surprise yourself.

I’d bet that you’ve already got some key pieces which will take you into the spring/summer season with ease too.

Want to learn what’s on trend and how to wear them? Come along to my next seasonal update to find out.

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