Will I be able to shop for my colours?

Once you’ve invested in a colour analysis consultation, you may be concerned about whether you’ll be able to shop for your colours.

Firstly, there are brands that specialise in this and I’ll share more on this shortly.

Also worthy of note is that, realistically, with 48 colours in your swatches, you probably won’t be able to buy something in every single one of them straight away!

Start here!

The first place to start is what you already have. There’s bound to be something that if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been looking for an excuse to get rid of it! Equally, you’ll have things that work for you.

If you do find something which isn’t one of your best colours, can you wear it differently so it’s more forgiving? Can you change the colour of it (ie dye it)?

Please don’t be concerned that I’m one of those colour analysis consultants who will tell you to get rid of everything or stop wearing what you have! It’s something I’ve spoken about in the past – revisit this blog I’ve covered here.

Accessories are the easiest way to update any outfit so I recommend you focus on scarves and jewellery in your colours which are much cheaper and allow you to experiment a little. Plus, do consider your makeup shades as your look will be instantly updated when you wear the right shade of lipstick or blusher for your colouring type. (Also available from the studio and through the shop online).

New colours and trends

Once you’ve done a proper review of your wardrobe, you’ll be able to assess the gaps you have and then shop for these items in your colours. In the UK (where the majority of my clients are), we still have seasonally biased shopping. So, if you’ve had your consultation in the spring time, you’ll find lighter layers, summer dresses and tops, rather than winter coats, woolly knits and scarves! Of course, there’s always sale shopping and pre-loved to pick up garments you’re looking for.

As new styles are added each season, it’s often the colours I see change the most, so you’ll always be able to find your colours all year round! Designers and retailers take influences each season which is one of the reasons that I offer my seasonal updates – so you can learn the latest trending colours for your colour type and where to find them. Essentially, I do the hard work to save you time! You’ll find more details about what’s available for spring/summer 2024 here.

Depending what your colouring type is, you may find specific times of year easier to shop than others. But, trust me, I never struggle to find things for all colouring types, all year round!

More experienced

During your consultation, you’ll learn about the hue, depth and clarity of colours which will help you to shop better too. As you gain more confidence, you’ll find it easier to find your colours simply by having a quick glance through the shop doors!

As you begin to add more colourful pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll find it becomes more cohesive, even while you continue to wear any old ‘wrong’ colours.

Colour focussed retailers

Here’s a list of retailers which specifically design their clothes for those who know their colouring types:

Plus, I offer seasonal ‘shop the look’ guides for each dominant colouring type and have a small range of accessories coded for the six tonal colouring types (lights, deeps, warms, cools, clears, softs).

You can also watch my video on how to shop for your colouring type on Kettlewell here.

How to shop for makeup on Colour me Beautiful can be found here.

Finally, if you need any help shopping for your colours, please speak to me about your own personal shopping experience.

Is your wardrobe ready for spring?

Spring is on the way, so how is your wardrobe shaping up?

Like me, many of my clients aren’t slaves to fashion, but they do want to look and feel up-to-date. This doesn’t mean a new wardrobe every season though, but it could mean new inspiration and ideas adapting what you’ve already got. It can feel quite overwhelming, but knowing what suits you will help you to buy less and make better choices.

The temptation to buy something new is with us every day, but random and ill-thought through purchases can mean they languish in the back of the wardrobe, untouched and unworn which is when the guilt sets in!

Take a look at your wardrobe

If you rotate your wardrobe each season, these unworn items will be easier to spot. Ask yourself what the reasons are that you’ve not worn them to see if you should keep them longer. Previously I’ve shared a trick to help you identify the clothes you’re not wearing and what to do with them. Revisit this blog.

Whilst I don’t rotate my wardrobe every season, this trick means I’m constantly monitoring what I have and I can easily see what I’m wearing. Plus, I keep a list of specific things I need. Often, a new style or colour will come with a season which I can add to my wardrobe and keep outfits feeling up-to-date.

What to put on the list

Let’s say you have worn a t-shirt/sandals/boots/whatever to death, and you don’t feel like you can live without them. This likely means it’s a keeper and a core item in your wardrobe.

This isn’t an excuse to buy six of the exact same item! If you have a lot of the exact same thing in your wardrobe, you will get bored. Whether it’s jeans, blazers, Breton tops or flowered dresses – how many do you actually have time to wear? Only buy another if it’s to replace an already well-worn item!

On your list should also be items that you keep wishing you had to put an outfit together. It could be a wedge sandal or a nude shoe. A lightweight jacket for the not-quite-warm-enough evenings out. If you’ve got a classic style personality, you may want a bag to go with a pair of shoes, or a top to go with that skirt you’ve never worn! Putting them on a list creates a shopping list which helps you shop with purpose. This could be pre-loved, fabric to make your own garments or new spring finds.

What you’re not wearing often tells me more about your ‘style personality’ than you may realise. It’s understanding what does work for you and recognising when you can’t make it work. Sometimes, it’s time to let them go to someone who will wear them because it suits them rather than you holding on ‘just in case’. Might be worth adding them to your list of what not to buy too!

When to shop

There is no right or wrong time to shop. Ultimately, it boils down to what you need, when you need it. But, having a ready made list means that you can shop with purpose and you may pick something up in the sales, if you’re lucky!

Some clients prefer to shop early in the season and you may pick up just what you’re looking for. Other times, you might need to be more patient. A new season is a new opportunity for new colours, combinations and trends to update your wardrobe. This includes pre-loved too – as others clear out their wardrobes, you never know what nugget you’ll find.

Spring / Summer 2024 Updates

Each season, I do the hard work for you and scour the retailers to put together my seasonal updates. The spring/summer 2024 material will be available to purchase from 1 April (unless you’re on the wait list). The live group workshop will take place virtually on Saturday 6 April and tickets are available here.

This season, I’ve managed to narrow it down to seven colours for each dominant colouring type and 12 trends. Whilst trends do come and go, there’s definitely some repeats and something for everyone!

I’ve already begun gathering examples of where you can find the new colours and trends, because I know this inspires you to try something new and gives you ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to ‘shop the looks’ too.

This year, I’ll be raiding my wardrobe again picking out examples of the ‘new’ trends to show you how to style things up that you’ve already got to create ‘new’ outfits. You’ll see this and more during the live group workshop.

If you can’t make the live event, there will be a pre-recorded masterclass, and details will follow shortly. Join the wait list by registering your interest in ‘seasonal updates’.

What to buy this Autumn/Winter

Money doesn’t buy style, knowledge does.

When you know what suits you, shopping becomes easier and your wardrobe becomes more cohesive and coordinated.

Shopping doesn’t have the same joy for everyone. So if you find it overwhelming and confusing about what to buy, or make too many shopping mistakes you often regret, listen up.

I’ve done the hard work to save you time scouring the internet and the high street. I’ve gathered the colours and trends, where to get them and how to wear them with my seasonal updates.

A new season doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on new clothes to stay relevant and feel good about yourself. A simple change of accessories or a tweak to what you’ve got can make all the difference. Breathe new life into old pieces and bring you bang up to date.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind, or you prefer a more guided approach, these seasonal updates are available all year round. Here’s what’s available


This summary guide is a handy, double-sided A5 sized guide. It can be popped in your handbag to guide you on any shopping trips.

There’s a list of colours for your clothes and makeup organised by dominant colouring type (which you learn during your colour analysis consultation. You’ll find a summary of the key trends with tips on wearing them on the reverse of the guide.

I’ve got eight colours for each of the six dominant colouring types so that you can focus on any specific colours from your colour swatches and palette (if you’ve had a tonal colour analysis). This makes it easy to update your wardrobe this autumn and winter, filling any gaps. For an autumn boost to your makeup, there’s some combinations and colours to try too.

If you’ve booked a Complete Colour Analysis Consultation between October until March, a copy is included.

Add yourself to the wait list and get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive access to the guide. Simply register yourself for seasonal updates to get your hands on it, or wait until 1 October when it goes on general sale. Once your order has been processed, it will be posted (UK only) via Royal Mail. A scanned copy can be emailed to anyone outside the UK.

There are a few copies left of the previous Spring / Summer 2023 colour and style guide. This is perfect if you’re shopping the sales or pre-loved. It’s currently reduced until 30 September but only whilst stocks last. Get it here.


For a more detailed guide on the autumn/winter colour and style trends, my pre-recorded masterclass can be watched as many times as you like!

You’ll receive a link to a presentation and video recording which you can watch. I’ll talk you through the latest trends, the colours and examples for each dominant colouring type. There’s some tips on dressing your shape too.

The recording this time is 38 minutes. Available from 1 October unless you’re on the wait list for my seasonal updates and you’ll get 5 days early access to the material at an exclusive price too! (Register your details, click ‘seasonal updates’ and hit the button to register).

The previous spring / summer 2023 on-demand masterclass is still available and on sale until 30 September. Get it here.


The next live workshop takes place via zoom on Saturday 7 October at 2pm and lasts around 90 minutes.

During this virtual workshop, I’ll guide you through what you’ll find in the shops this autumn/winter whilst assessing what you’ve already got in your wardrobe! I’ll talk you through my presentation and slides which I’ve put together illustrating the trends, styles, key colours for your colouring type and where to find them all with tips on wearing them too of course!

You’ll see items from my own wardrobe to demonstrate that trends really do come and go along with picks from the high street. Tickets cost £19.50 and are available to purchase here for the event on 7 October.


A complete guide of the colours and style trends this season to go through on your own.

The 19 page document includes:

  • A summary of the key trends, what to look for and tips on how to wear them
  • Tips on dressing your body shape
  • 8 key trending colours for each dominant colouring type (lights, deeps, warms, cools, clears, softs)
  • Makeup colours for each dominant colouring type
  • 15 London Fashion Week colour palette coded by dominant colouring type
  • Wardrobe checklist to help you review what you’ve already got and any gaps
  • An AW23 shopping checklist to help you identify what to shop for this season

This is a digital and practical guide delivered electronically and is available from 1 April. Join the wait list and you’ll get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive access (register for seasonal updates and watch out for the email on 26 September!)


New for Autumn is a shop the look guide for each colouring type. Each guide features links and notes from me about the items I’ve found and featured for your colouring.

This makes shopping the new looks a breeze.


Subscribing to a waiting list means I can make you an exclusive offer. The offers aren’t available outside of my email list (ie I don’t offer them anywhere else). So, if you’re not on the list then you don’t get this access. This seems fair to me as a reward and thank you for signing up to be rewarded.

The wait list means you’ll get 5 days exclusive access ahead of general sale at an exclusive price.

To qualify, you need to be subscribed, select ‘seasonal updates’ as an interest and still be opted in by the time the offer comes around. On 26 September, check your emails for your exclusive pre-launch offer. (You’ll also get access to the spring/summer updates on 27 March too).

Register your details here: wait list

NEW What to wear workshop – Autumn/Winter 2023 Colour & Style Update – Saturday 7 October – 2pm online

Back for Autumn is my ‘what to wear’ workshop where I share tips on navigating the colour and style trends for the coming season.

Whilst my mantra remains the same: just because it‘s in the shops, fashionable or on trend does not mean it will work for YOU and that’s OK!

Instead, I’ve done the hard work for you by searching and sharing what you can expect with tips on how to wear them.

These seasonal updates have been running for years now. Get some inspiration and guidance on updating your wardrobe. A new season is the perfect opportunity to reignite it after all!


If you’re not familiar with this workshop, it takes place online every year on the first Saturday of October. It’s then repeated six months later for the spring and summer trends on the first Saturday of April. 

Whether you’ve had your colours or style analysed before or not, these workshops are an opportunity to find out what the latest colours and styles are.


There’s no travelling and you’ll join from the comfort of your own home! So, book your ticket, grab a brew and a notepad and log into the live event!

I’ll share what’s in the shops and most importantly, what to look for and if the colours and styles will suit you!

It’s not about buy, buy, buy! It’s encouraging you to understand how can you be more sustainable with your choices whilst also bringing what you already have up to date.

This virtual event lasts around 90 minutes. You’ll learn the key colours, styles and trends this autumn and winter with a presentation I’ve prepared. Don’t worry – it’s not death by powerpoint as I’ll also share some of my top picks from the high street too.

To inspire you to check your own wardrobe, I’ll also share items from my wardrobe which tick off the new ‘trends’ you’ll hear about.


The Autumn/Winter 2023 event is on Saturday 7 October at 2pm. For reference, the Spring/Summer workshop takes place on the first Saturday of April (6th April 2024). Advance tickets will be available as soon as this event ends!


Tickets are £19.50.

This includes a copy of my AW23 shopping list, AW23 wardrobe checklist and summary of the colours and styles. There are all digital guides which will be emailed to you after the event.


This event has SOLD OUT.

What should you wear to a colour or style consultation?

It’s important to feel comfortable during your time with me in the studio. Here’s some guidance on what to wear to your session.

Colour Analysis Consultations

During your appointment, you’ll wear a white draping cape. This will cover your clothes so you can wear what you like!

Please avoid wearing high necked tops as these are likely to show above the cape.

I’ll need to see your hair so hats and hair coverings need to be removed. Your hair plays an important part of your appearance, which is why it’s taken into account during my colour consultations. Should you have any religious or personal reasons for covering or removing, please get in touch: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk

It’s best to arrive makeup (and fake tan) free so I can assess your skin tone and the impact of colour.

Style & Image Consultations

Wear something which you’d normally wear which you’ll be happy and comfortable in during the session.

There will be no need to strip you to your underwear either!

Makeup Assessments and Tutorials

You’ll be wearing a white draping cape during your session which covers what you’ll be wearing.

Please do arrive makeup free though.

Online sessions

Whilst conducted in different ways, the principles are the same for both in person and virtual sessions.

Ready to book?

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.

Email: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk to book your appointment.

A client’s thoughts following her colour analysis consultation

I was delighted when Ruan from The Yorkshire Sew Girl shared her experience following her recent colour analysis consultation.

Ruan makes many of her own clothes. It was something she’d always been interested in as she really wanted to know what suited her best. Fabric can be just as expensive (if not more), than buying clothes! So, it’s equally as important to learn what suits you to help you make the right choices!

We were so engrossed in her colour analysis session that Ruan didn’t manage to record much ‘live’ coverage! She shares lots of information on what goes on, so if you’d like to hear about her experience from a client’s point of view, take a look at the video on her YouTube channel.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/O1oZ2Cr1yk0

Visit Ruan’s YouTube channel: The Yorkshire Sew Girl

Interested in a colour analysis consultation?

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.

10 Spring 2023 trends

Time flies doesn’t it? At the start of April, I shared the new colour and style trends for spring / summer 2023 at my ‘what to wear’ workshop.

Having hit the shops the week before, I found a number of items to help me illustrate some of the colour and style trends to the group. During the live workshop, I go through the presentation I’ve prepared all about what you can expect, what suits you and how to make it work for you. I also use the same presentation during the recorded video masterclass (the latest version is available here). The next live group workshop will take place on 7 October and showcase the autumn/winter 2023 colour and style trends.

I’ve showcased some trends I’ve found on the high street in my latest video which you can watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/kAhXbMXh2U8

Here are 10 spring trends featured in the video:

1. Blue midi off the shoulder dress – Next

2. Lime Green Ruffle Sleeve Tie Back Dress – Next

3. Blue/Yellow Striped collared shirt dress – Next

4. Pink Broderie ruffle sleeve Blouse – Love & Roses at Next

5. Khaki Wide Leg Cargo Trousers – New Look

6. Blue button front midi dress – New Look

7. Metallic Silver clutch Bag – New Look

8. Pink animal print tiered dress – New Look

9. Blue Floral hanky hemline dress – Apricot Clothing at New Look 

10. Navy Botanical grecian occasion reversible dress – Apricot Clothing (also available via New Look, Next and Yumi)

Need more help?

Not all these will suit you of course! When you know what suits you, shopping really does become easier. You’ll learn this knowledge when you book a consultation, so do get in touch if the time is right for you.

If you missed the workshop, or you want to watch it again, the recorded version is available here until 30 September.

The Colour & Style guide for spring/summer 2023 is a physical handout you can pop in your handbag and available here. You’ll receive a copy of this if you book a Complete Colour Analysis Consultation between 1 April and 30 September.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a complete digital kit of resources, my new E-Book is 20 pages and contains everything you need to know to help guide you on the spring and summer colour and style trends.

Please note. The above list contains some affiliate links which may result in a payment of commission.

What to wear workshop – Seasonal Update: Spring/Summer 2023 – Saturday 1 April – 2pm

Push through the sale rails and you might start to notice the colours and styles are changing. My mantra remains the same: just because it‘s in the shops, fashionable or on trend does not mean it will work for YOU – and that’s ok.

It’s that time of the year again. When we are longing for nice weather and your inbox starts filling up with ‘what to buy for spring’!

To help reduce the overwhelm, I’m back again with my seasonal updates to help you decipher what you’re going to buy (if anything) and how to work with what you’ve already got. 


Looking for guidance on what to wear and what to buy (if you need to) so you don’t get sucked into making (more) shopping mistakes this new season? These workshops are for you and take place on the first Saturday of April and October. 

Whether you’ve had your colours or style analysed with me before or not, these seasonal workshops are an opportunity to find out what the latest colours and styles are that suit you, saving you time whilst providing lots of inspiration!


You’ll hear about what’s in the shops and most importantly, what to look for so they suit you! It’s not always about buy, buy, buy, but instead understanding how can you be more sustainable with your choices and use what you may already have to bring it up to date.

Taking place online and lasting around 90 minutes, I’ll be sharing the key colours, styles and trends this spring and summer with a presentation and some of my top picks from the shops. You’ll hear about the key trends and if they’ll suit you so you can avoid making any costly shopping mistakes!

It’s always worth checking what you’ve got lurking in the back of your wardrobe as I’ll share my own finds from my wardrobe which tick off the new ‘trends’.


The Spring/Summer 2023 workshop will be held virtually on Saturday 1 April at 2pm. For reference, the Autumn/Winter workshop will be held on Saturday 7 October.

There’s one last chance to bag an EARLY BIRD bonus! Purchase a ticket before 1st February and you’ll be entered into a free prize draw to win a 30-minute styling call with me which is the perfect opportunity to get advice on any specific items, dressing challenges or some styling advice.


£17.50 (includes Colour and Style update guide, shopping list and wardrobe checklist, Who Can Wear What summary guide and discount voucher)


Tickets are to be bought in advance and are available to buy NOW!


Guest blog: How to dress for an outdoor photoshoot

A few months ago, I spent some time with Maryanne Scott: The Branding Photographer in Leeds. She offers personal branding photography and a monthly ‘visibility school’.

This guest blog was inspired by my own preparation for the shoot. I turned up in one outfit with three ‘changes’ to make use of the time and have different images to use.

No stress and no bulging suitcase required. Two tops and a necklace and the transformation was complete! This is just a snippet of what can be achieved with a coordinated wardrobe and the knowledge to combine your clothes when you know what suits you. (Visit my services here)

They say a picture tells a thousand words and each time you look at your photos, you’ll remember how you felt as well as how you look.

I’ve been delighted to use the images on social media. Find and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s some of the pictures and you can read the guest blog I’ve written on Maryanne’s website below.

Read the article

What’s the Autumn ‘what to wear’ workshop?

Let me do the hard work for you this Autumn!

Here’s an update on the next seasonal workshop and what you can expect. This event occurs every April and October so this time round, it’s for Autumn and Winter colour and style trends.

There are two events to choose from; an in person event which takes place at TLC studio HQ and a virtual event which takes place online via zoom.

Both events take place on Saturday 1st October at 10am (in person) and 2pm (online).

In this video, I’m sharing details of the event but also how you can get your hands on the NEW colour and style update guide and what’s involved to qualify for the early bird bonus which is available (but only if you’re quick).


Here’s some highlights and links not to miss:

If you missed the Spring / Summer 2022 style update guide, this is now reduced and on sale on the website, but only whilst stocks last. Visit it here.

The ‘What to wear’ workshop – autumn/winter 2022 takes place on Saturday 1 October at 10am and 2pm. You’ll find full details on the event here.

IN PERSON tickets are available to purchase here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/312209536127

ONLINE tickets are available to purchase here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/304764547967

The Autumn / winter new Colour & Style Update guide are available to purchase online from 1 October UNLESS you opt in to my ‘seasonal update’ waitlist when you’ll get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive offer. Register your details here to receive your offers.


Any questions, do get in touch but I’d love to see you there!

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/v-IZ800EEYw

How to prepare your wardrobe for autumn

Have you found that as the seasons change, your dressing habits change too?

As autumn comes, you begin adding layers and the debate rages about when you should wear your winter coat, put on the winter duvet and let’s not start on the heating!

If you keep peering inside your wardrobe crying out: “I have nothing to wear!” I’m guessing that’s not strictly true. There are no doubt clothes hung up ready to wear. What you’re most likely feeling is that you that have nothing appropriate to wear.

It’s a vicious circle. Especially when you think about the retailers and fashion and advertising. If your email is anything like mine, it’s been pinging away with ‘autumn trends’, ‘the transitional piece you need right now’, ‘top ten must have pieces’ and the like since August!

Whilst tempting, inspiring and seductive, encouraging you to open your purse and part with your hard-earned cash, it’s worth remembering that in a couple of months, some of those ‘on trend’ and ‘popular’ pieces will be on the sale racks. Because the fashion retailers haven’t sold them, and they need to make way for the next set of stock to burst through the doors.

Fast fashion allows everyday folk to buy the hot new trends at affordable prices. But, at what price? I don’t just mean the price tag but on the people involved in the journey from thread to your wardrobe.

People are more aware of the environmental and sustainable impact of the clothes being made. Campaigns like #secondhandseptember from Oxfam encourage people to not buy new and to shop second hand. I was delighted to be asked to get involved in a feature in The Yorkshire Post magazine supplement over the weekend (read it here or check out my Facebook post or Instagram for the article).

Yorkshire post article

Old versus new

When the seasons change, do you really need to buy something new? As a good old fashioned Yorkshire lass, I believe you can and should get your money’s worth from everything you buy! I call it £s per wear and it’s a simple concept. Buy less and wear more and learn how to re-style pieces you already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for.

What have you been wearing?

Have a look at what your most worn item of clothing, footwear and accessories have been over the last few months.

What is it that you loved about them? Work out the £s per wear (cost of item divided by the number of times it’s been worn) and consider if they have been a good investment. Anything under £10 per wear is pretty good but lower is much better!

Consider if you can keep wearing them when it cools down and it’s raining! It might mean wearing them a different way. A summer dress worn with tights or leggings? Maybe with a jumper over the top or underneath.

Have you got something similar?

It’s important to keep checking your wardrobe. Especially before any purchase you make. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying another <fill in the gap of an item you buy on repeat and still only wear one of the five you have> which you don’t actually need.

Fashion tends to repeat itself, so you may already have that must-have top/dress/pair of boots and might need to learn how to restyle it. Check the items you’ve not been able to wear that you got last year before heading out and buying another.

Make a list

I’m not trying to be a boring killjoy but identifying what you actually need is the best place to start. Identify the specifics: colour, style, shape, fit and you’ll make less impulse buys. This is really important if you’re one of those people that tend to buy a top / trousers / boots then realise you have nothing to wear them with when you get home. Should you need help, you can always download my wardrobe charts.

Seek assistance

Sometimes, you just need some guidance on what to buy and what suits you. Especially from someone who is impartial.

I’ll be sharing the colours, the trends and styles to look out for and how to make them work for you!

If you’re thoughtful before you buy, it can make all the difference to your pocket, wardrobe and the planet. It’s becoming more and more frequent that you’ll already have some of these ‘new trends’ in your wardrobe so let me inspire you to make them feel like new again.

Tickets are available at my autumn/winter what to wear workshop. It’s a group event which takes place on Saturday 1 October. There’s a morning session at the studio and a virtual session taking place in the afternoon. If you can’t make it, be sure to look out for my DIY support to be announced shortly.

Read more details here or buy your ticket here for Saturday 1 October.

Six ways to wear one top

How many things do you have in your wardrobe that you simply aren’t wearing?

Let’s put lockdowns and restrictions to one side for a moment; are you really making the most of the items that you have?

I often find that people compartmentalise when they can wear certain clothes. Whilst practical, this method can also be restrictive. It stops you from wearing things as you’re telling yourself it’s not ‘right’ and denying yourself permission to enjoy your own clothes!

It’s totally understandable and relatable but consider this instead: the more times you wear something; the better value that purchase is! As a good old fashioned Yorkshire gal I like to think of this as ‘£s per wear’. The lower this figure becomes, the more use and value you have got out of it.

To help illustrate my point, take a look at this example:

One top worn with three different bottoms and one dress, creating six different outfits.

one top six outfits

What items do you have in your wardrobe that you aren’t wearing?

Consider why not: are they the right colour or style? Do they fit and flatter your body? Are they comfortable to wear? Do they still fit and feel appropriate for your lifestyle?

If you’re answering no to the above questions then it may be time to say goodbye. No guilt required – I’m giving you permission to let it go!


For colour and style advice, get in touch about booking a session (use the schedule time with me button below)

Need help with a wardrobe refresh?

It’s that time of year again when we have the urge to purge our wardrobe.

Did you tackle the job over Christmas? Or is it on the ever growing to-do list?

One thing is for sure, there’s a bit more joy when you open the wardrobe doors to neat and orderly rails and tidy drawers isn’t there??

A cluttered space affects how we feel but it can actually mean less outfit choices, as you can’t see the wood for the trees. When your space is more organised, you can actually see what you have. Things you can’t see, you won’t wear. With this ‘space’ it can also help to inspire new outfit combinations. I like to have my tops above my bottoms (in colour and type order) so that I can visually identify items to match up with bottoms.

But I totally get it. Any form of decluttering is a time consuming task. Not to mention how exhausting it can be to tackle your wardrobes and drawers in one go.

Here’s a few tips to help you with your ‘new year wardrobe refresh’:

  1. Start by turning your coat hangers so they all face the same direction. (Revisit my hanger trick).
  2. Next, remove any garments which don’t fit you, don’t make you feel good or don’t flatter you.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed? Too much or don’t have enough time? Break it into manageable chunks and focus on one drawer or shelf at a time. Read and watch my previous videos here.
  4. Got time but not sure where to start? Download my five step guide.
  5. Identify your staple items and must-have pieces. Staple items are the ones that you wear time and time again. Must-have pieces are the ones in the right colour, right style, right shape, fit your lifestyle and feel comfortable so you love wearing them! To help you identify what you have and how you spend your time, you can use my wardrobe charts.
  6. Do attack your smalls! Get rid of old and worn items. Donate any bras in good condition and check tights and socks for ladders and holes.
  7. Jewellery and accessories are often overlooked but these items can transform ANY outfit. Tidy out and organise these so you know what you’ve got! Take pics with your clothes if it helps you create outfits.
  8. Women love shoes and bags which means we tend to hang onto them, long after we ‘need’ them. I’m betting there’s a pair of shoes or a bag which you bought for a wedding six years ago to go with an outfit that you now no longer have or doesn’t fit?! Get them all out and give ’em a good clean and tidy. Assess what might need repairing and what may need a new home.
  9. Not strictly wardrobes but your makeup and toiletries need a regular clean and declutter. Multiple bottles of shampoo, moisturiser or lipstick? If they’re years old (and been opened) they’re no doubt out of date. If you tried them and they don’t work for you or suit you then why keep them? It’s hard to let things go when you’ve paid a lot of money but you’ll never use them! There are now recycling boxes at some stores so check locally. Don’t forget to look for the little ‘open pot’ sign on your toiletries as this number represents the months each item is good for once opened. Clean your brushes and sponges too.
  10. Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that works for you! It’s the number one thing people tell me they want to achieve from their wardrobe but just have no idea where to start or how to achieve it. Now you’ve done your refresh, book a ticket to my capsule wardrobe workshop on Saturday 22 January at 2pm! Tickets are available here..

Items you might need:

  1. Bin bags – ideally four: one for rubbish, one for the ones you’re not sure of and will review again, one for the ones you want to sell or donate and another for the ones that need repairing.
  2. New hangers – thin velvet ones are ideal as they take up less room.
  3. Boxes or organisers to help with storage of scarves, tops, vests and jewellery
  4. A laptop, smart phone or tablet to join the capsule wardrobe workshop mentioned above!


I hope this helps you to make a start on your wardrobe and the small changes you feel empowered to make gives you the motivation to keep going as you will feel lighter and clearer by doing this.

But, if it leaves you feeling overwhelmed- ask yourself why…what is feeling too difficult and do you need some professional help?

Do you know what colours actually work for you or is this stumping you from starting the edit as you have no idea?

Do you know what styles suit you or has your body shape changed (regardless of Christmas indulgence!)…so now you have “settled for clothes that cover but do little else to make you feel good?

An edit can be great for helping you see what the problem is and if you can identify this then I can help to solve them! Just drop me a line and get in touch to see what session would work for you.

Guest blog – colours by Ell – let’s talk shoes!

Us women do love shoes don’t we! For me, shoes aren’t very different to clothes – you still want to find something that’s in the right colour, style but perhaps most importantly; fit. Sometimes, this can be the biggest challenge of all!

Earlier this year, I got chatting with the owner of a very niche shoe business here in the U.K. She is a champion of finding the right shoes to tick all the boxes – colour, style, fit and personality and so I asked her if she’d like to guest feature in our blogs and she accepted!

Introducing Helen Allen – Colours by Ell

After taking early retirement from my previous career, I trained to be a Colour and Style Consultant. When I first started as a Personal Stylist, I went to promote my business at a Wedding Fair. Whilst there, I was surprised to hear a number of women my age saying that they dreaded looking for shoes. Up until that point I hadn’t given much thought to the styles of shoes that women wore to weddings.

Then I found myself in exactly the same position – desperate to find these elusive coloured shoes to go with my outfits for both of my daughter’s weddings!


Style personalities

I have lots of Natural in my own Style and really struggled with the style of shoes that were available in the shops. I spent hours searching for shoes, but they were never quite right. Too high, too elaborate, too shiny or peep toes – all lovely, but frankly just not me at all!

Then one evening whilst looking for some navy shoes for a client, I found a picture of a Belgium based Brand of handmade, Italian leather court shoes in a variety of colours. I had to find out more! I rang the owner of the company the next morning and told them that I was a stylist and struggled finding shoes for my clients.

They suggested I go to see them and I didn’t stop to think about it – I booked a flight and went to Antwerp! They were fascinated by what I was proposing and sitting there surrounded by 88 colours of leather; I felt like a child in a sweet shop!

My shop was born!

As it turns out, that conversation was my light bulb moment and a turning point for me. I founded ‘Colours by Ell’ as a mobile shoe shop – a play on my christened name – Ellen.

It’s been a bit of a revelation and the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last seven years means I have become something of an expert! It’s great to be able to work with independent stylists around the country.

Noe shoes
Helen has a range of shoes and brands available through her online shop which you can browse here: 

If you’d like some assistance choosing the right colours and styles for you, either Helen or myself will be delighted to assist you.

If you get in touch with Helen directly, be sure to mention Toni Carver at TLC Style & Colour sent you.

Elasticated waistbands

Have you found yourself dressing more casually these last few months?

It’s been the subject of many conversations recently as many of us have gotten used to a more casual dress code.


Formal or casual?

With the kids back at school and many people returning to the workplace or socialising more; are you glad to ditch the elasticated waistbands? Or, are you dreading stepping into formal trousers, shoes and tight jeans?

It could be that you have found that your style has changed a little. But, this is ok as it’s so easy to incorporate this newer style of dressing into your wardrobe.

For the City Chics amongst you, with a more Parisian vibe; choose to pair your smart blazers with a sport-luxe style of jogger or trousers.

You Classics might prefer a more relaxed fabric such as Ponte, which has a little bit of stretch and becoming widely available.

Dramatics may well ditch the heels and pair their midi dresses with a cool pair of trainers.

Just think how you can incorporate what you’ve been wearing into everyday.

The more you can mix and match items in your wardrobe together, the more you’ll get your wear out of them and create more outfit choices. Winner.


Help is on hand if you need a little TLC, so don’t be afraid to get in touch and book a session with Toni.


In our video section, there are three easy tips to dress up a simple top which you can revisit here.


You’ll also find more styling tips on our Facebook page.

In full colour event – Sheffield Hallam University students and John Lewis

I was honoured to be invited to speak at the ‘In full colour’ fashion event on 20 November. It was organised by Sheffield Hallam University students with John Lewis & Partners.


The fashion students set up five areas around the room to showcase the colour trends of the season.

Sheffield Hallam uni event

1. Deep shores (greens and blues). 2. Spiced pumpkin (oranges). 3. Raspberry (purple and pinks). 4. New neutrals (browns, greys). 5. Fiery red (reds and rich oranges).

Colour Analysis presentation

At 7pm I was invited to deliver my presentation about colour analysis. If you’re on Instagram, you can catch some of the highlights and recordings from the grids. Here’s the profile links: @tlcstyleandcolour, @shu_fmc, @johnlewisincolour

I explained what’s involved in a colour analysis consultation and what to expect using some examples. Everyone can wear colour, it’s merely identifying the shade of colour which is best for you. During a consultation, you learn which work for you. This means you save time and money in the long run. When you wear the right shades of colour in your clothes and makeup, it will lighten and brighten your appearance making you look and feel good in what you wear.

If you’ve previously had a consultation and was analysed as a spring, summer, autumn or winter, things have changed. If you’re finding that some colours aren’t working for you anymore or your hair colour has drastically changed; it could be worth booking a review.

The current system is more advanced. At Colour me Beautiful, we assess a person’s physical characteristics – their hair, skin and eyes, to identify the shades of colour and how to wear them.

Using clothing from John Lewis, I demonstrated a few of the current trends to the audience. It included how clothes and styles can suit different body shapes. Size doesn’t matter but shape does, so if something doesn’t fit right, your shape will play a part.

It’s tempting to buy what’s in fashion, but when you learn what works for your colouring, shape and personality, you don’t need to.

The students worked so hard and the fashion show showcase was excellent. I truly wish them all the success and thank them for the invite.

Contact me to book a session.

Guest blog – What should I wear to our family photo shoot?

I believe that everyone can dress with confidence which is something which resonated with Clare from Austhorpe Photography at a recent event I attended.

We were chatting and she asked if I wrote guest blogs. Yes I said, and I asked her what she gets asked most often. The first thing people ask when they book their photo shoot is ‘what should we wear?!’. So I agreed to cover this in a blog for her website.

You can read my guest blog here


Funk it up ladies shopping night

This event coincided with Halloween, but, that didn’t stop people attending for a treat!

Alison is the owner of Funk it up Clothing boutique in Leeds. We’d been chatting about holding a joint event for a few months before agreeing the October date and that I’d talk about how to wear the key Autumn/Winter trends.

Like any shopping event, I make sure I do my research. So, I popped by the boutique to check the stock. I do this exercise for personal shopping trips too so that I’m prepared for our time together meaning more time shopping and less time browsing!

It was lovely to see so many and to chat about their common dressing challenges.

What to wear

Alison had a range of autumn trends in stock in a variety of colours (green, red, browns) meaning I could use the clothes to demonstrate the styles and colours which would suit people and what to look for.

Not everyone was familiar with the Colour me Beautiful system of analysis and so I explained that we have six main colouring types (we don’t do seasons), the impact of style personalities on our shopping decisions and a few tips for dressing your body shape.

The key thing to remember is that everyone is unique. My sessions provide you with the knowledge about what makes you look and feel good in what you wear. When you understand what flatters you and why, it will help you to gain the confidence to simply be yourself.

Everyone attending received a copy of my free guide to help them declutter their wardrobe too!

If you’d like to see the clothing range or visit the store, visit the Facebook page for more details: www.facebook.com/FunkItUpClothing/


To download a copy of the declutter guide click here.

What to wear to the work Christmas party

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, but, what do you wear?

Take a look at these simple tips and you’ll be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.


I had to start here. At this time of year, the high street and online stores are full of lots of black options. If you’re a regular reader or someone who’s experienced a colour analysis, then you’ll already know that black isn’t a colour which suits everyone. Nor is it slimming (that’s a myth).

When Coco Chanel invented the little black dress, she arguably created a timeless wardrobe staple. Whilst the ‘LBD’ will always be a party favourite, if it’s not in your palette you’ll need to make sure you wear it with the right accessories to either soften the appearance against your features, or to take the attention away.

If you are light brown, blonde or a red-head then try wearing a lighter coloured necklace, such as pearls or metallic to reflect the lighter colours up onto your face.

If you’ve got strong and rich colouring like Eva Longoria or Meghan Markle, then there’s no reason to worry.

Fortunately, there is a range of colours out there to choose from, so why not take advantage of them to get you through the party season!


Green is another hit this season. There are varying shades of green to suit different colourings from mint, teal, peppermint to emerald green so choose your shade wisely and if in doubt, use your colour swatch wallet (gained during a colour consultation) to help guide you.


This is a great alternative to black and there is a shade to suit every complexion too. Always a hit at this time of year I find and there’s much more choice too. Go and explore!


Red is a powerful colour so you’ll certainly gain some attention! It isn’t for wallflowers but there are shades of red for every colouring. If you’re warmer toned, you’re best choosing a red with a yellow undertone to it and if you’re cooler, choose a blue based one.


Shimmery and sequins at the ready! There’s a whole host of metallic and sequin numbers out there. If you are cooler toned, then choose a silver or lighter coloured sparkle. If you’re warmer toned, choose a gold colour as these will flatter you the best.

Finishing touches

If you’re looking for the perfect way to finish off your outfit then I have just the solution. My range of super soft pashmina style scarves are available in six different shades (hot pink, teal, purple, scarlet red, apple blossom and coral pink), there’s at least one to suit your colouring. Order online or from the studio to gain the perfect cover up and add elegance to that outfit.

Finish with the perfect lippy to party in – your best shade of course! If you need advise on choosing the right shade, just get in touch.

Here’s how to colour yourself slim

I’ve lost track of how many times people say that black is slimming. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but the question really should be; is it the most flattering? For most people, probably not.

Now you’re probably thinking that I would say that given I’m all about the colour, but stay with me for a minute and, if you want to revisit last month’s blog about dressing in black, click here.


Dressing in one colour or similar shades of colour from top to toe is in fact far more slimming than wearing black. When you wear one column of colour, it helps balance out any imperfections and elongates the frame. This creates a leaner silhouette.

Here’s an example. Take a look at the Queen below (Image c/o The Sunday Times Style):

We rarely see her in black except for state occasions and funerals of course so if it’s fit for The Queen, why not give it a go?

What’s stopping you from doing a column of red or blue? Or, how about green or even yellow? If you find yourself missing black or simply can’t tear yourself away just yet, then edge away gently. Give navy, charcoal or even brown a go as these all make great alternatives to black.

Dresses, jumpsuits and more

Don’t think it needs to be a dress either. It could be a jumpsuit or a trouser suit too. These make the perfect choice for a more formal occasion especially if you don’t ‘do’ dresses.

What I like about suits is that each piece can be worn separately which helps you create different outfits within your wardrobe. If you’re struggling to create outfits or have a wardrobe full of clothes you’re not wearing, why not give my 30 day challenge a whirl? I tried it a few months ago which you can read about here.

Try a jacket with jeans for example, or the trousers worn more casually with a jumper. This increases your £s per wear too! If you’re struggling to declutter your wardrobe, then download my free guide here which contains five tips.

Another option if you’re not into suits is to try wearing the same shade in a top and bottom and then add a different coloured jacket, coat or even scarf.

Some people struggle with wearing too much contrast (think light and dark colours worn together) as they can overpower their features and so it’s best to opt for a more tonal and blended look.


Whilst not necessarily slimming, it’s worth noting a trick to appear taller. You can elongate the appearance of your legs simply by wearing the same colour shoes and trousers. This gives a continuous unbroken line from top to toe and visibly creates an instant leg length. If you’re choosing cropped trousers or a skirt or dress, wear shoes that are closest to your skin tone. A pointed shoe will add extra length to your frame too.

If you do go top to toe in one colour then you can afford to keep your accessories and prints to a minimum. Less is more after all. This may be of benefit to those with a natural style personality.

Interested in more ways to dress yourself slimmer? Book yourself one of my colour consultation sessions or why not buy the Colour me Beautiful colour me slimmer book? Priced at just £10.99 and I have copies in the studio for both collection or delivery (P&P to be applied). Send me a message for details: Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.


Your biggest concerns or challenges when it comes to dressing?

Recently, I’ve been asking for feedback about your biggest concerns or challenges when it comes to dressing.

Here are the top 3 concerns raised:

  1. Colour
  2. Cost
  3. Body confidence

I thought I’d look at each area of concern and offer a few tips.



Colour coordination came up a few times and specifically matching tops, bottoms or outfits together when dressing. I shouldn’t be surprised as colour consultations are by far my most popular service.

Wearing colour is also the simplest way to update your look. We can all get fed up wearing the same thing, day in, day out so perhaps it’s just a pop of colour you need? Try a scarf to switch up your look. Or how about a colourful necklace or a pair of earrings? A new pair of shoes or bag could work too.


Identify the ‘right’ colour

It’s worth noting that everyone can wear colour, it’s simply finding the right shade for you. How do you know if it’s the right colour? Simply hold the garment up under your chin in a well lit room. It should lighten and brighten your features but, if you see any dark shadows against your face, or the colour stands out more than you, it’s not the right shade.

Dressing all in one colour will give the appearance of height too, so if you’re on the petite side, this is a good tip to follow. If you’re on the taller side, try colour blocking; where a different top to bottoms, shoes or jackets.

If you’ve got dramatic or stand out features, then a contrast will work well for you. Wear a light and dark colour together. If you’ve got less stand out features, try a more blended look by choosing a colour and wearing shades which are one or two shades lighter or darker than each other.

During a colour consultation, I’ll go into more detail. Specifically looking at the colour of your hair, eyes and your skin tone in order to determine a palette of colours which work for you. Colour me Beautiful consultants like myself work from a tonal analysis system now rather than a seasonal approach. You’ll get to take away your own personal fabric swatch wallet with 42 shades which compliment you the best based upon your physical colouring. For more details, visit my colour analysis consultation page.



How do you shop for clothes which don’t break the bank?

There’s a strong movement in favour of recycling clothes. Think swish and swap parties, charity shops, re-loved sites and Ebay. Opportunities to buy nearly new or used but in excellent condition mean that you can buy new clothes at a fraction of their once higher price.

Another option is to shop wisely. If you have multiple items in the same style and colour, do you really need to buy another? Think about and go and have a look at what you’ve got and what you wear. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have seen my 30 day challenge in April and I would highly recommend that you give this a go. It might also help if you feel like you’re in a bit of a style rut and bored of what you wear.



If you can wear garments with at least three other items in your wardrobe, then this really will transform it. The ability to wear an item multiple times which coordinates with other pieces means you are more likely to get your money’s worth as well as wear it. This all comes down to my £s per wear mantra. Spend £50 on an item you wear once and it’s £50 per wear, but spend £50 on an item you wear five times and it’s £10 per wear.

Don’t despair if you’ve got things that you barely wear or don’t go with anything. Think about what you could wear it with – what item don’t you have that will transform it into an outfit? I’ve found time and time again that once you nail this, your clothes will combine much more easily together.

A slight tangent, but worthy of thought. Does your wardrobe match your lifestyle? If the clothes in your wardrobe don’t match how you actually spend your time, then you’ve got clothes you probably won’t wear. Or, you’re missing key items to work for your lifestyle. I found this myself. When I left the corporate world, I had lots of suits, shirts, tailored dresses which just didn’t work for my colour, style and image business.


Body confidence

I was surprised to hear so many people talking so negatively about themselves. We are such harsh critics on ourselves. Concerns raised mainly surrounding people’s weight and how fat they say they felt or clothes not fitting. Even buying things which were just “fine” or “ok” – you deserve better than that!!

First things first – size doesn’t matter, but shape does. Diet and exercise can go a long way to making yourself feel as well as look good, but dressing for your body line is crucial as your skeleton and bone structure won’t change no matter how much weight you’ve put on or lost.

Think of a curvy vase. Have you ever tried wrapping a vase with thick wrapping paper? Not only does it look bad, but have you noticed that it alters the appearance? The curvy lines have been swamped with all that heavy paper, masking it’s shape but also making it look bigger. Fabric is the same. If you’ve got curves, choose fabric that drapes those curves as choosing heavy fabric which doesn’t compliment the curves means that you’ll look two sizes bigger than what you really are.

I often see people that want to hide their shape as they feel conscious. Again fabric is key here as just because you buy something bigger to avoid hugging those curves, it’s still too big making you look bigger than you actually are.

You don’t have to be a slave to fashion, I know I’m not but it’s also easier to keep your look current too. Glossy magazines and online sites are packed with image inspiration and tips on what is going to be ‘on trend’. Focus on the trends that appeal to you and then decide how you are going to incorporate them into your look in a way that is still ‘you’. You’ll feel better being you than trying to be someone else.

Buy what you love! If you put something on that you feel truly fabulous in, then go ahead and purchase it. When you wear something you feel amazing in you will exude confidence and this will guarantee you look amazing too!

If you need a little help decluttering your wardrobe, why not download my free guide which includes five steps to follow. Download it here. 

Dressing for your Job Interview – Guest article

I was asked what advice I would give to someone on what they could wear to a new job interview. It was a friend of mine working in recruitment for the financial services industry.

We agreed to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) and co-wrote an article with hints and tips with our advice. It was featured on LinkedIn.

If you’ve got an interview coming up or want to improve your chances, have a read of the article here: Dressing for your job interview.