Push through the sale rails and you might start to notice the colours and styles are changing. My mantra remains the same: just because it‘s in the shops, fashionable or on trend does not mean it will work for YOU – and that’s ok.

It’s that time of the year again. When we are longing for nice weather and your inbox starts filling up with ‘what to buy for spring’!

To help reduce the overwhelm, I’m back again with my seasonal updates to help you decipher what you’re going to buy (if anything) and how to work with what you’ve already got. 


Looking for guidance on what to wear and what to buy (if you need to) so you don’t get sucked into making (more) shopping mistakes this new season? These workshops are for you and take place on the first Saturday of April and October. 

Whether you’ve had your colours or style analysed with me before or not, these seasonal workshops are an opportunity to find out what the latest colours and styles are that suit you, saving you time whilst providing lots of inspiration!


You’ll hear about what’s in the shops and most importantly, what to look for so they suit you! It’s not always about buy, buy, buy, but instead understanding how can you be more sustainable with your choices and use what you may already have to bring it up to date.

Taking place online and lasting around 90 minutes, I’ll be sharing the key colours, styles and trends this spring and summer with a presentation and some of my top picks from the shops. You’ll hear about the key trends and if they’ll suit you so you can avoid making any costly shopping mistakes!

It’s always worth checking what you’ve got lurking in the back of your wardrobe as I’ll share my own finds from my wardrobe which tick off the new ‘trends’.


The Spring/Summer 2023 workshop will be held virtually on Saturday 1 April at 2pm. For reference, the Autumn/Winter workshop will be held on Saturday 7 October.

There’s one last chance to bag an EARLY BIRD bonus! Purchase a ticket before 1st February and you’ll be entered into a free prize draw to win a 30-minute styling call with me which is the perfect opportunity to get advice on any specific items, dressing challenges or some styling advice.


£17.50 (includes Colour and Style update guide, shopping list and wardrobe checklist, Who Can Wear What summary guide and discount voucher)


Tickets are to be bought in advance and are available to buy NOW!