Who suits high rise skirts and trousers?

High rise garments are everywhere and it was one of the ‘trends’ I covered in my last seasonal update, with tips on how to wear them.

Not all high rises are the same! There can be fit issues depending upon your body shape and proportions because, a high-rise garment won’t fit everyone the same. It’s important to note this because it’s easy to feel disheartened when something doesn’t fit and to feel there’s something wrong with you. There isn’t. The clothes just don’t fit you. It’s them, not you remember!

As I’ve said a million times; there is no universal sizing. The only way to get the right fit, it to have it fit to YOUR body.

I had a conversation with a lady recently. She was frustrated at how hard it was finding trousers which fit her correctly. Often, she felt they didn’t look good when she wore them.

It’s a common problem. But, it was clear to me why she’d have challenges. With a curvy hourglass shape and a narrow waist compared to her hips, fit and fabric is key. From what she was wearing, I could also see that her upper body was proportionately shorter than her lower body.

With just a few tweaks and clever choices, these fit challenges are easily overcome. Understand how to dress your shape and proportions and the style, cut and fabric to flatter and fit you.

Having explained these aspects, her face lit up. She told me that understanding these tips and tricks has helped her to accept herself more, realising it isn’t her that’s ‘wrong’, but the clothing isn’t ‘right’.

I’ve summarised some challenges here to guide you and have some examples I tried out for myself (with a video if you keep reading).

Shorter legs

Anyone who has short legs will benefit from creating the illusion of a higher waistline. However, raising the waistline alone won’t always lengthen the leg. Where your top finishes, the rise and your footwear should be taken into account too, along with the length of your upper body. Get these wrong, and you could end up making yourself look out of proportion or appear shorter!

Shorter in the body

If you’re shorter in your upper body area, you run the risk of enhancing this further by wearing a high waisted skirt or trousers. Tucking in your top can also create an imbalance, depending upon the length of your legs. Clever tricks to lengthen your upper body are needed rather than enhancing how short it is.

Larger bust

If you’re busty, it’s not just the colour, style or fit of your tops which have an impact. The rise and waistline of your bottom half clothes can highlight this area further too and create a ‘shelf’ for your chest.

Shorter or longer rise

If your own rise doesn’t for the rise of the garment, the fit will be off; you’ll either feel that something is cutting you in half, or you’ll end up with a saggy bum!

Longer body

Anyone with a long upper body will find it much easier to wear a higher rise, as it can provide more ‘balance’ and visually raise the waist area. Check the impact on your lower body, depending upon the length of your legs.

Tummy concerns

A little suction around the tummy area, can be very welcome from a high waisted trouser or jeans! But, it’s important to assess the rest of your body and shape for fit too.

Petite in height or scale

Petites can gain valuable inches in height, particularly if they take the hemline to floor-skimming proportions. However, it’s worth understanding the impact on your proportions. Not all petites are short in the leg! You may be short in the body with a regular leg length. I’ve had petite clients who are short in the leg, with a long body. Each have their fit challenges, which makes shopping only in the petite section a mistake.

Fabric choice

Whatever size or shape you are, attention really should be given to the fabric of the garment. Whether you have any of the fit challenges mentioned above, or not, your choice of fabric is key to achieving a flattering silhouette. Plus, your choice of fabric plays to your style personality in more ways than you realise.

By way of an example; satin will be far more fluid than a taffeta type material and linen will behave differently to denim.

Along with knowing your colours and style, understand your rise, choose the right fabric and, know your proportions! It’s all covered during a style and shape consultation.


Here are three high waisted garments – one pair of trousers and two skirts to illustrate challenges with fit. Head over to YouTube to watch my video here.

Plain full skirt

The elasticated waistband fits at my waist correctly and it has pockets which is great for my style personality. Whilst the colour isn’t great for me (slightly too much warmth), because it’s worn on my bottom half, so much more forgiving. I prefer block colours generally speaking, especially in separates but, the material isn’t working for me. It’s a much heavier weight and with the amount of fabric, there’s barely any movement or fluidity. When it does move, it’s rather noisy and I feel like one of those toilet roll lady dolls from the 80s!

My upper body appears to look a lot shorter than it actually is making me look bottom-heavy, which appears to imbalance my frame and it enhances my chest further, making me look very busty!

Whilst the colour not being great for me was a pro, the reality is that I don’t have anything to wear it with so it will make outfit creation too difficult for me to make work. Coupled with the fabric and the fact that it doesn’t flatter or enhance my shape, it wouldn’t be something I would keep and wear as I’d feel I was making too many compromises.

Patterned full skirt

The material is a much lighter weight with lots of fluidity meaning it drapes well and doesn’t swamp my frame at all.

It’s a good neutral shade for me and the pattern to the bottom half appears to draw attention away from my chest. Whilst this isn’t the correct size for me, the waistband width is too wide, so it doesn’t sit on my waist as it should and my upper body appears shorter than it is. The skirt looks to sit underneath my bust, enhancing it further.

The pattern in reality is a bit too bold for me and doesn’t suit my style personality. Arguably, it’s also too large for my scale and frame.

Whilst the fabric and colour is better than the first, it’s not creating a flattering look as the fit is slightly off and the style not very me. Too many compromises again, so not a purchase I would make.

Super high waisted trousers

The material was a linen mix so they had less weight to them and weren’t as stiff as 100% linen. The trouser waistband was neat and uncluttered which didn’t add bulk to my tummy and hip area which is nice in a more tailored fit of trouser. I loved the colour which wasn’t a million miles away from geranium! The wide leg was a decent size and they didn’t make me appear too bottom heavy or busty, and they didn’t drag too much on the floor in terms of length when I had trainers on.

These were super high rise and they were a little too super on me. With my waist and shape, they felt that they needed to sit higher on my body so the fit wasn’t as good as it could have been. I felt that they had to’ rest’ on my hips making the crotch seem really low and baggy in the middle.

I was very tempted with these. The tailored fit worked for me as did the colour. The resting on the hip, created a more relaxed fit which I could have got behind, but I did feel that the fit wasn’t quite right due to the super high rise. If it had been less super, they’d have been a much better fit for me.


The garments featured are from Next and were featured during my spring/summer 2024 workshop in April 2024. The Autumn/Winter workshop takes place on 5 October. All seasonal update material is available here and updated twice each year.

Check out the Youtube video here

What’s covered in a style & shape consultation?

In this video, you’ll learn what is covered during a style and shape consultation. Watch it on my Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/PVUSE5EyoFo

The details are summarised here:

Style personality

Your style personality is the real you. There’s more to this than you realise. It’s about the clothes you reach for and how they make you feel. Your lifestyle and how you dress to still feel like you!

Having clothes which don’t work for your style personality, means you’ll feel uncomfortable when you wear them. You won’t feel like you, and you won’t be happy. Clothes you don’t reach for are likely to languish in the back of the wardrobe, unworn and unloved because ultimately, they’re not you. I can help you identify what to look for and what works fo you.

Body shape

No tape measures are involved and you can happily stay fully clothed too!

I meet a lot of women who tell me that they don’t know their body shape, or clothes don’t fit them properly. Often, it’s not your underlying body shape which you have challenges with, but your proportions. For example, if you struggle with the fit of jeans, trousers or skirts, the rise you choose is important.

Whilst I’m new to sewing, I’ve always understood the importance of how a garment is constructed and made. I just wasn’t able to do it myself! Seams, darts, necklines and sleeves are all elements to take into account when dressing to flatter your shape.

Your fabric choice can be a friend or a foe! Weight, texture, cut and feel are all elements many people don’t consider, yet it can often be the reason that the fit, shape or style is wrong for you and your body.

Understanding the elements of your body shape, body proportions and body lines helps you identify the cuts, styles and shapes to choose to flatter your shape.

Your clothes

Whilst you’re under no obligation, it can be beneficial to bring along some of your own clothes which you’ve found aren’t working for you. Especially if you can’t put your finger on the reasons why. If you keep putting things on and taking them off again, because there’s something not right with it and you’re convinced it’s not the colour, it’s probably a style and shape session, which you’d benefit from. Especially if you know your colours and nothing has changed!

There are some items I use to demonstrate some of the points I’m making, but your clothes are often the best way to demonstrate the effect and impact.

For more information, visit this page.

These consultations take place in the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and generally last between two to two and a half hours.

You can combine it with a colour analysis and we’ll cover colours, makeup, style, shape, and personality. You’ll need to allow around four to four and a half hours for this combined package.


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How to find clothes that are the right fit for you

If you find it a challenge getting clothes to fit you, it’s tempting to blame yourself. Often, it’s that they aren’t quite right for YOU.

Unless you make your own clothes, or have them made specifically for your body, there might be certain aspects of a garment that don’t quite work. Rest assured, there’s tips and tricks to ‘correct’ many elements, it’s simply understanding and learning what to look for.

This quote sums it up perfectly for me:

The dress must follow the body of the woman, not the body following the shape of the dress. (Hubert de Givenchy)

Identify what’s right for you and work with your body shape, not against it. So, if you’ve got a curvy figure then a boxy shape to a garment will add pounds to your frame because it hides your frame and shape. Nobody wants that!

I meet a lot of ladies who feel that things don’t work for them and they dislike shopping as a result. This is totally understandable, especially if you don’t know what to look for. What’s more, you’ll spend lot of time and money trying to find out.

Right colour, right style, right fit and lifestyle-appropriate. Nail these, and you’ll be grinning like the cat that got the cream. Let me go through these in more detail.


Have you ever put something on and noticed that the colour drains from your face? Or that suddenly your skin has gone a funny colour?

That need to add a brighter lipstick or slap more blusher on, is because the colour you’re wearing isn’t quite right for you.

The transformation to your overall appearance when you’re wearing the right colours for you, cannot be ignored! It’s a subject I cover frequently here on the blogs as well as on social media.

Colour analysis consultations are by far my most popular service and I never tire of seeing the transformation with clients. I work with a tonal colour analysis system, which assess the colour of your hair, eyes and skin tone to determine the three elements of your colouring type and colours which flatter you the most. My colouring type is soft, cool and deep which means that my core colouring type is soft (low clarity to my features overall, muted and mid-tone colours), with a cool undertone to my skin (blue toned shades rather than yellow) and with some depth (my tertiary as the light pale colours really do wash me out).

Wearing the right colour will visibly lift your appearance but unless it fits like a glove (or vice versa), it will never be perfect for you, so you’ll need to factor these next elements in as well.


Your style is really what feels most like you. Sometimes, it can be hard to describe what your style is, or you may feel like you don’t have one! But, I can assure you that everyone does. Just think – what feels most like you when you wear it?

When you put something on that doesn’t feel like you, you’ll immediately protest as much and take it off! But, wear something which you feel happy, comfortable and more like you when you wear it, and you’ll be much happier. No point dressing like Paloma Faith if you’re really more a Jennifer Aniston type.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t dress differently, or try something new. Try to push your style boundaries, but in a way that feels authentic and still like you. Sometimes it can be the choice of fabric, but more on that shortly.

Patterns can be a real deal-breaker in the style department. For me, I’m not a fan of fussy patterns or stripes. They just don’t work for my style personality, so I don’t tend to buy them as I know I won’t get my £’s per wear or be happy in them.


We all know when something doesn’t fit right, but often associate this with the number on the label. It’s more likely not fitting your body shape, body line and proportions. Understanding these aspects will help you identify the right style, fit and fabric to choose. Let’s say that you’re petite in height, with a long upper body and short legs – of course it will be harder to get the right fit! But, understand how to dress your features and you’ll make better choices with styles and cuts.

Don’t forget the finer details like sleeves and necklines. A high neckline when you’ve a large bust will enhance the area. You’ll find a lower neckline (like a v-neck), will break up the colour and be more flattering. Sleeve lengths and shoulder seams can be corrective; like a ruffle sleeve when you’ve got small and narrow shoulders. On the other hand, they can enhance the area if you’re broader with wider shoulders by merely extending the shoulder line out, visually speaking.

Most people who come to me for a style and shape session don’t consider the fabric of a garment. Yet, it plays a crucial role in the fit of a garment. Different fabrics have different weights and feels, not to mention how it drapes. Whilst both light in weight, cotton and jersey have a different feel and structure to them. The same garment made from both will look and feel different when worn, depending upon the body wearing it.

In this example, the cotton top left loose over a satin skirt hides my underlying shape and proportions. A few tweaks and hey presto! Learn much more during a 2.5 hour style and shape consultation.

These are just tweaks. Tailoring can be a game-changer in achieving the perfect fit and I often recommend clients have a good seamstress on hand, if they need one. Transformed into bespoke pieces that fit YOU and make them a perfect fit! Which is a huge benefit when you do make your own clothes, because you can create the garment to take into account your own body measurements and adjust the pattern accordingly.

Not knowing what fits and flatters you means you can still end up making costly mistakes so it pays to understand these elements of your body.


Being able to tick all boxes with your clothes, or altering them accordingly, will make it so much easier to dress in clothes that make you look and feel good.

I’m a big believer in having clothes which work for how you spend your time. If you’re the outdoorsy-type and love nothing more, those knee-high, stiletto, velvet boots aren’t going to fare very well…

When your clothes suit the occasion you’re dressing for, you’ll feel appropriate and comfortable, especially when you know they tick all the boxes: right colour, right style, right fit and lifestyle-appropriate.

Get to know what works for you!

Gaining the knowledge can take time if you’re not sure what to look for and it can be costly if you keep making mistakes. My consultations are designed to guide you so that you understand what works for you, and why.

Discover the colours which enhance your natural features and how to wear your colours during a Colour Analysis Consultation. During a Style & Shape session, you’ll learn how to find clothes that tick all the boxes for you as we identify your style personality, shape and proportions.

Get in touch to book your session with me now!

How long do you hold onto things until they’re fashionable again?

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself looking at clothes I swear I wore when I was in my late teens and early twenties! Perhaps you’ve found the same?

It just goes to demonstrate what I’m always saying about ‘fashion’ and ‘trends’ – they tend to be repeated.

Keep or get rid?

I’ll confess, there was a little bit of me wondering if I should’ve kept these garments. After all, I could have worn them again and been bang on trend!

Then I realised that

a) it’s over 20 years ago

b) it’s unlikely they would still fit me and

c) that’s not who I am anymore. It isn’t the image I want to leave behind.

Let me assure you that this isn’t an age appropriate thing. You can and should wear whatever you like however old or young you are. You’re a grown adult after all. I’m not here to tell you what to wear. Instead, I’ll advise and guide you on what suits you so you understand why it makes you look good so you can feel good in what you wear.

Shopping mistakes

Time and time again, I’m told that you can’t quite let something go.

You often feel guilty about the purchases you’ve made and sometimes feel a bit embarrassed over the (costly) mistakes.

Let me assure you I have met many women who feel like this. In my view, there’s also little point in beating yourself up over something that’s already happened. We can’t change the past after all.

If you find that you’re hanging onto things in the hope that one day they’ll be ‘fashionable again’ (or that they fit you again come to that), it could be time to hit pause. After all, if you keep making the same mistakes and expecting a different result then it’s time to seek some advice!

Let’s say these garments were in fashion again, how long have kept them for this to happen? Be honest, given it may be 20 or even 30 years ago, would you actually still wear it? Would it still fit you? Do you even have the space for it??

Please don’t think this is about growing old or being boring. It’s just I have found with the many women I have met, that life and experiences shape us. They change our priorities and sometimes our lifestyle. We change jobs, have a family, people pass away, we hit milestones in our life and our bodies change. Sometimes these factors impact our confidence too.

The clothes we wear make a statement and they tell a story. I for one aren’t too fussed about telling my 19 year old story again, thank you all the same.

Ready to hit the pause button?

Get in touch about making an appointment to review your colours, style and shape.

Three things to consider when choosing prints and patterns

When I ask my clients what their dressing or styling challenges are, this one comes up often.

Wearing, choosing and styling prints and patterns can be a challenge for many. Like most things, it’s all about learning how to make it work for you.

There’s often a reason (or many) that you put something on and take it off again – something about it isn’t working and doesn’t suit you.

The trick is to be able to identify what those reasons are! When you do, you’ll be able to make the decision about either leaving it and not wear it, or know how to wear it so that it does then work for you and suit you.

Here’s three things to consider when choosing prints and patterns:


There’s a reason that colour analysis consultations are my most popular service!

Being able to identify that the shade of colour isn’t right is easier to do when you know what your best shades of colour are and how best to wear them.

When it comes to pattern and print, the main or dominant colour in the pattern is what to focus on. This will have the most effect as to whether it compliments you or not.

For example, in this first dress, the main colour is green and in the second dress, the bulk is purple. Both colour tones compliment me well and suit my features. They harmonise with my characteristics and don’t cast any shadows or overwhelm me.

If they were in a shade of colour which didn’t suit me, then they would cast shadows against my features, stand out and overwhelm me and make me look tired, older or unwell. (and nobody wants that right?)

green flowered dress  striped dress









The second aspect to consider is your individual style. Even if you can’t identify or articulate it, you’ve still got style! It has nothing to do with fashion. Or age, or size come to that.

If something feels too ‘fussy’, it flaps about, feels uncomfortable or doesn’t feel ‘you’ then it doesn’t sound like it’s suited to your personality type. However you try, it just won’t work (and that’s ok). Picking, prodding and pulling at things which aren’t working for you won’t make you feel good so consider what items you feel your most comfortable and happiest in.

Identifying your personality is the key to wearing pattern in my view. In the case of the flowered dress mentioned above – it was actually an unusual choice for me. I often find floral patterns are all a bit too much, fussy and ditsy for me. Due to the style of the pattern, the colours and the size of the print, this particular dress (from Rae at Next) has worked so much better for me and my style. In terms of pounds per wear, I’m less than £3 already!


Most people who come to see me have an idea of their basic body shape. What they struggle with is knowing how to dress their specific body.

Being able to identify specific cuts, designs, fabrics and styles which flatter your shape and proportions is the key to being able to dress with confidence. Knowing that what you’re choosing and wearing not only fits, but it flatters you.

It has nothing to do with size!

Your underlying shape and body lines will also determine whether a specific pattern or print will flatter you or draw attention to bits you’d rather people not focus on!

Consider the size of a pattern. Is it too big for you? Too small? Does it appear to ‘warp’ when you wear it, or does it look like it was made for you?


In my experience, these are the three things to consider when it comes to choosing and wearing patterns with success and confidence.

All these areas are discussed during a consultation so that you’ll learn and understand how to dress to suit you so you can look and feel good in what you wear.

You’ll find more information below:

Colour analysis

style & image consultation 

transformation package (colour, style and makeup lesson)

7-step online programme

Appointments are available virtually and in the studio in Wakefield.


Three tips when you get stuck in a rut

We all get stuck in a bit of a rut from time to time.

Clothing especially so and it’s something I hear of a lot.

Here’s a few simple tips so you can ensure that you’re dressed to impress every day and to help you feel a little better.

Add colour!

Come on, you knew I’d add this in at some point! Trust me, it really will help boost your mood. During the cold dark winter months in the UK, there is nothing better to lift the mood. Just imagine yourself in a lovely warm teal jumper or a pair of pink comfy joggers! It’s simple – think of your favourite colour and wear it!

A client recently bought the purple super soft scarf (see online shop) so she could “add colour and brighten up her dark winter coat”. Obviously I nodded in agreement as there’s no better, or easier way to transform your look or elevate an outfit. Simply wrap a colourful scarf around your neck to feel stylish, warm and toasty!

Try a new bag in a statement shade. I remember a client who came for a colour analysis some years ago now and the first item on her shopping list was a new bag in one of the shades from her new swatches!

If you’re the outdoorsy type, try a pair of colourful wellies for your walk! They really will up the style factor and make you feel great too!


All too often accessories get forgotten, but they’re actually an essential part of completing your look.

If you’re a natural like me or prefer an unfussy or minimal look, it’s easy to forget but trust me; try adding a simple necklace to your outfit and you’ll instantly see how it elevates your look.

Layer some necklaces over your favourite everyday top, cinch your waist in with a belt on your usual work dress or just switch out your stud earrings for something a little bolder.


Hands especially have had a rough ride with more hand washing (essential) and sanitiser. Treat your hands and feet to a little extra care. You can do it yourself or pop to your local salon. I love having a manicure and pedicure (even though no-one can see my feet!). You can choose a shade which is subtle like a nude or go bold to up the glam factor! If I doubt on the colour, check your swatches!

Try a face mask too as just a few minutes relaxing can make all the difference. I love the avocado face mask (available from the online shop). It smells so amazing and makes my skin feel so much smoother when I use it too.

With just a few small tweaks, you can instantly switch up your mood and how you feel in what you wear.

If you’re looking for a little more in depth assistance then you can always book a makeup lesson, colour or style session to really get the star treatment!

Book now to get yourself sorted for 2022.

Style & Image Consultation – Frequently asked questions

A style and image consultation is for you if you feel like you need help identifying how to dress for your body shape and your proportions which reflect who you are and your lifestyle. Not everyone is blessed with perfect proportions and a celebrity budget, but the good news is that you don’t need either; you just need to know how.

These sessions are about putting the pieces of the jigsaw together so that so you can feel confident knowing that you can dress for any occasion and still feel like you.

Here are some of the frequent questions asked in regard to style and image consultations.

“Do I need to have been for a colour analysis before?”

Not at all. Many clients start off with a colour analysis consultation first as it’s the quickest and easiest way to update your image but it’s not essential.

“Will I have to strip off??”

Of course not!

Assessing your body shape and proportions isn’t about getting a tape measure out or assessing you in your underwear! (No offence Trinny and Susannah). Rest assured, you’ll remain fully clothed for the session.

“Do I really need someone to tell me what to wear?”

Only you can answer that! These consultations aren’t about telling you anything! You are an adult after all, so they are more about learning and understanding and gaining knowledge about what suits you, your figure and specifically why and what to look for.

“Won’t you need full access to my wardrobe?”

This isn’t necessary. You’re invited to bring a small selection of clothes from your wardrobe which we can assess during the session. Usually; something that you love wearing, something that you don’t and something which you don’t wear because it doesn’t look or feel ‘right’ and you can’t put your finger on why. These are great ways of highlighting clothes, styles and fabrics which do and don’t work for you. A wardrobe follow session can be booked when I can come and help you with your wardrobe if you need it.

“I don’t have the budget to start my wardrobe all over again, will you tell me to get rid of everything?”

Don’t worry, not many people do have the budget to adopt this approach! Besides, it’s about building and having a wardrobe of pieces that work for you and learning how to work with what you already have as well. If you need a little help, please download my wardrobe charts. You’ll find them here.

“Isn’t a Style and image session expensive?”

How many times have you bought something which doesn’t suit you or you never wear it? It’s this learning and understanding that will help prevent you from making more expensive shopping mistakes. You only have to look in your own wardrobe to see those rash purchases. Take a moment to tot up how much you have spent on things you never wear. I’m confident that the figure will be more than a style and image consultation with me. Prices start from £75 depending whether you choose an online or studio session. Group sessions or events are also available if you’re happy to have a taster or experience it with others.

“I’m unhappy with my current weight so am I best waiting until I’ve shed the pounds?”

That depends on how you feel. Depending on your body, your age, diet, exercise and your family history, you may not change your proportions or your underlying body shape. The size and how you feel certainly will change though and the consultation covers more than just shape but body lines, proportions (such as the position of your waist), fabric, styles and personality to name just a few. Booking a session whilst on your journey may be the confidence boost you need to help you reach your goals. Only you can decide when the time is right for you.

“Isn’t it easier to buy clothes when you’re small with a limitless budget?”

Firstly, size doesn’t matter but shape does. Size is just a number and unfortunately there is no uniform sizing in clothes across retailers. This is why understanding your shape, lines and proportions is so helpful as it focuses your attention on making the most of your good features (yes you do have some). And, how to take attention away from anything you don’t like and dress for you and your body. This is relevant no matter what size you happen to be. There’s far more options available now, it just depends on the retailer. In terms of budget, well money doesn’t always buy style! It’s what you spend your money on that counts and how often you wear things to get value for money.

“What’s the difference between an online and face to face session?”

The principles are still the same for both sessions but they are conducted in a very different way. Face to face sessions are much more detailed, last longer and take place at the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. It’s down to you and what you’d most benefit from.

Here you’ll find details about the in person consultation and here’s the online details.

Ready to book or have a question?

Get in touch: toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk

Identifying your style

Style is a way of dressing and as Ralph Lauren says; it’s personal.

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

People tell me all the time that they have ‘no style’ but I disagree.

Everyone has style, it’s just learning what it is and how to use it to represent who you are so that you can feel like you in what you wear.

Taking inspiration

Fashion and celebs are the biggest influences I find. But, how many times have you tried to copy the look only to feel…well, let’s say flat.

That’s partly the problem. You’re not them and your shape, personality and proportions may also differ. This means that it just doesn’t work for you and that’s ok!

It’s how you take the same influences and make them your own so they do suit you, your lifestyle, your body and proportions. Cut out pictures from magazines, save images in a document or pin outfits and images on Pinterest. They’ll help you identify what you love and then it’s about translating that in a way that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to style remember; it’s simply understanding and wearing clothes that make you feel like you and flatter you to make you look and feel fabulous!

When you don’t feel like you

Do you have things in your wardrobe which you put on then instantly take them off again?

You may even find yourself looking at what you’re wearing in the mirror and wondering why it doesn’t look or feel right. You can’t put your finger on why though.

When you wear items like this, you’ll be uncomfortable wearing them. Often, you may catch yourself fidgeting with what you’re wearing. It’s not quite right.

They don’t quite ‘fit’ you properly; too short or long, too baggy/too tight in certain parts.

Perhaps the colour suits you, but it still doesn’t look right.

Everyone is different. We all have our own sense of style and it actually dictates how something makes you feel, how you shop, where you shop and how you put your outfits together. I refer to it as your style personality. No more boho if you’re not a boho type. No more flouncy florals if it’s too dainty and feminine for you. When you nail your personality type it can help you to create a wardrobe that works for you. It’ll help you avoid further shopping disasters and frustrations too and stop buying things which don’t make you feel good.

Get confident with your style

When you understand why certain styles, the fit and fabric work for you and why things don’t, then it helps you to create outfits and a wardrobe that works for you. It rarely happens overnight, but trust me, it will.

My style and image consultation is aimed at those who need help identifying how to dress for their body shape and proportions which reflect their personality and lifestyle. When you understand all the pieces that make up your image can you put them together and feel confident knowing that you can dress for any occasion and still feel like you.

It’s all about understanding who you are – how you dress tells a story after all.

You’ll find more details about the service here and frequently asked questions here.

To book, simply get in touch with me.


See you soon, Toni x

Introducing Style dilemma SOS

Are you fed up of your wardrobe and sick of not knowing what to wear or what to buy?

You’re not alone!

Maybe it’s lockdown, or maybe not, but I’ve had many conversations with people who are so fed up. Nothing seems to fit, nothing seems to work and they’ve actually lost confidence in how they dress!

If this sounds like you, then this announcement will be of interest.

Introducing Style Dilemma SOS

Want to be able to talk to someone who can help you resolve your styling dilemmas?

Answer your dressing challenges and put you back on track to loving your clothes again?

This is for you.

It’s a dedicated and bespoke 1 hour service all about you.

We can tackle a specific style issue you’re having or address any challenges or questions you might have about what to wear or what suits you.

It takes place virtually from the comfort of your own home. Video is best, but if you’re zoomed out then we can always discuss on the phone.

Here’s what Anna said after her session with me:

Thank you so much for this morning. I found it very useful and insightful. Loved the time spent with you – left with a passion for clothes. Thank you so much!!

Let me help you to get your mojo back. Get in touch to book your session now.

How to get your mojo back

Are you fed up of wearing the same old things?

Starting to feel like you’re trapped in loungewear??

No idea about wearing ‘normal clothes’!

Here’s some tips to help you feel back in control and get some light back in to the wardrobe darkness!

Organise your wardrobe

It isn’t rocket science but a tidy, edited and organised wardrobe makes it easy to see what you have. You’ll be surprised sometimes at what you have forgotten about. Start wearing them and enjoying them! But, do move on anything that you’re unlikely to wear again. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure as they say.

If this is a task that you find difficult to do yourself, rope in a friend or family member who you know will be honest about items that don’t suit you. If you can’t, then bring in the professionals and get in touch. Our Wardrobe Audits can be conducted face-to-face (when lockdown is lifted) or virtually by Zoom or face time. They are an excellent and fun way to identify what works for you, what doesn’t and what changes you need to make. If you’re determined to tackle it on your own, use our free declutter guide which you can download here.

Know your colours

There will be certain colours in your wardrobe that always seem to gain compliments. Actually there are many shades which will work for you. Perhaps you haven’t discovered them all, especially if you’ve never had a colour consultation with me! When worn, they will make you glow; you will look healthier and more vibrant. Who doesn’t need a bit of that! What’s not to love?

So look through your wardrobe with a critical eye. What colours seem to give you that wow? Make a note and build on these shades when you next shop.

I can show you up to 48 of your very best shades. Imagine that; a fabric wallet filled with fabulous colours which work for you. You will have a mixture of investment busting neutrals, and fashion colours that work together and on their own, with endless outfit possibilities.


Identify your must-have pieces

These are items in your wardrobe that must pass many tests to achieve this glory status:

1) The colours look great on you
2) The styles and shapes flatter your figure
3) They fit in with your lifestyle
4) You feel comfortable and enjoy wearing them

Once you have worked out a few key pieces, you will be able to build on these with similar styles and colours in the future. Before you know it, your wardrobe will be cohesive, stylish, lifestyle appropriate and have longevity.

Of course this is what I show my clients every single day, during my Consultations. So why not invest in yourself? What better way to emerge!

New from old

As you work through your wardrobe to discover your Must-have Pieces, take the opportunity to try on different combinations. Split up any skirt and trouser suits; try the jackets with more casual pieces such as jeans. Dress down more formal pieces. Be aware of trends; cardigans are huge this season. Can you wear yours in a different way?

Be you!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of copying your favourite celebrity, Blogger or Instagrammer, and even when you’re window shopping, because the outfits look amazing. Sadly it doesn’t mean that this will work for you. We’re all different, and what suits one person, may not look great on you. It’s far better to take inspiration and make it work for you rather than emulate a look that’s just not ‘you’.

Spend time discovering your own style, and dress for you. Understanding your style personality is key as there’s very little point in putting someone in heels and pencil skirts, if they’re happier in jeans and fleeces. If you’re a business owner, this is critical. Check out our new programme for 2021 here: Authentically You

Avoid the lull of bargains

It’s very easy to be swayed by the amazing savings to be had. 70% off! Just remember; every item that has been reduced, is because no-one wanted it at full-price! So, before you part with your hard-earned cash, ask yourself, ‘would I buy this at full price’. How many times have you purchased something in the sale, only to find six months later, it still has the tags on it?

That said, sales can be a great time to stock up on wardrobe basics (jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jackets), and investment buys (coats, boots and premium fabrics such as cashmere).

Make a list of items that you really need in your wardrobe and stick to it.

Get a quick makeup routine

We’re not all blessed with flawless skin, but a simple make-up routine can make you feel and look amazing. It’s incredible what you can achieve in ten minutes.

1. Cover dark under-eye circles and blemishes with the correct concealer.
2. Use a foundation or tinted moisturiser that is a good match to the tone of your skin.
3. Apply a swish of bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face.
4. If you enjoy wearing eye-shadow, choose shades that complement your colouring.
5. Choose an eye pencil that works with your skin tone.
6. Define your brows.
7. Top off with mascara.
8. Multitask with a product for lips and cheeks.

Makeup example

If you have been applying your make-up the same way for years or don’t know where to start, get in touch.

Discover your signature style workshop – 27 February

This workshop session will take place virtually from the comfort of your own home so you’ll need a laptop, smart phone or tablet to be able to join the session.

You will learn:

– How understanding your style personality will help you shop easier and save you time and money
– Why you don’t feel like ‘you’ in certain clothes and outfits
– How to make your outfits work for you
– What your core style personality is
– What to look and shop for

A style sheet is included as part of the session and will be supplied following the completion of the workshop.

Buy your tickets here.

Three ways to dress up your look

Have you found yourself dressing a little bit more casually now? You’re not alone!

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of the comfortable or casual clothes and you’re not wanting to go all out and be suited and booted again, this video is for you.

I am showing you three ways to switch up your outfit and look a little more dressed up.

Watch it here

Ways to define your waist or hide your tummy

When it comes to dressing, there’s two things I get asked all the time:

  1. How to show off your waist.
  2. How to hide your tummy area.

So, in answer to both questions, I featured my style tips on both aspects for a quick video over on social media.

To help illustrate the points, I wore a comfy / slouchy dress.

Hope you find it helpful and useful and if there’s anything else you’d like to see, just let us know.


Click here to watch our video on YouTube.

Face masks – the next fashion accessory?

Today is the day that the use of face coverings and face masks is compulsory to wear in shops across the country.

Early into the pandemic of the coronavirus, there seemed to be a little spike in the fashionable take on these. From matching swimwear to clothes and I wasn’t sure I was wholly comfortable with the idea of this fashion trend emerging if truth be told. After all, these were largely intended to protect others against the spread of the infection.

The pros and cons over their use has been well debated and whether you agree or not, if you’re venturing out from now on, you’ll need to wear one. Here’s my take on choosing and wearing one.




Like any clothes, we want to feel comfortable wearing them and a mask is no different. Should it dig in or be too tight then it really won’t be comfortable.

For the purpose of the outbreak, your face covering should safely cover your nose and mouth. This doesn’t have to be a face mask as you can use a scarf, bandana or any other cloth garment. Make sure it fits securely around the side of your face. The government website suggests using material which is breathable and comfortable such as cotton with at least two layers of fabric. But, the World Health Organisation recommends three layers depending upon the fabric used. You can also buy masks and add your own filters for extra protection.




Let’s be honest, face coverings are not the most flattering of garments you’ll wear! Therefore, wearing something which is in a pattern or colour can elevate their appeal. I had a white one in the very early days and did feel as though I was an extra for a hospital show! A client of mine was making them so I ordered a purple one which I had to agree, did look much better, less scary and was more complimentary.

Being able to choose a colour which compliments your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour will actually make your eyes stand out too!




We all have our own sense of style so there’s no reason why your face mask should be any different. Choose something which feels more ‘you’ and it will help to make you feel more confident wearing it.

If you’re more creative, then chances are you’ll have designed or created your own, but if this isn’t you, there are plenty out there who have so I’m confident that you’ll find something that works for you and your personality. Whether it’s print, plain, unfussy or disposable, there’s lots of options available now to suit all budgets.


Let me know what you choose and feel free to send me pics on social media.

Mini Shape and style workshop – Saturday 18th April

Back for 2020 by popular demand! This mini workshop focuses on shape and style.

Dressing for your body shape needn’t be difficult. Size does not matter, but shape does. Come along and learn the basics at this session.

Are you a Lady Gaga or Kylie Minogue? Your individual style influences the way you shop and how you combine your outfits together. Knowing who you are and how to identify this will save you time in the future.

This session, looks at how to dress confidently for your body shape and getting to know your ‘style personality’. Handouts with tips are included as part of the session.



Saturday 18 April

10am – 12:30


TLC Style & Colour HQ, Wakefield



£20 per person including handouts and refreshments.


Places must be booked and paid for in advance.

To book your place, please email Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk or contact Toni on 07958657032.

Your biggest concerns or challenges when it comes to dressing?

Recently, I’ve been asking for feedback about your biggest concerns or challenges when it comes to dressing.

Here are the top 3 concerns raised:

  1. Colour
  2. Cost
  3. Body confidence

I thought I’d look at each area of concern and offer a few tips.



Colour coordination came up a few times and specifically matching tops, bottoms or outfits together when dressing. I shouldn’t be surprised as colour consultations are by far my most popular service.

Wearing colour is also the simplest way to update your look. We can all get fed up wearing the same thing, day in, day out so perhaps it’s just a pop of colour you need? Try a scarf to switch up your look. Or how about a colourful necklace or a pair of earrings? A new pair of shoes or bag could work too.


Identify the ‘right’ colour

It’s worth noting that everyone can wear colour, it’s simply finding the right shade for you. How do you know if it’s the right colour? Simply hold the garment up under your chin in a well lit room. It should lighten and brighten your features but, if you see any dark shadows against your face, or the colour stands out more than you, it’s not the right shade.

Dressing all in one colour will give the appearance of height too, so if you’re on the petite side, this is a good tip to follow. If you’re on the taller side, try colour blocking; where a different top to bottoms, shoes or jackets.

If you’ve got dramatic or stand out features, then a contrast will work well for you. Wear a light and dark colour together. If you’ve got less stand out features, try a more blended look by choosing a colour and wearing shades which are one or two shades lighter or darker than each other.

During a colour consultation, I’ll go into more detail. Specifically looking at the colour of your hair, eyes and your skin tone in order to determine a palette of colours which work for you. Colour me Beautiful consultants like myself work from a tonal analysis system now rather than a seasonal approach. You’ll get to take away your own personal fabric swatch wallet with 42 shades which compliment you the best based upon your physical colouring. For more details, visit my colour analysis consultation page.



How do you shop for clothes which don’t break the bank?

There’s a strong movement in favour of recycling clothes. Think swish and swap parties, charity shops, re-loved sites and Ebay. Opportunities to buy nearly new or used but in excellent condition mean that you can buy new clothes at a fraction of their once higher price.

Another option is to shop wisely. If you have multiple items in the same style and colour, do you really need to buy another? Think about and go and have a look at what you’ve got and what you wear. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have seen my 30 day challenge in April and I would highly recommend that you give this a go. It might also help if you feel like you’re in a bit of a style rut and bored of what you wear.



If you can wear garments with at least three other items in your wardrobe, then this really will transform it. The ability to wear an item multiple times which coordinates with other pieces means you are more likely to get your money’s worth as well as wear it. This all comes down to my £s per wear mantra. Spend £50 on an item you wear once and it’s £50 per wear, but spend £50 on an item you wear five times and it’s £10 per wear.

Don’t despair if you’ve got things that you barely wear or don’t go with anything. Think about what you could wear it with – what item don’t you have that will transform it into an outfit? I’ve found time and time again that once you nail this, your clothes will combine much more easily together.

A slight tangent, but worthy of thought. Does your wardrobe match your lifestyle? If the clothes in your wardrobe don’t match how you actually spend your time, then you’ve got clothes you probably won’t wear. Or, you’re missing key items to work for your lifestyle. I found this myself. When I left the corporate world, I had lots of suits, shirts, tailored dresses which just didn’t work for my colour, style and image business.


Body confidence

I was surprised to hear so many people talking so negatively about themselves. We are such harsh critics on ourselves. Concerns raised mainly surrounding people’s weight and how fat they say they felt or clothes not fitting. Even buying things which were just “fine” or “ok” – you deserve better than that!!

First things first – size doesn’t matter, but shape does. Diet and exercise can go a long way to making yourself feel as well as look good, but dressing for your body line is crucial as your skeleton and bone structure won’t change no matter how much weight you’ve put on or lost.

Think of a curvy vase. Have you ever tried wrapping a vase with thick wrapping paper? Not only does it look bad, but have you noticed that it alters the appearance? The curvy lines have been swamped with all that heavy paper, masking it’s shape but also making it look bigger. Fabric is the same. If you’ve got curves, choose fabric that drapes those curves as choosing heavy fabric which doesn’t compliment the curves means that you’ll look two sizes bigger than what you really are.

I often see people that want to hide their shape as they feel conscious. Again fabric is key here as just because you buy something bigger to avoid hugging those curves, it’s still too big making you look bigger than you actually are.

You don’t have to be a slave to fashion, I know I’m not but it’s also easier to keep your look current too. Glossy magazines and online sites are packed with image inspiration and tips on what is going to be ‘on trend’. Focus on the trends that appeal to you and then decide how you are going to incorporate them into your look in a way that is still ‘you’. You’ll feel better being you than trying to be someone else.

Buy what you love! If you put something on that you feel truly fabulous in, then go ahead and purchase it. When you wear something you feel amazing in you will exude confidence and this will guarantee you look amazing too!

If you need a little help decluttering your wardrobe, why not download my free guide which includes five steps to follow. Download it here. 

Style and shape – Taster session – 13 July 2019

In this second of three workshops, I’ll look at shape, personality and style.

During this taster session, you’ll learn about your ‘style personality’ and how this influences the way you shop and combine outfits together. We’ll also look at dressing for your body shape, as size doesn’t matter, but shape does!

You’ll take away handouts with tips for dressing your shape and personality and a seasonal style update card which includes details on the new trends and the six spring/summer shades for your colouring which you’ll have learnt from the first workshop held on 15 June.

Book your place now! Email Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk to reserve your place or contact me.



13 July 2019

10am – 12pm



Cedar Court, Wakefield



£20 per person



Does your personality affect the way you dress?

What we wear sends out a message to people we meet. Consciously or otherwise, we make a visual statement about how we feel in what we wear.


How much do our own preferences have towards others?

I recently took to Facebook to ask my friends their opinion. Which shoes did they think I should go with for an event I had the following day. I posted two pictures with my outfit laid out including necklace and a pair of shoes.

The dress was new and bought from Marks & Spencer. Both pairs of shoes I already had and had shopped from my existing wardrobe. (I do believe that you can combine outfits together from your existing wardrobe without having to buy everything new. If you want to learn more about this, get in touch to book a session).

The result

1 – 10 votes

2 – 13 votes

I already had a good idea about which shoes I thought I would wear before the votes came in but I was curious to see what people thought.

I chose shoes number one

Are you wondering why? It’s not because I don’t like the other shoes because in actual fact, they are one of my favourites. They are a pair that I have had for many years, been resoled and heeled and the £s per wear I’ve had must be almost pennies now. Getting your wear out of things is a must when buying certain items of clothing.

Instead, it was about the overall image I wanted to project and, make an impression wearing them. I guess it’s linked to confidence too and how I felt wearing them. I felt I needed an edge and these shoes gave me the edge I wanted. How many times do you choose something to wear because you’re happy or confident? This is a must I would say!

The comments I got from my friends and the votes made me reflect about how much our own personality impact on our view about what others wear. I’ve said it many times – image matters, whether we like it or not. How many times have you seen someone on TV or on social media and passed comment about what they are wearing? We all do it – good and bad.

There was also a distinct difference in styling and personality in each shoe. One pair was quite edgy and bold. The other a more classic pair. Also, from the pictures, it can be hard to judge can’t it? There were a few who saw black and red for shoes number one for example when in actual fact they were purple and red. Were people saying what they thought I would look good in, or were they actually saying what they thought they would wear themselves? I suspect there was an element of both.

In my personal and professional view, both shoes worked. If a client had posed the same question to me and asked for my opinion, I’d have asked them to think about where they were going, what impression they wanted to create and, how comfortable were they to wear. I think there’s nothing worse than being in a pair of shoes which are killing your feet!

Did I get any comments about my shoes at the event? Interestingly, no. But I did about the dress – the colour looked great on me I was told 😉.


Bringing it all together

This backs up why the colour clothes we wear have such an impact. It’s usually the first thing people see and it’s actually the easiest way to update your look too. Arguably, you can dress as a different personality and many people do – they have to dress a certain way for work and when out of work, they are the opposite. However, it’s your personality which dictates how you actually combine your outfits together, or not for some of you!

Either way, I would always recommend that you dress for your body shape and wear the shades of colour which suit your colouring the best near to your face as you can see I have.


Get in touch to learn more and to book your session.

If you’re interested in learning more and not ready to book yet, why not follow me on Facebook and say hi!


Know your worth! Free event Sunday 20 January

Delighted to be involved in this event organised by Emma Kirke on Sunday 20 January at 9am until 3.30pm..

We are hosting a FREE day of empowerment for you to learn to love yourself and to have the confidence to be yourself and know your own worth.


The event

This will consist of short talks from fierce females bossing their area of expertise.

Emma Kirke – nutrition & exercise

Gayle Griffin – make up confidence

Toni Carver – clothes/style/colour

Teresa Wrigglesworth – hypno confidence


Sam – Potting shed CEO

Zoe Scaife – Pilates – posture confidence

Julia Lee – life coach and empowering godess

12.30 – 1.30 lunch

Then demos & workshops or one to one chats.

Finishing at 3.30pm

Coffee and drinks will be available but please bring your own lunch.


The venue

RCM Business Centre – Sandbeds Trading Estate, Dewsbury Road, Ossett WF5 9ND


Book your place now!

Race day dressing announced by Royal Ascot

Planning a trip to the races this year? You may need a tape measure and to check the dress code given Royal Ascot’s announcement.

I listened to the radio with some mild humour and agreement today when I heard the strict dress code for those attending a Royal Ascot race day this June. If you’re planning a trip; read on.

For the men

Anyone planning to attend bearing their “mankles” (that’s men’s ankles) may be refused entry. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of this look or why a man wouldn’t wear socks. Admittedly though, it’s very popular with Jude Law, Tinie Tempah and Idris Elba carrying off the look with some style.

Formal dress code generally states that socks are a must for gentleman.

No cravats allowed. If you’re in the Royal enclosure, wear a black or grey morning dress suit which means a waistcoat, tie and the same coloured top-hat. Choose a shirt and tie combo in your colour palette.

For the ladies

There’s significantly more rules for the girls than boys so I’ve broken them down to assist you in your race day choices.



Off-the-shoulder necklines have been banned. An example would be a Bardot style made famous by Bridget Bardot herself. This neckline is complimentary for most body shapes, so it’s a shame it’s been banned.

Straps are required and should be one inch or more on dresses and tops. Strapless, halter and spaghetti have all been banned. Don’t think you can cheat with a jacket or pashmina ladies as what you wear underneath must still comply!



Fascinators are not allowed in the Royal Enclosure, only hats and headpieces. Your headpiece must have a solid base measuring a minimum of four inches in diameter!

When choosing a hat, try to compliment it to your face shape. Choose a colour from your palette and if you’ve not had a colour analysis, choose a shade which compliments you. Avoid any colour which casts a dark shadow!



The jumpsuit famously allowed last year stays, but needs to be ankle length now, so similar to the boys.

Skirt lengths and dresses should be “of modest length” falling just above the knee or longer. Avoid having your hemline finishing at any wide parts of your leg. Choose a narrow point instead which is the most flattering.

Trouser suits must be to the ankle of course. They should also be of matching material and colour. All over colour gives the appearance of height so is good news for any petite ladies. City chic and classic personality types will be the happiest with this matching rule!

Finally, it should go without saying but no midriffs on show!


I can help you shop and dress accordingly choosing the right race day outfit. Just get in touch to book any of my services.


How to wear the midi skirt

The midi skirt has become rather popular. Spring/summer trends in the shops and online have seen a multitude of stores stock this item.

But how do you know which style to choose?

The style of the skirt is key to work with your proportions and body shape. See below for my suggestions including a video at the bottom too!


A full skirt will be the most flattering for your curves. Be sure to highlight your waist by using a belt or tucking your top in.


Try to keep your clothing lines simple. A panelled skirt style will work well for you. Remember to balance our your top half adding details such as pattern or jewellery.

Inverted triangle

Try a straight skirt or one with box pleats. To balance your proportions be sure to wear your detail on the bottom half of your body.

Lean column

Opt for an A-line skirt which will give the illusion of some curves.


Avoid too much detail around the waist.


Click to watch this short video illustrating these ideas. If you haven’t booked your style and image consultation, visit my page here and contact me to book. If you would prefer to join a style workshop then email me for more details at Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook!

Learn to dress with confidence

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time?


If you want to learn about dressing in clothes which flatter your body and personality, then reserve your place at this small group session held at my studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


During the session, we will cover:


  • Dressing for your body shape
  • Assessing your proportions
  • Fun style personality quiz!


Come along and learn about clothing lines, fabrics and clever dressing tips so you can feel more confident about showing off your best bits and disguising the bits that you’re not so fond of.

You are encouraged to bring along one of your favourite outfits and one that you’re not so fond of so that we can see what does and doesn’t flatter you.

Each person will take away their own personal style cheat sheets and a Style Update handout showing you the key colours and styles for the current season.



These group sessions are limited for between 3 – 6 people.

£35 per person including handouts.

Optional extra!

An additional makeup lesson and scarf tying demonstration can be added to this session for just £5 extra per person. Please allow extra time if opting to include this.


Saturday 26th August – 10am – 12:30pm

To book your place please contact me.

Stripes for all body shapes

If you’ve been out shopping lately, you may have noticed lots of striped clothes in stores and I’m not talking pyjamas!

Stripes tend to feature on both the catwalks and the High Street season after season due to their timeless appeal. Think of the Breton top – often seen as a classic item to own which rarely changes or ages.

Will stripes suit you?

In the main yes but there will be a better way of wearing stripes depending what your body shape is.

Remember that your underlying body shape rarely changes (sorry ladies – even with diet and exercise) so knowing how to dress for your shape and proportions makes shopping easier!

Lean column / rectangle body shapes

For those of you with straight body shapes then the good news is that stripes are made for you! (You’ll know your straighter as you’ll have fewer curves and rarely have any lines going in and out. Fitted and shaped clothes will often make you feel uncomfortable or restricted).

The clean, straight lines of your figure lend themselves perfectly to wearing stripes.

For those of you with a Rectangle body shape, vertical stripes will look great.

If you have a Lean Column body shape then try and have a play around; mix stripes with other patterns if you’re daring or perhaps look at wearing a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes to create the illusion of curves.

Triangle (pear) / inverted triangle body shapes

If you wear different sizes on your top and bottom halves then stripes can work wonders to give the illusion of balancing out your proportions.

If you have a Triangle body shape, try wearing horizontal stripes on your top half. This will balance out your figure and draw the attention upwards.

For those of you with an Inverted Triangle body shape, you want to wear your stripes on your bottom half. Horizontal, or vertical, the choice is yours. A striped skirt with a little fullness will even out your proportions beautifully whilst also showing off a slim waist.

Oval (apple) body shapes

Try to choose stripes that are softer, tonal or faded as they can be trickier to wear.

Full / neat hourglass body shapes

If you have a Full Hourglass figure, you may want to try avoiding stripes altogether; they will have to do a detour around your gorgeous curves! As an alternative; try a pattern that complements your shape batter such as florals. Opt for a stripey accessory (for example, a scarf or bag) to add a little interest to your look instead.

The neat hourglass can wear stripes, but note the curvy comments aboveboard.



As with any pattern, ensure you select stripes that complement your size.

If you’re petite, thinner stripes will work best as they won’t overwhelm you’re frame.

If you’re grand in scale (5 foot 7 or taller) then make a statement with bold stripes!

Be in the know

To learn about body shapes, proportions and dressing for your personality, you can book an individual or group style consultation with me.

Get in touch today to book your session.

Stylishly step into Spring

Spring is typically the time of year for the spring clean and so is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with new colours as well as new styles.

Your shoes can make or break an outfit, so here’s three of the hottest shoe trends this season and which ones will work for you.


All Wrapped Up


Emphasising the ankles, this look focuses on buckles, ribbons and straps wrapped around the lower half of your leg.


Lean column/rectangle body shapes whose legs are likely to be slimmer. Be mindful of your skirt or trouser length with this trend as visibly cutting your legs in multiple places can make them appear shorter.


Flat Form


The sole to be seen in this Spring/Summer is thick, even and comfortable.


Naturals will love this trend as shoes with a thick, even sole are both comfortable and practical. They will also give you a little height, so if you’re petite you get the best of both worlds!


Kitten Heels


A modern classic, the kitten heel comes back once again this season.


Romantics will love this elegant, ladylike heel height. Those who are Grand in scale may also enjoy trying this trend to give the leg a little lift without adding too much height.




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Have a happy spring!