How to shop like a pro!

Do you love the thrill of finding a bargain? Whether that’s pre-loved or in the sales, it’s worth remembering that something is only ever a bargain if you actually wear it!

The key thing is to shop with intention.

Whilst shopping in the sales can be a great time to buy, if you end up buying more things you don’t need and don’t wear, the guilt will settle in quickly. Do remember that everything in the sale is because no one wanted to buy it at full price! Harsh, but true.

There’s often so many items available, especially online, that it can feel overwhelming so these tips are aimed at helping to save you time and money. You’ll also find me sharing tips in a 7 minute video on my YouTube channel – watch it here.

First, check your wardrobe

Before any shopping spree, the first thing I recommend you do is to check your own wardrobe. You may find things in there which you’ve forgotten about and haven’t worn since you bought them. You may also have things in colours that aren’t your best, so it’s worth remembering that they can be rescued. This is something I cover during your colour analysis consultation.

Essentially, you need to know what you have, where your gaps are and what you need. Have a plan and be clear on exactly what items you’re shopping for so you can actually save yourself time and money.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself before buying anything new:

  1. Is it the right colour for me?
  2. Does the style work for me?
  3. What occasions am I likely to wear it to?
  4. Does it flatter my body shape and fit my proportions?
  5. Is it comfortable to wear?
  6. What else can I wear it with?

As I always say, trends come and go and fashion isn’t quite so ‘new’. So, if there was something from the previous season which caught your eye, but you didn’t want to pay for price for it, then now is the time you may be lucky to pick it up in the sales. It’s also worth checking the pre-loved sites too.

What’s a ‘good buy’?

This will vary person to person, but something which you end up wearing time and time again. Broadly speaking, transitional items will take you through the different seasons meaning you get more £s per wear. Often they can be more classic, less ‘high trend’ and more timeless in the style or colour, so that it will also last through many seasons.

Accessories are the easiest and most cost-effective way to update any outfit, whether it’s a necklace or a pair of boots.

Neutral colours (grey, navy, black, brown, white) can be good to buy in the sales as they can make good investment pieces, such as a blazer or trousers. A neutral colour will always ‘go’ with any colour. Just remember the advice given in your colour analysis consultation.

Once you’ve had a colour analysis, shopping for colours which suit you becomes far easier. You really can wear your colours all year round and you’ll find that having a new colour this or next season can often fill a gap in your wardrobe for future seasons to come. I never struggle to find things for all colouring types, all year round.

The colours and trends which come through each season are therefore great opportunities to restyle things you already have, as well as update an existing outfit. I share the trending colours and styles twice a year, just take a look at the latest guides available here.

Shopping online and pre-loved

This can feel more challenging but the principles are just the same as a store!

You need to work a bit harder to find what you’re looking for, but it’s much easier than death by scrolling. The key is to use as many filters as you can to search. Select the size, category and colour and this will reduce the number of items. If you’re shopping pre-loved and you want to make sure it’s in tip top condition, simply search for those with the tags still on (BNWT – brand new with tags).

Help is at hand

If you would prefer someone to do the hard work for you, that’s where my seasonal updates and shopping trips come in. 

Twice a year I run my seasonal updates where you can join a workshop, watch my video, and get my shopping guides.

So, if you fancy a mini-me in your pocket, do check out my ‘shop the look’ guides as there’s one for each dominant colouring type. My recorded video masterclass takes you through the colours and trends in a 45 minute presentation and the latest colour trend guide fits inside your swatches which you can take out with you when you do go shopping.

These spring/summer updates are available until 30 September, then the autumn/winter updates will launch on 1 October. The live group workshop takes place virtually at 12pm on Saturday 5 October and tickets are available here.


Register your interest in ‘seasonal updates’ and join the wait list for an exclusive offer here and visit the current guides here.

The Zara sizing code you need to know

It’s well known that if you shop at Zara, the sizing can sometimes be a little off.

Without any standardisation to sizes in the UK, they aren’t exactly on their own though.

In fairness, Zara do have a good sizing guide to assist when shopping online. Simply enter your height, weight and how you want the garment to fit (tighter, perfect, or looser). Then, it gives you your ideal size for the item you’re looking at.

Lots of online retailers offer similar sizing and fitting guides (for example, Boden use True Fit). Plus, I highly recommend reading the measurements to improve your online shopping experience and reduce returns. I’ve talked about this in my blog: How to shop with success.

The Zara sizing code

zara label symbols

zara symbol label guide


On each garment label, it shows the size of the garment (in EU, USA and MEX) with a symbol.

This symbol relates to fit and you’ll see one of three symbols.

Square fits true to size, a triangle means it fits on the smaller side, and a circle on the bigger side.




Worth noting is that it hasn’t been confirmed by Zara. Instead, it’s rumoured the symbols indicate the different clothing collections rather than sizing.

What I found

From my personal experience of the garments I checked, broadly speaking, the symbols are a good indicator.

Here’s my examples:

Zara dress label

zara dress label


This Zara dress was the one I dyed here and is a size small with a circle.

I always found this was on the larger side but it has a tie belt I use to pull the garment in at the back for a better fit.






My Zara coat I bought in XS with a square symbol.

Interestingly, I originally sized down for this one as I felt it drowned me in the next size up.

The style however is more of a loose fit with an open front and I prefer a slimmer line so went for the smaller size.


zara zig zag dress label

zig zag dress label

The cult zig zag dress from the blog a few months ago was XS with a circle symbol.

Of the many reasons why this dress didn’t work was the fit.

Despite it being XS it totally swamped me so was definitely an over-sized fit.






Finally, another dress which I found at the same time as the zig zag dress was this blue one. A size small with a square symbol.

It was for me, a perfect fit, it just wasn’t my ‘style’ but I would agree that it was true to size.


On the whole, I would recommend using the symbols as a guide when buying in store and using the measurements and fit guide online.

Why not check your own garments against the symbols and let me know?

Just remember that size doesn’t matter. Learn to dress for your shape in garments which fit and flatter your shape and your proportions and you’ll always look fab. (especially in the right colours for you!)

But, if you need some help and advice, get in touch about booking a colour or style session.

How to shop with success

It was great to do my What to wear workshop a couple of weeks ago and share the new colour and style trends for autumn and winter. These workshops occur every six months and the spring and summer update will take place on 1st April.

You see, trends come and go and fashion isn’t quite so ‘new’. Yes, the styles may be ever so slightly different but only you know if you’ll get your money’s worth out of buying it and I want to help you to make the right decisions.

The workshops are an opportunity to hear me share my tips on how to make the current trends work for you, what colours you’re more likely to find and how to review what you’ve already got to style them up differently.

I also use it as an opportunity to showcase items from my own wardrobe which tick the current trends, even if I’ve had them for years! This time round I pulled out 9 items which is why it’s important to know what you’ve got in your wardrobe.

When it comes to shopping, everyone is different but if you’ve got things in your wardrobe with the label still attached, or you buy things and have nothing to ‘go’ with them, here’s my tips to shop with success.


Some people love the thrill of finding a bargain, but just remember it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it! So, you need to know what you have, where your gaps are and what you need.

One rule I follow is the power of three. If I can think of three other items I already have that I can wear it with, or there are three events coming up which I can wear it to, then it’s a good buy.

Another tip when looking at what you already have, is the items you’re not wearing. Ask yourself if there’s a reason for not wearing it. For example, is it too scratchy? Does it ride up or sag when you sit down? These things mean you’re unlikely to wear it so it’s whether you can get it altered or you have to decide to cut your losses. But, if it’s that you need x y or z to wear it with, take note of what that item is because this is a gap that you could fill.


The first thing really is as I mentioned above: be clear on what you’re shopping for. It’s OK to come back from a shopping trip having not bought anything! This might be disappointing, but it means you’ve found nothing that’s right for you (and that’s really ok).

Here’s the questions I ask myself:

Is it the right colour for me?

Does the style work for me?

What occasions am I likely to wear it to?

Does it flatter my body shape and fit my proportions?

Is it comfortable to wear?

What else can I wear it with?

If I’m not able to check all these things off, it means I’m compromising on an item which may not suit me. Not always, but this can mean that it’s more than likely to be an item that doesn’t get worn.


If you’re an online shopper, it can feel more difficult but following the same checks will still work. You will need to work a bit harder though such as using as many filters to search as possible (think in stock, size, category and colour) to reduce the number of items. If you’re looking for a new winter coat in green in your size, you’ll waste time flicking through pages of t-shirts, dresses and trousers…


It’s also worth pointing out that clothes don’t need to be brand new as they can be new to you. Charity shops, tinted and Ebay are all great options for you to buy as well as sell your old things too if they’re in good condition. Don’t forget the rental marketplace too (even John Lewis have got in on that one).


This isn’t meant to take the fun out of shopping but help you make better buying decisions. Otherwise, you’ll make the same mistakes and still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear!

Ultimately, it’s all about understanding what suits you and your lifestyle as well as your budget. Even when you know your colours, choosing the right fabrics and styles is just as important or you still won’t feel ‘right’.


You don’t know what you don’t know! That’s where my sessions can help you make the right choices as you’ll learn what suits you and stop wasting money on things you never wear.

colour analysis is by far my most popular consultation (when you’ll learn the shades of colour which suit you and how to wear them).

During my style and image consultation, you’ll learn how to identify your style, shape and proportions and the cut of fabrics which suit you best.

If you missed the workshop, you can still get your hands on the colour & style guide as well as the pre-recorded masterclass to help guide you with the latest colour and style trends.

Should you need help shopping for new items, virtual and in-person shopping sessions are also available. Get in touch:

How to shop for your colours

When you know the shades of colours which make you look fabulous, you’ll make fewer shopping mistakes. It’s the top thing I’m told when people come to me to ‘get their colours done’!

Learning your colouring type and how to wear colour makes it so much easier to identify what suits you. You’ll find you’re able to create more outfits from what you have. Over time, your wardrobe becomes more coordinated – it just takes a little practice.

Armed with your fabric swatches from your colour consultation, you’ll be keen to shop for your colours.

How to shop for your colours

If you’re on the hunt for a specific colour, take a look at Kettlewell Colours. They’re a great clothing source with good staple items in a variety of colours, aimed at people who’ve had a colour analysis. Browse the range here: (There’s also a link on my ‘shop‘ page.)

Their clothes are primarily designed and organised by seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, as Melissa (the owner) was seasonally analysed and struggled finding her colours all year round.

If you’ve had a colour analysis by a colour me beautiful consultant in the last 15 years, you’ll have been TONALLY analysed and you can still shop on Kettlewell. I’m sharing how to do so in the video below (also on Youtube).

With a tonal analysis. you’ll learn your “dominant’ and ‘sub-dominant’ colouring type, based upon the colour of your hair (as it is now), your skin tone and your eye colour. Your dominant colouring type will be one of six , rather than one of four seasons – light, warm, deep, clear, cool or soft. The tonal system of analysis is what I use in my colour analysis consultations. (find out more here).

I’ve created a video to demonstrate how you can search for your colours on their website. It makes searching online for pieces much easier!

Kettlewell update their collection regularly and they have a much wider selection of colours than you’re likely to find on the high street.

The latest colour and style trends is available through my seasonal updates which are updated twice per year. You’ll find more details here.


Watch the video on shopping for your colours here

If you do get stuck or need some advice, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Register your interest in ‘seasonal updates‘ and you’ll be eligible for a pre-launch offer each October and April.

How to stop impulse buying

It was great to do my What to wear workshop for Autumn at the weekend and share the new colour and style trends that you’ll find in the shops and online.

I find that everyone is different when it comes to shopping, but often there is a little common problem I hear time and time again. Impulse shopping!

Now, I’m not trying to take the fun out of life and be a party pooper! It’s a common problem I hear all the time but one which can be solved!

The scenario

You go shopping, hoping to buy something new. You find nothing that fits your proportions / in your colours / in your size / flatters your shape / makes you feel good / feels like you. So, you go home feeling deflated, fed up and totally uninspired. That’s not a great place to be!

Because, it all looks so tempting, inspiring and seductive with the adverts, emails and the rails promoting those ‘must-have’ pieces and outfits. Encouraging you to part with your hard-earned cash. After all, you want to look that good too right? Fashionable. Stylish. On trend.

Stop ✋

Shop with purpose

That’s why my advice is to always shop with purpose. You need a better plan and one your wardrobe, purse and self-esteem will thank you for!

New outfits and clothes don’t have to be new all the time. Sometimes you just need to feel inspired to try a different combination to create a new outfit. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find ‘new’ things in your wardrobe. Those pieces you bought ages ago and actually forgot that you had. Or those items you bought but didn’t know what to wear it with.

You see, trends come and go and fashion isn’t quite so ‘new’. Yes, the styles may be ever so slightly different but only you know if you’ll get your money’s worth out of buying it.

My what to wear workshops occur every six months for Spring/summer and Autumn/Winter. It’s an opportunity to hear me share my tips on how to make the current seasonal styles work for you but also how to review what you’ve already got and style them up differently. On Saturday, not only did I showcase some of the new trends you’ll find on the high street, but I also picked out 16 items I already had in my own wardrobe which ticked off those same trends! That’s why it’s important to know what you’ve got in your wardrobe.

Shopping tips

These are questions I ask myself when I shop:

Is it the right colour for me?

Does the style work for me?

When would I wear it? (occasion/lifestyle appropriate)

Does it fit and flatter my body shape and proportions?

Is it comfortable to wear?

What else can I wear it with?

Final thoughts

As you can see, it’s all about understanding what works for you, your lifestyle as well as your budget. Even when you know your colours, choosing the right fabrics and styles is equally as important or you still won’t feel ‘right’. That’s where my style and image consultations come in.

Finally, don’t forget about accessories. These can be a great way to put some jazz into your existing clothes and do a nod to the new trends at the same time. Plus, they’re a much more cost effective way of adding something new to your wardrobe.

Remember; just because it’s in fashion, does not mean that it suits everyone. If it’s not ‘you’, don’t buy it! It’s about being authentic and true to yourself. Wearing something that doesn’t feel like you will only make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy and that doesn’t make for a confident feeling person.

My style and image consultations will identify your style, your shape, proportions and the cut and fabrics which suit you best. Contact me to book your session.

Choosing shorts

Gap have recently announced that they’ll be closing their high street shops soon and remaining online. It’s a common theme for the high street unfortunately.

It did remind me of my own shorts collection and a client of mine.

She contacted me to ask for some shopping advice for shorts as she struggled finding the right styles and fit.

Here’s some tips.

Firstly, shorts are for anyone of any age (just like most clothes in fairness). It’s all down to how confident you feel in what you wear. And, choosing your clothes which fit your shape, proportions and style preferences. This is covered in my style and image consultations. 

The main issue my client had with shorts was the width of the leg. She had lovely slim legs and was petite so if the shorts were too wide, they looked baggy and her legs looked too ‘spindly’!

If you are petite, it’s key to get the right size or they can swamp your bottom half and make your legs appear shorter than they are.

Short lengths and styles

The length of your shorts should also be considered. Just like a skirt or dress, shorts can also come in different lengths and styles.

That’s where Gap was one of my favourite retailers. They featured different lengths and styles and often in a range of colours and fabrics and prints.

Here are a few from my own collection:


These have a longer length. Bermuda styles are usually more fitted and straight legged too. I have 9 inch and 10 inch lengths.


girlfriend shorts

Offer a more casual style. Mine are a 3 inch length so the shortness of these may not be for everyone. You’ll also find activewear or beachwear this length.

3 inch girlfriend shorts

3 inch girlfriend shorts

city shorts

A slightly smarter version and similar to chino styles and come in different lengths. Mine are 3 inch.

3 inch city shorts

3 inch city shorts


Paper bag

These are high waisted and gathered at the waist, often a dressier very of shorts. Unfortunately, they aren’t universally flattering. They tend to suit those with a clearly defined waist and those with a longer body better.

pleats and darts

These will create shape so be more fitted and tailored. If your curvier, these will be much more flattering for your figure.

mid length

This would be the most universally flattering length in my view. Typically, around 5/6 inches length in the inside leg. This is because this is usually the point of your leg when it begins to narrow and therefore more flattering.

Sit and stand test

When you’re trying your shorts on, sit in them as well as stand! You don’t want them too tight on the thigh so that when you sit they are too restrictive.


Natural fibres have more breathability to them. They tend to come from animals, plants and minerals. These include fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool.

Synthetic fibres are usually made with artificial fibres and chemicals. As they are man made, they are more affordable and are designed to be used more frequently. Polyester, rayon and acrylic are common fabrics often created to mimic the natural fibres mentioned above.

The result!

Following my advice, my client sent me some pictures.

Here, in the first picture are her standard shorts.

Client in her standard baggy shorts

In the second picture, her new tailored fit shorts. Slightly longer in length but more fitted and much more flattering for her shape and frame.

Client in her fitted, tailored shorts

If you need some styling advice, get in touch.



Post lockdown shopping tips

2020 hasn’t really shaped up to what we would have expected has it?

Next week, the clothes shops are expected to open their doors once again, with many weeks having passed since closing them. I’m also not sure what to expect. Will you be rushing out to the shops?

For those of you who love the joy of shopping; perhaps a leisurely browse with a coffee stop, this is unlikely to be the case for some time. For those of you who despise shopping, then I’m sure you won’t have missed it in any event!


What to expect

There is the prospect of queuing, just like we do at the supermarket as shops limit the number of customers at any one time. Sanitise stations on entry and exit with one way systems likely to be in place. Of course, there will be no changing rooms either and strict social distancing in place too.

Contactless payments have already increased their limit to £45 in many stores and shunning cash payments, clothing retailers are likely to follow.


The new norm?

Without changing rooms, you’ll need to buy and try on at home. The benefit of this is the comfort of your own home with your own mirrors and lighting! Though, the added inconvenience if you need to return them.

One of the many benefits to understanding the colours, style and shape of clothes which work for you, can help to minimise this as you will shop better knowing what to buy and what suits you. 

If you do buy something, get it home and it’s not right for you, please don’t feel that you need to hold onto it! It’s only a waste and you’ll regret the purchase every time you see it hung up with the label on!

Statistics show that during this period, people have taken to online shopping and it will be interesting to see if the spending ratios tilt again.
Many people have been encouraged to ‘shop their wardrobe’ during this period and I’ve spent time with many clients helping them assess their wardrobes. Don’t discount what you might have lurking at the back of the wardrobe!

Is it really a bargain?

This period has also brought about more awareness to sustainability again with their clothes. Buying less items but spending more on quality is certainly a positive effect.

But, if you can’t resist a bargain – beware! I do predict that there could be huge sales emerge from some retailers who have been unable to sell their current range of spring and summer season stock. This can be both a positive and a negative.

Do you adopt the smash and grab approach in your local budget store: a pair of shorts for a fiver, a swimsuit reduced by 80% and those faux-leather sandals that you’ll ‘bed in’ on a buy one pair, get one free offer which you’ll save for your holiday next year?

Or, do you use this opportunity to invest in better quality items that will last for years to come? There may be an opportunity to look at retailers that have always been slightly out of your price point as they may offer discounts that you can afford to treat yourself to now.

The choice is yours!

My tip is always to go with a shopping list of items you need and fill what gaps you have. Remember, that something is only ever a bargain if you actually wear it. My £s per wear motto also means that the more you wear something, the more use you get out of it and the lower cost per wear. Compare spending £5 on something you wear once versus spending £25 on something you wear 10 times – the latter is better value. 

Before buying anything, ask yourself if the item concerned will go with at least three other things in your wardrobe. If you have to buy ‘around’ the item to make an outfit, chances are it isn’t really a bargain. It may be that there is a coveted item that you’re lacking in your wardrobe and which you’ve been searching for. That one item that transforms other items to create multiple outfits. This could be a good purchase. Have a look in your wardrobe and really look closely. And, if you’re trying to match up something then take it with you.


Spring/Summer update

I believe that everyone should feel good in what they wear.

Understanding what suits you and why can help you shop wisely and avoid making more wardrobe mistakes. If you need any help then please do get in touch as I have a range of services to offer.

If you’re keen to update your wardrobe without making more wardrobe mistakes, consider booking my seasonal style update. The session addresses the key colours and styles available in the shops and what will specifically work better for you. This isn’t always about what you should buy, but what you have and how you can update your wardrobe to work better for you and be more current. Sessions are available individually or as a group and a handy seasonal style guide is included.

You can purchase the handy seasonal guide separately. Please get in touch to get your copy.

One final point, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to test make-up at the cosmetics counter or experience a makeover. Don’t leave your purchases to chance. Let me help, guide and recommend the best shades of make-up to enhance your features. Plus, theres 10% off until 3 July. Visit the online shop to make your purchase and an additional 10% will be donated to NHS Charities together.

Funk it up ladies shopping night

This event coincided with Halloween, but, that didn’t stop people attending for a treat!

Alison is the owner of Funk it up Clothing boutique in Leeds. We’d been chatting about holding a joint event for a few months before agreeing the October date and that I’d talk about how to wear the key Autumn/Winter trends.

Like any shopping event, I make sure I do my research. So, I popped by the boutique to check the stock. I do this exercise for personal shopping trips too so that I’m prepared for our time together meaning more time shopping and less time browsing!

It was lovely to see so many and to chat about their common dressing challenges.

What to wear

Alison had a range of autumn trends in stock in a variety of colours (green, red, browns) meaning I could use the clothes to demonstrate the styles and colours which would suit people and what to look for.

Not everyone was familiar with the Colour me Beautiful system of analysis and so I explained that we have six main colouring types (we don’t do seasons), the impact of style personalities on our shopping decisions and a few tips for dressing your body shape.

The key thing to remember is that everyone is unique. My sessions provide you with the knowledge about what makes you look and feel good in what you wear. When you understand what flatters you and why, it will help you to gain the confidence to simply be yourself.

Everyone attending received a copy of my free guide to help them declutter their wardrobe too!

If you’d like to see the clothing range or visit the store, visit the Facebook page for more details:


To download a copy of the declutter guide click here.

The Style Edit – shopping results

A few weeks ago, I held The Style Edit. It was great to see some new faces and some familiar ones too.

I know that some of you couldn’t make it but I thought I’d share some of the shopping purchases I showcased here.


The jumpsuit was an amazing shade of green, very bold to suit you deeps and clears. It does however come in other colours online. Greens are a very popular colour this season.

Also popular with two trends in one was the teal velvet top. It had a subtle animal print detail for a more relaxed look. Despite also being called teal, it was a much lighter shade than the jumpsuit and so would suit the softs and lights particularly well.

Continuing the animal print trend was this purple top. It was more like a lilac or periwinkle and a great shade for you softs. I loved the animal print scarf which came with it.

The ochre V neck jumper was thin, making layering a breeze and came in a vast array of shades. There’s certainly a shade to suit everyone if you like the style!



I am quite a fan of M&S latest must haves (have you seen those teal embellished stripe dresses trousers??). Perhaps it coincides with Holly joining.. I found a vast range of trousers, but these checked ones seemed to hit the heritage trend the best.



I found this bold striped top perhaps suiting those wanting a little more drama. I’ve now found it in the sale at Debenhams online.



This animal print dress epitomised the whole animal print trend this season. The colour was great for all you warms with amazing detailing and good fabric for the majority of body shapes. Also now found in the sale so if this is your thing, grab it now!

Incidentally, I found a great relaxed pair of trousers in the sale. Think athletic style, or more sporty look (stripes down the sides). They feel so comfy too rather than the straight tailored look and worth checking out as most shops seem to have a pair.


Dorothy Perkins

Seem to have upped their game in the colour charts as both these tops came in a range of colours. The pink blouse would be lovely for you cools and clears. The burgundy tshirt would be great for deeps and softs and could be layered with a vest as the material rather see through for most.


Hope you enjoyed this and of course, if you’d like to go on your own personal shopping trip, just get in touch.

Choosing a new coat for the winter months

The colder months are beginning to set in. So, if you’re on the look out for a new coat this season, then read on.

Here are three essential styles that will see you through any occasion.


The Cosy Quilted Parka

This the coat for all-weathers!

It might not be the most stylish coat you’ll own but it will be warm and cosy and suitable for school runs or walking the dog!

Check out this Mango Quilted Coat, £139.99.

The Elegant Cape

This season, statement sleeves and interesting cuffs feature heavily.

An elegant alternative to a jacket is a cape – it offers a little warmth for more formal occasions but without ruining the overall look of your outfit.

Try out this Coast Hendy Cape at John Lewis, £99

The Statement Shade

If you’re looking for a smart/casual coat which can elevate an everyday look, try choosing a more formal coat in a stand-out colour from your palette to really make you feel fabulous!

How about this New Look Bright Orange Single Breasted Formal Coat, £34.99

If you need any assistance, get in touch. I offer colour analysis consultations, style analysis sessions and personal shopping trips.

The Style Edit – Friday 9 November

Want to learn key trends for the season? I am co hosting an event with Sonia Wilson of Stella & Dot.

Come along to this open house event for free colour and style tips to take you into the winter months.

An easy way to update your wardrobe is with accessories so Sonia will be showcasing her amazing Stella & Dot jewellery.

Complete your look with the perfect lipstick shade and try out one of my new shades. You can even try out the new skincare range which is proving to be very popular!

Book your place at this special Style Edit on Friday 9th November from 7pm. Glass of fizz on arrival 🍾


Three items to buy now for Autumn

We are heading fast into Autumn, the kids are back at school and a sense of ‘normality’ can resume!

As the season changes, it’s often a time to look in our wardrobes and update with a few key pieces.

Here’s my top three items to buy now that will give your wardrobe an instant update.


The Print

Animal print is everywhere this season and in more colours which is nice to see. Try blue or pink if you have a cool undertone to your skin.

You don’t have to go all out if it’s not your thing; think a subtle belt, shoes or boots. If it is your thing; how about a statement coat?



The slouchy boot is here for the Autumn. Try tucking in skinny jeans or wear with a midi skirt for a bit more of an edge.



You will have heard me say that black is not everyone’s friend and this season is no different! Instead, I’m seeing two colours emerge – brown and green.



A great alternative to black and a versatile neutral shade too. With neutral colours, they mix very easily with fashion or accent shades which come and go with the seasons (think yellow and lavender in the spring earlier this year). Crucially, brown works particularly well if you fall into the Soft, Warm and Light categories.

As with any colour, it’s all about HOW you wear it.

If you have a cool undertone be sure to keep brown shades away from your face and break them up with some cooler tones on your top half.

Lights should opt for lighter shades of brown and could try combining it with pale blues and pinks. Keep a look out for Rose Brown too – a lighter, softer shade of brown. Warms and Softs can wear browns of a medium depth on their own or combine them with colours one or two shades lighter for a subtle contrast.

Deeps can mix it with rich reds, greens and damson and Clears will need to add some vibrancy and contrast with a colour pop.


Fifty shades of green!

There are so many different shades of green that if you are not a fan, I’m sure you’ll find one if you give it a go. If in doubt why not try teal? It’s certainly one of my favourites and a shade which tends to work for everyone.

Why not treat yourself to an eye pencil in the seasonal colours? I have a lovely coffee (lights, softs, warms), brown (deeps, warms), moss (warms, deeps) and teal (everyone!) available which are under a tenner and are lovely and soft so as not to drag on the delicate eye area.

If accessories are more your thing, how about a scarf? I’ve got atmosphere which is a lovely neutral beige colour in raw silk material for you warms, deeps, clears, softs and lights or teal which suits everyone. If you’re a light or a soft-warm then I have just one of the yellow-green pashminettas available in the studio.

Get in touch with me on 07958657032 or buy from my online shop (above). This month there’s half price postage.

Finally, if your interested in learning all about the new season trends and how you can wear them, reserve your place at my Autumn event – details to follow soon.


How to shop

Last month’s blog looked at spring cleaning your wardrobe and I gave five tips on doing this. Now you’ve done you’re wardrobe, do you know what to shop for?

There’s something quite satisfying I think about detoxing though how you feel afterwards will be dependent upon what you’ve left yourself!

Assuming you do this task, it’s also best to do a quick review afterwards to identify what clothing gaps you have so you can go armed with a list when you hit the shops.


Value for money

Please remember that it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it. The more times you wear something, the more value for money it is. I refer to this as £s per wear.

If you’re following me on social media, you may have noticed a recent video from M&S which I commented on. It was a lady in one of their blue summer dresses. The dress could be worn in three ways and it cost less than £50. Using my £s per wear rationale means that if you wear it in their suggested three ways, then it’s just over £16 per wear. Compare this to the dress you bought in the sale for say £25 which you’ve only worn once (or not at all!) and you can see the difference that smart shopping makes.

Given it’s a new season and you may want to fill a few gaps – what do you shop for now?


This trend can be found in tops and dresses. Be wary of the depth of colour as if you’re lighter, avoid the dark denim look or it could wash you out. Equally, if you’ve got darker colouring, this will work for you but avoid the pale denim. Be carful of the weight of the fabric against your body lines too.


This trend continues in lots of styles and colours so there should be something out there to suit everyone.


For all you lights out there : shop now!!

This season brings pastel colours which are perfect for you. Pinks, blues, greens and lavender. Be sure to pick the right shade to suit you. On the subject of lavender – lots of this is out there! Take this colour trend right through to purple. Don’t forget ultra violet is the colour for 2018.



From trousers (the River Island ones I shared on social media did not seem popular with my viewers!) to jump suits and jackets. Be sure to choose both the colours and styles which suit you best. Stripes don’t have to be all over (especially if you have a smaller frame or aren’t looking for the attention). Try a discreet stripe too.



It’s mainly florals again this season on dresses, tips and trousers. The same rule applies as stripes; wear with care the larger patterns so that they don’t dwarf you.


Above all; have fun when you hit the shops!


If you would like to know more about what colour and styles suit you, then book a consultation with me.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning what the seasonal trends are for you, please get in touch to book your own personal style update or shop with me.