A few weeks ago, I held The Style Edit. It was great to see some new faces and some familiar ones too.

I know that some of you couldn’t make it but I thought I’d share some of the shopping purchases I showcased here.


The jumpsuit was an amazing shade of green, very bold to suit you deeps and clears. It does however come in other colours online. Greens are a very popular colour this season.

Also popular with two trends in one was the teal velvet top. It had a subtle animal print detail for a more relaxed look. Despite also being called teal, it was a much lighter shade than the jumpsuit and so would suit the softs and lights particularly well.

Continuing the animal print trend was this purple top. It was more like a lilac or periwinkle and a great shade for you softs. I loved the animal print scarf which came with it.

The ochre V neck jumper was thin, making layering a breeze and came in a vast array of shades. There’s certainly a shade to suit everyone if you like the style!



I am quite a fan of M&S latest must haves (have you seen those teal embellished stripe dresses trousers??). Perhaps it coincides with Holly joining.. I found a vast range of trousers, but these checked ones seemed to hit the heritage trend the best.



I found this bold striped top perhaps suiting those wanting a little more drama. I’ve now found it in the sale at Debenhams online.



This animal print dress epitomised the whole animal print trend this season. The colour was great for all you warms with amazing detailing and good fabric for the majority of body shapes. Also now found in the sale so if this is your thing, grab it now!

Incidentally, I found a great relaxed pair of trousers in the sale. Think athletic style, or more sporty look (stripes down the sides). They feel so comfy too rather than the straight tailored look and worth checking out as most shops seem to have a pair.


Dorothy Perkins

Seem to have upped their game in the colour charts as both these tops came in a range of colours. The pink blouse would be lovely for you cools and clears. The burgundy tshirt would be great for deeps and softs and could be layered with a vest as the material rather see through for most.


Hope you enjoyed this and of course, if you’d like to go on your own personal shopping trip, just get in touch.