NEW Recorded On-demand Seasonal Masterclass – Autumn / Winter 2023 update

The latest masterclass is now available!

This is a pre-recorded video which you can watch at your leisure to discover the Autumn and Winter 2023 colour and style trends plus how to wear them.

It’s perfect for you if you would prefer to watch it in your own time.

You’ll follow the presentation which has been prepared highlighting what’s available this season with Toni’s help and guidance.

The recorded video lasts 38 minutes. Get inspired with what to wear this autumn with tips on how to wear the new trends whilst checking what’s hung up in your wardrobe!

During this recorded video masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The key colours for each dominant colouring type (light, deep, warm, cool, clear, soft) this season
  • Where to find the key colours this season
  • The latest styles and trends and how to wear them
  • Where to find the new trends 

Purchase it here:

These recorded seasonal masterclasses are recorded twice a year to coincide with Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. They are part of a range of seasonal updates available to support you.

Each video lasts around 30 minutes which mans you can watch it as many time as you like! You’ll receive a link to video once your order has been processed.

The next seasonal update for Spring/Summer 2024 will be available from 1 April 2024.

Register your interest in ‘seasonal updates’ and join the wait list to receive a 5 day exclusive pre-launch offer on 27 March. Register here.

What to buy this Autumn/Winter

Money doesn’t buy style, knowledge does.

When you know what suits you, shopping becomes easier and your wardrobe becomes more cohesive and coordinated.

Shopping doesn’t have the same joy for everyone. So if you find it overwhelming and confusing about what to buy, or make too many shopping mistakes you often regret, listen up.

I’ve done the hard work to save you time scouring the internet and the high street. I’ve gathered the colours and trends, where to get them and how to wear them with my seasonal updates.

A new season doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on new clothes to stay relevant and feel good about yourself. A simple change of accessories or a tweak to what you’ve got can make all the difference. Breathe new life into old pieces and bring you bang up to date.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind, or you prefer a more guided approach, these seasonal updates are available all year round. Here’s what’s available


This summary guide is a handy, double-sided A5 sized guide. It can be popped in your handbag to guide you on any shopping trips.

There’s a list of colours for your clothes and makeup organised by dominant colouring type (which you learn during your colour analysis consultation. You’ll find a summary of the key trends with tips on wearing them on the reverse of the guide.

I’ve got eight colours for each of the six dominant colouring types so that you can focus on any specific colours from your colour swatches and palette (if you’ve had a tonal colour analysis). This makes it easy to update your wardrobe this autumn and winter, filling any gaps. For an autumn boost to your makeup, there’s some combinations and colours to try too.

If you’ve booked a Complete Colour Analysis Consultation between October until March, a copy is included.

Add yourself to the wait list and get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive access to the guide. Simply register yourself for seasonal updates to get your hands on it, or wait until 1 October when it goes on general sale. Once your order has been processed, it will be posted (UK only) via Royal Mail. A scanned copy can be emailed to anyone outside the UK.

There are a few copies left of the previous Spring / Summer 2023 colour and style guide. This is perfect if you’re shopping the sales or pre-loved. It’s currently reduced until 30 September but only whilst stocks last. Get it here.


For a more detailed guide on the autumn/winter colour and style trends, my pre-recorded masterclass can be watched as many times as you like!

You’ll receive a link to a presentation and video recording which you can watch. I’ll talk you through the latest trends, the colours and examples for each dominant colouring type. There’s some tips on dressing your shape too.

The recording this time is 38 minutes. Available from 1 October unless you’re on the wait list for my seasonal updates and you’ll get 5 days early access to the material at an exclusive price too! (Register your details, click ‘seasonal updates’ and hit the button to register).

The previous spring / summer 2023 on-demand masterclass is still available and on sale until 30 September. Get it here.


The next live workshop takes place via zoom on Saturday 7 October at 2pm and lasts around 90 minutes.

During this virtual workshop, I’ll guide you through what you’ll find in the shops this autumn/winter whilst assessing what you’ve already got in your wardrobe! I’ll talk you through my presentation and slides which I’ve put together illustrating the trends, styles, key colours for your colouring type and where to find them all with tips on wearing them too of course!

You’ll see items from my own wardrobe to demonstrate that trends really do come and go along with picks from the high street. Tickets cost £19.50 and are available to purchase here for the event on 7 October.


A complete guide of the colours and style trends this season to go through on your own.

The 19 page document includes:

  • A summary of the key trends, what to look for and tips on how to wear them
  • Tips on dressing your body shape
  • 8 key trending colours for each dominant colouring type (lights, deeps, warms, cools, clears, softs)
  • Makeup colours for each dominant colouring type
  • 15 London Fashion Week colour palette coded by dominant colouring type
  • Wardrobe checklist to help you review what you’ve already got and any gaps
  • An AW23 shopping checklist to help you identify what to shop for this season

This is a digital and practical guide delivered electronically and is available from 1 April. Join the wait list and you’ll get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive access (register for seasonal updates and watch out for the email on 26 September!)


New for Autumn is a shop the look guide for each colouring type. Each guide features links and notes from me about the items I’ve found and featured for your colouring.

This makes shopping the new looks a breeze.


Subscribing to a waiting list means I can make you an exclusive offer. The offers aren’t available outside of my email list (ie I don’t offer them anywhere else). So, if you’re not on the list then you don’t get this access. This seems fair to me as a reward and thank you for signing up to be rewarded.

The wait list means you’ll get 5 days exclusive access ahead of general sale at an exclusive price.

To qualify, you need to be subscribed, select ‘seasonal updates’ as an interest and still be opted in by the time the offer comes around. On 26 September, check your emails for your exclusive pre-launch offer. (You’ll also get access to the spring/summer updates on 27 March too).

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How to prepare your wardrobe for autumn

Have you found that as the seasons change, your dressing habits change too?

As autumn comes, you begin adding layers and the debate rages about when you should wear your winter coat, put on the winter duvet and let’s not start on the heating!

If you keep peering inside your wardrobe crying out: “I have nothing to wear!” I’m guessing that’s not strictly true. There are no doubt clothes hung up ready to wear. What you’re most likely feeling is that you that have nothing appropriate to wear.

It’s a vicious circle. Especially when you think about the retailers and fashion and advertising. If your email is anything like mine, it’s been pinging away with ‘autumn trends’, ‘the transitional piece you need right now’, ‘top ten must have pieces’ and the like since August!

Whilst tempting, inspiring and seductive, encouraging you to open your purse and part with your hard-earned cash, it’s worth remembering that in a couple of months, some of those ‘on trend’ and ‘popular’ pieces will be on the sale racks. Because the fashion retailers haven’t sold them, and they need to make way for the next set of stock to burst through the doors.

Fast fashion allows everyday folk to buy the hot new trends at affordable prices. But, at what price? I don’t just mean the price tag but on the people involved in the journey from thread to your wardrobe.

People are more aware of the environmental and sustainable impact of the clothes being made. Campaigns like #secondhandseptember from Oxfam encourage people to not buy new and to shop second hand. I was delighted to be asked to get involved in a feature in The Yorkshire Post magazine supplement over the weekend (read it here or check out my Facebook post or Instagram for the article).

Yorkshire post article

Old versus new

When the seasons change, do you really need to buy something new? As a good old fashioned Yorkshire lass, I believe you can and should get your money’s worth from everything you buy! I call it £s per wear and it’s a simple concept. Buy less and wear more and learn how to re-style pieces you already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for.

What have you been wearing?

Have a look at what your most worn item of clothing, footwear and accessories have been over the last few months.

What is it that you loved about them? Work out the £s per wear (cost of item divided by the number of times it’s been worn) and consider if they have been a good investment. Anything under £10 per wear is pretty good but lower is much better!

Consider if you can keep wearing them when it cools down and it’s raining! It might mean wearing them a different way. A summer dress worn with tights or leggings? Maybe with a jumper over the top or underneath.

Have you got something similar?

It’s important to keep checking your wardrobe. Especially before any purchase you make. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying another <fill in the gap of an item you buy on repeat and still only wear one of the five you have> which you don’t actually need.

Fashion tends to repeat itself, so you may already have that must-have top/dress/pair of boots and might need to learn how to restyle it. Check the items you’ve not been able to wear that you got last year before heading out and buying another.

Make a list

I’m not trying to be a boring killjoy but identifying what you actually need is the best place to start. Identify the specifics: colour, style, shape, fit and you’ll make less impulse buys. This is really important if you’re one of those people that tend to buy a top / trousers / boots then realise you have nothing to wear them with when you get home. Should you need help, you can always download my wardrobe charts.

Seek assistance

Sometimes, you just need some guidance on what to buy and what suits you. Especially from someone who is impartial.

I’ll be sharing the colours, the trends and styles to look out for and how to make them work for you!

If you’re thoughtful before you buy, it can make all the difference to your pocket, wardrobe and the planet. It’s becoming more and more frequent that you’ll already have some of these ‘new trends’ in your wardrobe so let me inspire you to make them feel like new again.

Tickets are available at my autumn/winter what to wear workshop. It’s a group event which takes place on Saturday 1 October. There’s a morning session at the studio and a virtual session taking place in the afternoon. If you can’t make it, be sure to look out for my DIY support to be announced shortly.

Read more details here or buy your ticket here for Saturday 1 October.

What to wear workshop – Autumn/Winter 2022 – Saturday 1 October

It’s that time of the year again. When the weather threatens to change and suddenly your inbox is full with ‘what to buy for Autumn’!

To help reduce the overwhelm, I’m back again with my seasonal update to help you decipher what you’re going to buy (if anything) and how to work with what you’ve already got.

The Autumn/Winter What to wear workshop is back!

Looking for some guidance on what to wear so you don’t get sucked into making (more) shopping mistakes in the new season? My workshops are for you!

Just because it‘s in the shops, fashionable or on trend does not mean it will work for YOU – and that’s ok.

What’s involved?

You’ll hear all about what’s available in the shops and most importantly, what to look for so they suit you! It’s not always about buy, buy, buy, but understanding how can you be more sustainable with your choices and use what you may already have lurking in the back of your wardrobe to bring it up to date.

All this helps to guide you on making the right buying choices so you can feel good in what you wear!

The workshop with presentation will last around 90 minutes. You’ll learn about the current colour and style trends and a goody-bag following the session with further guidance.


These seasonal workshops run on the first Saturday of April and October. This Autumn/Winter workshop will be held on Saturday 1 October.

This time round, I’ll be offering an in-person session at TLC HQ in the morning at 10am and a virtual session in the afternoon at 2pm.

PLUS, there’s chance for those eager and early in their booking to bag an EARLY BIRD BONUS! The first THREE people to book for each event (so six in total) will be entered into a draw to win a 30-minute styling call with me.


The in person workshop costs £20 (including goody bag, refreshments and a chance to sample skincare and makeup). The virtual session takes place online via zoom and costs £17.50 (includes goody bag).

How to get tickets

Tickets are available to purchase in advance here.

Book now!

The event takes place on Saturday 1 October. Tickets are £17.50 for the virtual session or £20 for the in-person event. Purchase them via Eventbrite using the link above or click the button below.

What to wear – Autumn / Winter update – 9 October 2pm

A new season is approaching so do you know what you are going to wear??

Are you keen to keep your outfits up to date without spending a fortune? Or are you itching to buy something new and not sure what?

Introducing the Autumn/Winter What to wear workshop – Saturday 9 October at 2pm (virtual)

Now the shops are switching things up with new colours, new styles and new trends. But, don’t get sucked into making shopping mistakes by buying something just because it‘s in the shops. Some things just don’t work for you – and that’s ok.

Join from the comfort of your own home and hear from Toni as she shares with you the new trends and what to shop for this season. You’ll hear about what’s available and also how to review what you’ve already got so you can make the right choices in what you wear this Autumn and Winter.

During the session, you’ll learn:

✅ The colour trends this season

✅ Colours to suit your dominant colouring type

✅ New trends and styles 

✅ How to make these work for you

✅ Tips on reviewing what you already have in your wardrobe and how to style them up

Here’s what you’ll receive

✅ A style update card summarising the key colours and trends via post

✅ Wardrobe checklist and declutter guide (digital guide)

✅ Shopping list and checklist of the key items (digital guide)

✅ Discount voucher (to be redeemed through TLC Style & Colour.)

Book now!

The event takes place online at 2pm on Saturday 9 October. Tickets are £15 and available to purchase here.

Let’s talk winter coats

A winter coat can be quite an investment, especially if you have colder months like we do in the U.K.!

So, how do you know what type of coat to choose?

How do you know that the big coat you have is fit for purpose?

Do you know how to assess if it works for you style wise?

Read our blog for some ideas on what to look for here.

In this video, Toni shares two of her own coats and explains why they work for her and what she’s assessing.

Watch it here

If you need help shopping or finding the right coat for you, get in touch for advice.

Choosing the right ‘big’ coat

‘Big coat’ time is surely now isn’t it? We’ve got darker nights and we want to wrap up warm! I feel like I’ve been wearing mine for months now!

I’m sure many of you own more than one winter coat; I know I do. Often your winter coat can be quite an investment so how do you know if it is fit for purpose? Should you be on the hunt for a new one when the shops re-open, what should you be looking for?

Before any purchase, I’d always suggest checking your wardrobe to see what you’ve already got to avoid buying another which is exactly the same – especially if you’re not wearing it.

What to look for

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it the right colour for you?
2. Does it fit?
3. Do you feel ‘you’ when you wear it?
4. Does it work for your lifestyle and how you spend your time?
5. Is it complimentary for your body shape?

Should you answer no, then I’d be questioning the purchase. If it is one you’ve had for a while, maybe it’s time to get rid – sell it or donate it if it’s still in reasonable condition. Can you make it work by wearing it differently or with a colourful scarf?

There’s a variety of coat styles in different fabrics and to suit all budgets. These are the three categories which I assess when I’m looking for a coat. You may find them too few or too many – it’s all down to your individual style and lifestyle.

Practical and casual

It might sound a little boring, but this type of coat is what I’d call the every day and all weathers. Think ‘duvet coats’ or padded coats which are great for walks, commuting or donning for the school run. Choosing a coat in a colour which suits and compliments you, especially as it’s worn near to your face is always high priority for me. Try either a neutral colour which can be accessorised with a colourful scarf or if you’ve had a colour analysis; choose one of your favourites colours from your palette.


This is the coat for the times when you feel the need to dress a little smarter and you feel the duvet style coat is a little too casual or ‘outdoorsy’. Perhaps it’s shopping or lunch with friends (tiering dependent of course) and you want to be warm but not hot running round or in and out of different venues.

A cocoon style coat could be more versatile and can keep you warm. Or a simple single breasted long line coat which is less bulky and often available in a choice of colours.

Trench coats are a good option here as well and versatile as they can take you through the seasons. They tend to come in lighter weight fabrics meaning you can layer up in winter whilst still remaining stylish.

Out out

Whilst admittedly this feels like a distant memory and may be one on hold for now. This is the much smarter coat you’ll wear for dinner, drinks or a party. Likely to be less practical but makes you feel like you’ve dressed up for the occasion! It could be a faux fur coat or one with a faux fur collar to add extra an wow factor (if that’s your thing). Or perhaps leather or velvet or animal print!

In a recent video, I share two of my coat styles and why they work for me so that it helps you to choose the right winter coat for yourself.Watch it here.

If you need help shopping or finding the right coat for you, get in touch for advice.

Choosing a new coat for the winter months

The colder months are beginning to set in. So, if you’re on the look out for a new coat this season, then read on.

Here are three essential styles that will see you through any occasion.


The Cosy Quilted Parka

This the coat for all-weathers!

It might not be the most stylish coat you’ll own but it will be warm and cosy and suitable for school runs or walking the dog!

Check out this Mango Quilted Coat, £139.99.

The Elegant Cape

This season, statement sleeves and interesting cuffs feature heavily.

An elegant alternative to a jacket is a cape – it offers a little warmth for more formal occasions but without ruining the overall look of your outfit.

Try out this Coast Hendy Cape at John Lewis, £99

The Statement Shade

If you’re looking for a smart/casual coat which can elevate an everyday look, try choosing a more formal coat in a stand-out colour from your palette to really make you feel fabulous!

How about this New Look Bright Orange Single Breasted Formal Coat, £34.99

If you need any assistance, get in touch. I offer colour analysis consultations, style analysis sessions and personal shopping trips.

Is it time for your ‘big coat’?

It struck me this week that the weather is turning! Gale force winds, odd coloured skies and a red sun – we’ve had it all this week. It must be approaching the time of year to reach for your ‘big coat’.
‘Big coat’ time is when the darker nights are drawing in, the clocks change and we want to wrap up warm.
I’m sure many of you own more than one winter coat; I know I do. But, are they fit for purpose? Do they still fit in a colour and style which suits you?
It can be tempting to go out and buy a new coat but first check your wardrobe to see what you’ve got to avoid buying another of the same. Ask yourself the questions above and if you answer no, then it could be time to get rid – sell it, donate it, or bin it.
There’s lots of coats out there so I’ve broken them down into just three categories below to help you shop.


It sounds boring, but this coat is for every day and every weather hence the label I give it. Think ‘duvet coats’ which can be great for walks, commuting to and from the office or donning for the school run. Make sure yours is in a colour which suits and compliments you, especially if it’s worn near to your face. Try either a neutral colour which can be accessorised with a colourful scarf or choose one of your many colours from your palette.

Smart/casual day

There may be times when you want to wear something a little smarter. Perhaps it’s shopping and lunch with friends – you’ll want to wear something which can keep you warm but not hot if running round the shops. Plus it needs to double as being smart enough for eating out.
A cocoon style coat is more versatile and can keep you warm. Less bulky and often available in a choice of colours.
Trench coats are a good option too and a staple item which remain popular this season. As they tend to come in lighter weight fabrics, they offer you greater ways to layer up whilst remaining stylish.


Heading out for dinner or drinks often requires a different coat. If you’ve dressed up for the occasion, you might not want the practicality of your duvet coat hiding your outfit! Try something smarter or dressier. A faux fur coat or one with a faux fur collar can add that extra wow factor.
Velvet is also a very popular trend this winter as are coats with jewelled, embellished or embroidered detailing.

I hope these help you shop for your next coat with more confidence, but if you need any help simply get in touch.