It struck me this week that the weather is turning! Gale force winds, odd coloured skies and a red sun – we’ve had it all this week. It must be approaching the time of year to reach for your ‘big coat’.
‘Big coat’ time is when the darker nights are drawing in, the clocks change and we want to wrap up warm.
I’m sure many of you own more than one winter coat; I know I do. But, are they fit for purpose? Do they still fit in a colour and style which suits you?
It can be tempting to go out and buy a new coat but first check your wardrobe to see what you’ve got to avoid buying another of the same. Ask yourself the questions above and if you answer no, then it could be time to get rid – sell it, donate it, or bin it.
There’s lots of coats out there so I’ve broken them down into just three categories below to help you shop.


It sounds boring, but this coat is for every day and every weather hence the label I give it. Think ‘duvet coats’ which can be great for walks, commuting to and from the office or donning for the school run. Make sure yours is in a colour which suits and compliments you, especially if it’s worn near to your face. Try either a neutral colour which can be accessorised with a colourful scarf or choose one of your many colours from your palette.

Smart/casual day

There may be times when you want to wear something a little smarter. Perhaps it’s shopping and lunch with friends – you’ll want to wear something which can keep you warm but not hot if running round the shops. Plus it needs to double as being smart enough for eating out.
A cocoon style coat is more versatile and can keep you warm. Less bulky and often available in a choice of colours.
Trench coats are a good option too and a staple item which remain popular this season. As they tend to come in lighter weight fabrics, they offer you greater ways to layer up whilst remaining stylish.


Heading out for dinner or drinks often requires a different coat. If you’ve dressed up for the occasion, you might not want the practicality of your duvet coat hiding your outfit! Try something smarter or dressier. A faux fur coat or one with a faux fur collar can add that extra wow factor.
Velvet is also a very popular trend this winter as are coats with jewelled, embellished or embroidered detailing.

I hope these help you shop for your next coat with more confidence, but if you need any help simply get in touch.