Elasticated waistbands

Have you found yourself dressing more casually these last few months?

It’s been the subject of many conversations recently as many of us have gotten used to a more casual dress code.


Formal or casual?

With the kids back at school and many people returning to the workplace or socialising more; are you glad to ditch the elasticated waistbands? Or, are you dreading stepping into formal trousers, shoes and tight jeans?

It could be that you have found that your style has changed a little. But, this is ok as it’s so easy to incorporate this newer style of dressing into your wardrobe.

For the City Chics amongst you, with a more Parisian vibe; choose to pair your smart blazers with a sport-luxe style of jogger or trousers.

You Classics might prefer a more relaxed fabric such as Ponte, which has a little bit of stretch and becoming widely available.

Dramatics may well ditch the heels and pair their midi dresses with a cool pair of trainers.

Just think how you can incorporate what you’ve been wearing into everyday.

The more you can mix and match items in your wardrobe together, the more you’ll get your wear out of them and create more outfit choices. Winner.


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In our video section, there are three easy tips to dress up a simple top which you can revisit here.


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Dressing for your Job Interview – Guest article

I was asked what advice I would give to someone on what they could wear to a new job interview. It was a friend of mine working in recruitment for the financial services industry.

We agreed to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) and co-wrote an article with hints and tips with our advice. It was featured on LinkedIn.

If you’ve got an interview coming up or want to improve your chances, have a read of the article here: Dressing for your job interview.


Dressing for the beach

The holiday season is upon us but, are you beach ready?

Fear not ladies, it’s remarkably easy to feel glam on holiday with a fabulous beach cover-up.


Here are my tips for dressing for the beach

Ideally, you want a beach cover up that can be easily taken off. A tight fitting tunic may look great, but add sun cream to the heat and it can be difficult to remove and getting stuck inside your kaftan is a look to avoid!

Next, be mindful of volume. If the fabric is opaque and you can’t see through it, be careful going too over-sized as if it’s too tent-like, then it won’t necessarily be very flattering. If it’s sheer, then your body shape will still be visible through the fabric which means you can go big.

Natural fibres such as cotton are best in the heat, but be warned as they also crease. Try a thin viscose or polyester mix is lighter and much more versatile and can be screwed up in your beach bag and it will still look great at the end of the day. Plus, being lighter it can be easily washed and dried and you won’t need to spend time ironing!



There are lots of different styles to choose from and for all budgets. Work out what your preferred style of cover up is:

  • tunic
  • dress
  • kaftan
  • t-shirt
  • long
  • short
  • patterned
  • plain

Ask yourself – which one do I reach for over and over again? What do I feel the most comfortable in?

Pick your style and then choose different colours (from your palette of course) so you’ll always look and feel fantastic.

One final point; Accessorise. Finish off your look with something as simple as a straw hat, a colourful beach bag or flip flops.

Enjoy and happy holidays !

Is it time for your ‘big coat’?

It struck me this week that the weather is turning! Gale force winds, odd coloured skies and a red sun – we’ve had it all this week. It must be approaching the time of year to reach for your ‘big coat’.
‘Big coat’ time is when the darker nights are drawing in, the clocks change and we want to wrap up warm.
I’m sure many of you own more than one winter coat; I know I do. But, are they fit for purpose? Do they still fit in a colour and style which suits you?
It can be tempting to go out and buy a new coat but first check your wardrobe to see what you’ve got to avoid buying another of the same. Ask yourself the questions above and if you answer no, then it could be time to get rid – sell it, donate it, or bin it.
There’s lots of coats out there so I’ve broken them down into just three categories below to help you shop.


It sounds boring, but this coat is for every day and every weather hence the label I give it. Think ‘duvet coats’ which can be great for walks, commuting to and from the office or donning for the school run. Make sure yours is in a colour which suits and compliments you, especially if it’s worn near to your face. Try either a neutral colour which can be accessorised with a colourful scarf or choose one of your many colours from your palette.

Smart/casual day

There may be times when you want to wear something a little smarter. Perhaps it’s shopping and lunch with friends – you’ll want to wear something which can keep you warm but not hot if running round the shops. Plus it needs to double as being smart enough for eating out.
A cocoon style coat is more versatile and can keep you warm. Less bulky and often available in a choice of colours.
Trench coats are a good option too and a staple item which remain popular this season. As they tend to come in lighter weight fabrics, they offer you greater ways to layer up whilst remaining stylish.


Heading out for dinner or drinks often requires a different coat. If you’ve dressed up for the occasion, you might not want the practicality of your duvet coat hiding your outfit! Try something smarter or dressier. A faux fur coat or one with a faux fur collar can add that extra wow factor.
Velvet is also a very popular trend this winter as are coats with jewelled, embellished or embroidered detailing.

I hope these help you shop for your next coat with more confidence, but if you need any help simply get in touch.