For the dramatics – Iris Apfel’s H&M collection

Earlier this month, it was announced that Iris Apfel is set to launch a brand new clothing collection with H&M.

Apparently, she’s a H&M fan (who knew?) and the collection is available to purchase from 31 March.

She’s certainly got a rather eclectic taste which is evident in the new H&M collection! I’d say the clothing line will be a huge hit if you’ve got a more dramatic style personality.

Iris is in her 100th year which I think is remarkable and admirable. I love this quote from her and wholeheartedly agree:

Style is not about spending a lot of money. It’s not about what or who you wear, but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and above all, attitude

I never grew up with a lot of money and designer brands aren’t for everyone or their budget. But, when you don’t feel good in something, it actually shows. When things don’t fit or flatter you, then you won’t feel happy or comfortable.

I do believe that you can get value for money from whatever you buy though. ‘£’s per wear’ is my motto and something I say to my clients all the time. The more times you wear something, the lower the £’s per wear becomes.

£’s per wear

Let me explain by way of an example.

The collection from Iris is reported to start at £29.99. Let’s say you buy something from her new collection and you wear it once (or not at all if it’s really not your kind of style). That’s £29.99 per wear. Now, let’s compare that to an item you buy elsewhere that you pay the same price for but this time, you wear it three times. The £’s per wear on this item becomes £10 which actually makes this item much better value for money.

Buying things which make you feel good are a must in my view. So many people have wasted money over the years on things that they never wear I find. It’s understandable why they feel so guilty about it too. That’s why knowing and understanding what works for you is a must.

Here’s the three areas I focus on during my sessions with clients because when you understand each of these areas and how they apply to you, you’ll be able to build a wardrobe of coordinating items.

  1. Wear your best shades of colour near to your face as these will flatter your features the most.
  2. Choose styles which work for your personality type and how you spend your time.
  3. Pick fabrics and designs which flatter your shape and proportions.

Book a colour or style session to learn more!

Identifying your style

Style is a way of dressing and as Ralph Lauren says; it’s personal.

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

People tell me all the time that they have ‘no style’ but I disagree.

Everyone has style, it’s just learning what it is and how to use it to represent who you are so that you can feel like you in what you wear.

Taking inspiration

Fashion and celebs are the biggest influences I find. But, how many times have you tried to copy the look only to feel…well, let’s say flat.

That’s partly the problem. You’re not them and your shape, personality and proportions may also differ. This means that it just doesn’t work for you and that’s ok!

It’s how you take the same influences and make them your own so they do suit you, your lifestyle, your body and proportions. Cut out pictures from magazines, save images in a document or pin outfits and images on Pinterest. They’ll help you identify what you love and then it’s about translating that in a way that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to style remember; it’s simply understanding and wearing clothes that make you feel like you and flatter you to make you look and feel fabulous!

When you don’t feel like you

Do you have things in your wardrobe which you put on then instantly take them off again?

You may even find yourself looking at what you’re wearing in the mirror and wondering why it doesn’t look or feel right. You can’t put your finger on why though.

When you wear items like this, you’ll be uncomfortable wearing them. Often, you may catch yourself fidgeting with what you’re wearing. It’s not quite right.

They don’t quite ‘fit’ you properly; too short or long, too baggy/too tight in certain parts.

Perhaps the colour suits you, but it still doesn’t look right.

Everyone is different. We all have our own sense of style and it actually dictates how something makes you feel, how you shop, where you shop and how you put your outfits together. I refer to it as your style personality. No more boho if you’re not a boho type. No more flouncy florals if it’s too dainty and feminine for you. When you nail your personality type it can help you to create a wardrobe that works for you. It’ll help you avoid further shopping disasters and frustrations too and stop buying things which don’t make you feel good.

Get confident with your style

When you understand why certain styles, the fit and fabric work for you and why things don’t, then it helps you to create outfits and a wardrobe that works for you. It rarely happens overnight, but trust me, it will.

My style and image consultation is aimed at those who need help identifying how to dress for their body shape and proportions which reflect their personality and lifestyle. When you understand all the pieces that make up your image can you put them together and feel confident knowing that you can dress for any occasion and still feel like you.

It’s all about understanding who you are – how you dress tells a story after all.

You’ll find more details about the service here and frequently asked questions here.

To book, simply get in touch with me.


See you soon, Toni x

Is loungewear just for lockdown?

Is it just me accumulating A LOT more loungewear??

Are you putting your recent purchases down to isolation necessities or could you try incorporating these new items into post-lockdown wear too?

Personality matters

For me, this feels easy so if you’re similar with a Natural Style Personality, you’ll already have a fair few easy-wear comfortable pieces in the wardrobe.

I’m betting you Romantics might have felt rather alien in elasticated waistbands, hoodies and relaxed t-shirts.

Ask yourself if you can work any loungewear pieces into your existing wardrobe.

City Chics and Dramatics could try wearing a hoodie underneath a smart blazer for effortless chic. A more fitted pair of joggers or leggings, worn with a smart blouse and heels will create a preppy outfit. Or pair with trainers or flats if you’d rather skip the heels.

Speaking of trainers, wear with your dresses too, even if you may have normally have worn heels. I also have some classic personality and felt totally comfortable as you can see:

Dress and trainers

A sweatshirt or T-shirt can work really well over a summer floral maxi dress, giving the illusion of a skirt, and providing an extra layer on cooler days. Put your jeggings or thick tights underneath: think Alexa Chung. This is a look you creatives have being carrying off with ease.

Try a t-shirt with a skirt, tucked in, semi-tucked or un-tucked. The choice really depends on your body shape and the most flattering way to wear it.

Do you have anything in your ‘saving for best’ or holiday wardrobe that you can switch up to style differently?

If you’re joining my capsule wardrobe workshop next month or doing a detox with my five simple steps, then you may have a healthy pile to donate to charity.

Just make sure you’ve thought about restyling them or wearing them in a different way first. That way, you’ll get more outfits and wear from your existing items.

If you need any colour, style or wardrobe advice, book one of my online sessions during lockdown.