Lusting after the elusive capsule wardrobe?

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear?

In this workshop, Toni will go through the stages involved in creating a capsule wardrobe that works for you. Each attendee will receive a workbook which they can use to follow during the event, or in their own time.

This session will take place virtually from the comfort of your own home so you’ll need a laptop, smart phone or tablet to be able to join the session.

By joining this 90 minute workshop, you will learn:

✅ Benefits of having a capsule wardrobe
✅ The true cost of items
✅ How to audit your wardrobe
✅ Analysing and planning your perfect wardrobe
✅ How to create and what’s in a capsule wardrobe
✅ Checklists of what you have and what you need

The event will take place online on Saturday 7 November at 2pm. You’ll receive a link to access the event when you book.

Each ticket costs £29 and includes a workbook.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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