Tips on packing for a beach holiday

As summer solstice has officially begun (astronomically speaking), I wanted to share my tips to help you pack for a beach holiday.

How many of you have packed more than what you needed?

Simply put, think about holiday packing, almost like a mini capsule wardrobe.

It’s all in the planning.

Make a list

List out each day and what you’ll be doing roughly speaking (sight seeing, boat trip, beach, shopping etc). When you know how you’ll be spending your time, you’ll find it easier to pack what you need. Research the weather so you know whether you need to pack a rain jacket or an umbrella.

Get them out

You want to lay everything out that ideally you’d like to take and put them out on say a bed so you can see everything. When they’re all laid out see how easily they combine together in terms of colours and how many outfits you have.

For example, do you really want to take that one top if you’ve got nothing to wear it with when you’re over there? Leave it at home.

Interchangeable pieces

These are items which you can wear differently or use differently or wear for both day and night.

For example, your handbag that you travel to the airport with, could that also be used for the beach?

Another idea is a pashmina, which you might have as like a coverup for the evenings if it does get a little bit cooler, but you can also use it as a sarong.

Shoes and bags

How many of you take too many pairs of shoes? What I like to do is restrict my footwear, which is a challenge I have to admit.

And, I take one bag. I choose on practicality and ideally in neutrals or metallic colours so they’ll combine easily with other items.


In this video, I’m sharing what I’m packing for a four night break to Spain.

Watch the video here


Planning your outfits and what you’ll wear means you won’t overpack and when you get into the habit, it becomes less of a chore!

If you are finding that there isn’t enough outfits then this is where a carefully planned shopping trip can help. Because you’ll know the specifics of what you’re doing it will also make it easier to shop with purpose!

Help is available! Whether it’s shopping or identifying the right colours and styles for you, don’t struggle alone.

Get in touch today:

Holiday packing tips

If you’re planning on jetting off on holiday, this latest blog may be helpful, especially if you pack too much!

It can be easy to take too much away with you and find that you simply don’t wear everything that you take. With these simple tips, I’ll help you pack what you need and wear what you take!



Invest in a lightweight suitcase so as much of your allowance is used on clothes as possible!



Lay out your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can visually see what you have. You want to try and combine pieces together to make multiple outfits. (When you’ve had your colours done, this task becomes so much easier as mentioned below).

Be prepared to cut down the number of shoes and accessories you take as ideally you only need a few key pieces which will work with more than one outfit.

Think about that statement necklace; ideally you’ll be able to wear it two or three times. A great pair of sandals will work with three or four outfits, especially if they are in a metallic shade like silver or gold.



Pick out just a few colours from your palette and choose clothes this way. It’ll enable you to mix and match items much easier, creating a holiday capsule wardrobe.



Now, this isn’t something I do, but it’s long been recommended: Try rolling up your clothes to make the most use of space in your case. Use the inside of shoes for small items such as your underwear (I do however do this). Use sample sized toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner rather than taking the full sized container. It’ll take up less room and weigh less! (And I definitely do this!).



Hot summer weather can change your makeup habits. I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser when I’m away as it’s more lightweight on my skin. I find I don’t need as much coverage that a foundation provides.

You can purchase the Colour me Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser from me as I stock five shades now.

The magnetic colour boxes are ideal for home and away as you can take one box with multiple eye shadows and blushers. Plus, when you finish each item, just push it out and dispose of it so you only replace what you use! Very sustainable too. Replacement stocks are available, just let me know what you need.

All products are also available through the online shop here.

Colour me beautiful magnetic compact

If you’ve already had your colours done then you may want to think about booking a style session so you can learn how to dress for your shape, lifestyle and personality.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about holiday packing then get in touch about booking a session.


Happy holiday packing!