6 alternative ways to tie a wrap dress belt (that’s not a bow)

A wrap dress is arguably the one dress which everyone owns.

Most people tie the belt in a bow, which is a bit like tying your shoes laces.

In fact, one of my clients contacted me recently to ask for my advice on alternative ways to tie her wrap dress belt which inspired me to create this video!

She had been using the traditional bow method for years and felt that it didn’t always look ‘tidy’ or as ‘nice’ as it could do.

Here are six different ways to tie the belt. If you have a long belt on another dress, it might be worth trying these methods out on it too.

The full video is available on my YouTube channel. Here’s the link to watch it: https://youtu.be/kShwWUyVZCw

Do let me know which one is your fave and if you’ll be giving it a go!

How to choose the right dress

I’ll admit, I am a sucker for a dress. It’s an all-in-one outfit which means I have very little to think about!

There’s definitely a dress for everyone! But, that does not translate into one dress will suits everyone the same way (remember my rant from last year with the Zara dress??)

SS23 dress trends


Dresses feature again this coming season.

But, they feature every season!


So, what do you need to look for when choosing the right dress for you?


Lifestyle appropriate

It goes without saying that you should choose a dress which is comfortable to wear! Often when I speak about dresses to clients, they think they won’t work for them. This is what I call choosing lifestyle appropriate clothes. By way of an example, if you’re crawling around on the floor after a toddler then your choice needs to suit what you’ll be doing. Longer styles with lighter fabrics worn with leggings may be much more suitable than a PU short body con dress.

So, consider what activities you’ll be doing to help you decide on the most appropriate style of dress for the occasion!


Throughout history and different traditions, men, women and children have all worn versions of a dress. In many warm countries, men wear tunics as a method of staying cool. I can guarantee that it won’t be made of polyester but instead, a lightweight and breathable fabric such as cotton!

If you’re shopping for a dress, check the label to see what it’s made from. In fact, it’s worth checking your wardrobe for the clothes you love wearing and compare the fabric to the ones you hate wearing! If you’re in the throws of the menopause then polyester will not be your friend! Choosing the right fabric can enhance and flatter your figure and shape. But, make a mistake and it can change your shape and add bulk which may not be flattering.

Shape (and proportions)

I’ve touched on this already. There are all sorts of dress styles, cuts, shapes and fabrics which will flatter your shape.  Essentially, choose something which flatters and mimics your shape and you’ll be onto a winner. It boils down to how the dress is made, where the seams are (empire, waist, dropped waist etc) and the cut and shape of the dress. If you don’t have a waist, or you want to detract attention away from a waist, then an empire line could be flattering (depending upon the fabric of course). That’s why it’s important to understand what suits you.

Style (personality)

We talk about style often in terms of how something might look or be seen. But, how you dress, where you shop, your choice of styles, cuts and fabric are all influences of your style personality. A dress can really showcase your style personality which is why if you wear something which doesn’t suit who you are, you won’t feel happy or comfortable! Those dresses that you constantly faff around with or pull or take off immediately? Partly down to your style personality influences. Learn this (during a style and image consultation) and where your style boundaries are and it’ll be the lightbulb moment for you saving you so many mistakes.


Colour is just as important of course as all these features mentioned above. You may well have chosen a dress on the colour alone. If this flatters you and makes you feel good, then it’s a winner. But, don’t hang onto it just because of the colour if the other boxes aren’t being ticked or you won’t get your wear out of it. If you’ve had a colour analysis consultation, then you’ll know your best shades of colour and can use your swatches as a guide in choosing the right shade.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all, so why should your dress choices be the same? Yes, there’s certain styles which tend to suit most people (like a wrap dress). BUT, if this isn’t in the right fabric or length for you then it won’t flatter you!

Experiment with dress styles, prints, fabrics and designs. And remember, that the most flattering dress for you will showcase YOU the best.

Identifying these features can take time but if you need help then consider booking a colour and style session.

You’ll find me featuring some of my fave dresses on Facebook and Instagram on Monday 6 March in celebration of ‘national dress day’!

The real problem with having the cult Zara dress

A few weeks ago, I read an article calling out a new Zara dress which would suit everyone!

I’ll admit, I was sceptical, but I was also intrigued.

You see, I’ve been analysing people’s colouring, style and shape for years now and I’ve yet to find a garment that works and suits every single person.

So, off I went to Zara to investigate.

Introducing the ‘cult zara zig zag dress’

I took to social media to showcase this piece and everyone was in agreement that it really didn’t do anything for me!

So, in my professional opinion, I don’t believe it does suit everyone but importantly, here’s why.


It’s a dark green and cream colour combination. The green is rather dark and rich which is too deep for many people (especially me). The pattern is too bold and too contrasting for my features. It would suit someone with a richer, bolder colouring (a deep or deep and warm undertone)


As a natural/classic, it really doesn’t tick enough boxes for me but would likely appeal to someone who has a more dramatic style personality.


Not flattering at all for a neat hourglass figure like me. It’s far too voluminous in the fabric and the tiers just extend it further. It overpowers a narrow or petite frame and would be far better for someone much taller (I’m 5 ft 5) with a larger frame which would suit the scale and size of the pattern (which is also too big for my frame). The dress has no waist definition which doesn’t flatter my figure at all.


If you’ve got a bust like me, be aware that it does gape a little. The seam across should run underneath the bust but it doesn’t -it would be more flattering if it did!

The top half is narrower but it billows out too much making me look much wider than I am and substantially heavier than I am too. It also sat quite tight around the neck when the buttons were fastened.

Zara is notorious for inconsistencies in their fit. I’ve explored this a little here in this blog: The Zara sizing code you need to know


Something rarely suits everyone because we are all different – colouring, shape, style and your proportions. How can one garment truly work for everyone?

Purchasing items just because they’re in fashion, because an article tells you to do so, or because everyone does so won’t always pay off.

Do you really want to turn up to an event and see someone else wearing the same thing as you?

Knowing and understanding what suits you makes these shopping mistakes a thing of the past.

Investing in a colour and style consultation will arm you with the knowledge to make the right choices. I go through what suits you and why so that you understand what makes you look, as well as feel good.

It’s been a great exercise to be able to demonstrate the importance of knowing and understanding how important this information can be and how it can inform the right decisions on what to wear (as well as what not!) Because, after all, everyone really is different.

Head on over to social media to watch the video and see the posts and comments:



You’ll also find another dress which I found which I thought would suit more people! I discuss dresses in a new blog which you can read here.

Want to learn how I can help?

Details on Colour analysis, style and image and the transformation packages available.

T’is the season to party!

December is here which means party season!

I don’t know about you but it’s pretty hectic and going fast too. Not only is Christmas getting closer, but I’m sure many of you have parties to attend.

I had my first Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and decided that I’d buy a new dress for the occasion when I was heading out to the shops a few weeks ago.

I’m always surprised and a little disappointed by the amount of black dresses on the rails at this time of year and it did make me a little bit sad too. What there is this year is lots of sparkles, sequins, lace and velvet so more of what you expect for a party!

Black doesn’t actually suit everyone (sorry ladies!) so if you’re looking for a new outfit then try something with colour! Admittedly it may take a little more effort to find, but it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s my tips for our colour types:



Try wearing silver, blue, teal or violet colours.



Try midnight blue, damson, navy or aubergine.



Try out Bronze, olive or gold.



Try midnight, fuchsia, purple, charcoal or silver.



Try wearing royal blue, scarlet or purple.



Try out pewter, charcoal or navy.


If you really can’t face wearing colour, or you’re struggling then try something in a softer looking fabric such as lace.

Head on over to my Facebook page to view a quick video on ‘feel good dresses for the party season’ which includes some shopping ideas. Please like and share whilst you’re there.

Wondering what colour I wore? Plum!

Happy shopping and partying and if you need any help, just get in touch.