Three tips to avoid makeup mistakes

Everyone is different when it comes to makeup and as a colour, style and makeup consultant, I look at makeup as a method of enhancing your look and hiding other bits! It’s much like your clothes; choose the right colours and wear them to flatter you and ultimately to feel good!

Colour can have such an amazing impact – makeup as much as clothes! Wear wrong-for-you colours and it won’t do you any favours I’m afraid.

As with the clothes you choose, makeup is merely an extension of your overall look and the image you want to portray. Buying cosmetics is also an area I find people can waste a lot of money on. Trying to find the right shades of makeup in the shops can be really challenging and it’s where mistakes are often made. With this comes enormous guilt when you don’t wear what you’ve bought!

So, here’s three tips to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Identify your style

How you apply your cosmetics, the look and how much/little you wear is determined by your style and lifestyle. If you don’t feel like you have the time or you prefer a more natural look, then you won’t spend hours putting on a face! What’s more, if you did, you’re not likely to recognise the person staring back at you in the mirror either. If you love the art of getting ready or creating different looks then you will spend the time, the money and enjoy it too. Equally, you’ll feel bare faced and exposed going out with just a flick of mascara and a bit of lippy!

Know your colours

When you wear makeup which flatters and enhances your features and hides and disguises any flaws; you’ll feel good – nice even! Choosing shades which compliments your features is always best as they will make you look radiant rather than unhealthy or age you prematurely.

If you don’t know what colours to go for – think about how you’d describe your overall features and what colours your eyes, hair and skin tone is. During my colour and makeup consultations, I will apply the shades of cosmetics which suit your colouring type and give you a list of the shades which suit you. You can also buy the range from the studio or online too.

If you’ve got colours which don’t suit you then see if you can mix and combine them with other colours to make them work for you. For example:


Wrong foundation shade? Try mixing it with another shade to make it a better colour match to your skin tone. (It should blend in with your jaw line with no visible ‘tide mark’.

Wrong shade of lipstick? Wear with another shade of lipstick or apply a lip pencil underneath. Both will create a ‘new’ lip colour which could be a more suitable colour match for you.

Eyeshadow too heavy? If you’ve got lighter features, richer shades of makeup can overpower your features so perhaps try a little bit in the corner or use it as a contour rather than an all over colour.

Wrong blusher? If you’ve got a warmer skin tone you’re better with peachy shade and if you’re a cooler tone you’re better with pinky. The wrong way round and you’re skin tone and texture will look ‘off’, grey or sallow.


Don’t be wasteful

When was the last time you checked the contents of your makeup bag? If you’ve got items lurking in the bottom that you’ve had for years, be warned. Makeup has a shelf life too just like any toiletries. As a general guide, bin anything which is more than two years old and if something doesn’t look or smell as you might expect; bin that too.

Putting to one side the wrong cosmetic shades you might have, count up how many of the same item you have and assess how often you use them. If you store your supplies in multiple places or frequently forget that you’ve already got one (or three) then it could be worth a clear-out! You’re arguably buying more than you need and can use.

Most packaging these days has a use by date which is indicated by an open pot sign with the number of months written inside. By way of an example, if the little pot says ’12’ then the shelf life is 12 months. It’s a bit like food really – beyond this, it’s not at it’s best. Ideally, throw it out to avoid infection and keep your products hygienic.

As a guide, keep the following life spans in mind from the time they are first opened:


Mascara – 6 months

Lipstick, Lip gloss, foundation, concealer – 12 months

Pencils, Cream Eyeshadows and cream blushers – 18 months

Powders, eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers – 24 months


Finally, don’t forget to regularly clean your makeup brushes and tools too. For any help with your makeup, get in touch –

What to do when your wardrobe doesn’t work for you

How many times have you opened your wardrobe doors and felt uninspired by what’s staring back at you?

Despite having clothes to wear, you still feel like you have nothing appropriate to wear for the occasion you’re dressing for.

This is something I find time and time again with clients. It could be that your lifestyle has changed and let’s be honest; lockdown has had that effect for many of us!

If the contents of your wardrobe no longer match your lifestyle or how you spend your time, then you’ll constantly feel like you’ve got nothing to wear.

The solution isn’t to get rid of all your clothes and start again (and nor would I advise to!). Instead, it’s worth looking at how you spend your time and what clothes you can wear which you own.

These charts have been created to help you do just that. First, map out how you spend your time. Things like walking the dog, working (from home or out), looking after kids or parents, exercising and so on. Next, review your clothes and if they fit in with your lifestyle.

You see, when your charts don’t match in equal proportion, you’ll need to focus on adjusting the balance. Seeing this will probably confirm why you feel the way you do.  And, you’ll be able to identify where the gaps are in your wardrobe. If you don’t adjust the balance then you’ll constantly feel like you have nothing to wear.

If the clothes you own do match how you spend your time, then congratulations: you have the right balance!

You can open and download the wardrobe charts below and if you need professional help, reach out and get in touch.

Download your wardrobe charts here

These charts will help you achieve the right balance in your wardrobe so you can stop feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear!

Wardrobe charts

Makeup – choose your colours wisely!

As with the clothes we choose, makeup is merely an extension of our look. There’s a vast array of cosmetics on display at makeup counters, but how do you know what to choose?

It can feel rather daunting at some of the brightly lit with un-natural light in some department stores. What seems to look good in the shop, may not suit you best when you get home. This can be both disappointing and costly.


Heres my three tips to avoid making those mistakes

First, understand and determine the needs of your skin. Adopt a good skincare routine together with a good, balanced, healthy diet. Oily skin requires different products to those with dry skin.

Secondly, your makeup look and choices will be determined by your style and lifestyle in much the same way as your clothing choices. If you don’t have the time or you prefer a more natural look, then you won’t want to spend an hour putting on a face! What’s more, if you did, you’re not likely to recognise the person staring back at you in the mirror either.

Third, choose your makeup colours wisely. Your makeup should flatter and enhance your features and can be used to hide and disguise any flaws too. Choosing shades suited to your colouring type will make you look radiant whilst others can make you look unhealthy or age you prematurely. You don’t need me to tell you to avoid this look!

What next?

When was the last time you checked the contents of your makeup bag? If you’ve got items lurking in the bottom that you’ve had for years, be warned. Makeup has a shelf life too. Bin anything which is more than two years old and if something doesn’t look or smell as you expect – bin that too.

Most packaging these days has a use by date which is indicated by an open pot sign with the number of months written inside. By way of an example, if the little pot says ’12’ then the shelf life is 12 months. Beyond this, it’s not at it’s best so be sure to throw it out to avoid infection and remain hygienic.


As a guide, keep the following life spans in mind from the time they are first opened:

  • Mascara – 3 to 6 months
  • Lipstick, Lip gloss, foundation, concealer – 12 months
  • Pencils, Cream Eyeshadows and blusters – 18 months
  • Powders, eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers – 24 months

Good hygiene is a must so wash your makeup brushes regularly. I use a brush cleanser and a ‘brush egg’ which allows me to give the brushes a proper clean between clients and they are very cheap to buy online too.

Throw away any disposable sponges once used or wash after each use. Any velour sponges should be washed weekly and replaced regularly.

Finally, give the bag a clean too!


If you’d like help reviewing your makeup bag then get in touch. I offer a free makeup assessment in which I prescribe the cosmetic shades which compliment your colouring type based upon the Colour me Beautiful tonal panel system.

Book before 1 August and receive a free Colour me Beautiful purple branded zip up pouch.

Learn your best makeup shades and book today. Call or text 07958 657032 or email me

T’is the season to party!

December is here which means party season!

I don’t know about you but it’s pretty hectic and going fast too. Not only is Christmas getting closer, but I’m sure many of you have parties to attend.

I had my first Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and decided that I’d buy a new dress for the occasion when I was heading out to the shops a few weeks ago.

I’m always surprised and a little disappointed by the amount of black dresses on the rails at this time of year and it did make me a little bit sad too. What there is this year is lots of sparkles, sequins, lace and velvet so more of what you expect for a party!

Black doesn’t actually suit everyone (sorry ladies!) so if you’re looking for a new outfit then try something with colour! Admittedly it may take a little more effort to find, but it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s my tips for our colour types:



Try wearing silver, blue, teal or violet colours.



Try midnight blue, damson, navy or aubergine.



Try out Bronze, olive or gold.



Try midnight, fuchsia, purple, charcoal or silver.



Try wearing royal blue, scarlet or purple.



Try out pewter, charcoal or navy.


If you really can’t face wearing colour, or you’re struggling then try something in a softer looking fabric such as lace.

Head on over to my Facebook page to view a quick video on ‘feel good dresses for the party season’ which includes some shopping ideas. Please like and share whilst you’re there.

Wondering what colour I wore? Plum!

Happy shopping and partying and if you need any help, just get in touch.


Holiday packing tips

If you’re planning on jetting off on holiday, this latest blog may be helpful, especially if you pack too much!

It can be easy to take too much away with you and find that you simply don’t wear everything that you take. With these simple tips, I’ll help you pack what you need and wear what you take!



Invest in a lightweight suitcase so as much of your allowance is used on clothes as possible!



Lay out your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can visually see what you have. You want to try and combine pieces together to make multiple outfits. (When you’ve had your colours done, this task becomes so much easier as mentioned below).

Be prepared to cut down the number of shoes and accessories you take as ideally you only need a few key pieces which will work with more than one outfit.

Think about that statement necklace; ideally you’ll be able to wear it two or three times. A great pair of sandals will work with three or four outfits, especially if they are in a metallic shade like silver or gold.



Pick out just a few colours from your palette and choose clothes this way. It’ll enable you to mix and match items much easier, creating a holiday capsule wardrobe.



Now, this isn’t something I do, but it’s long been recommended: Try rolling up your clothes to make the most use of space in your case. Use the inside of shoes for small items such as your underwear (I do however do this). Use sample sized toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner rather than taking the full sized container. It’ll take up less room and weigh less! (And I definitely do this!).



Hot summer weather can change your makeup habits. I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser when I’m away as it’s more lightweight on my skin. I find I don’t need as much coverage that a foundation provides.

You can purchase the Colour me Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser from me as I stock five shades now.

The magnetic colour boxes are ideal for home and away as you can take one box with multiple eye shadows and blushers. Plus, when you finish each item, just push it out and dispose of it so you only replace what you use! Very sustainable too. Replacement stocks are available, just let me know what you need.

All products are also available through the online shop here.

Colour me beautiful magnetic compact

If you’ve already had your colours done then you may want to think about booking a style session so you can learn how to dress for your shape, lifestyle and personality.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about holiday packing then get in touch about booking a session.


Happy holiday packing!

Spring colours for you

Earlier this year, I shared Pantone’s top ten colours for Spring.

They won’t exactly match what you have in your colour swatch wallets but I have combined some for each dominant colour type.

To demonstrate this, I’ve created some mini video images on my Facebook page. Please head on over to take a look and find the one for your colour type.

Here’s one covering them all:

Whilst you’re there, I’d be grateful if you could please share and like my Facebook page. If you have anything positive you’d like to share; please go ahead. I’d love to see any photos of you wearing your colours too so send me a picture, tweet me or share on my Facebook page.




Spring colours

Spring has sprung!

We are officially in Spring and March is the month we get to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives.

Whether it’s your Mum, Sister, Aunty or Grandmother, show her how much she means this month with a unique colour me beautiful experience, just in time for Mother’s Day on 26th.


What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a joint colour consultation for you and your Mum? I offer a range of packages to choose from. Click here for more details and make a booking directly.



If you’re not sure which shade is best for you, you can try before you buy by making an appointment to join me at my studio or you can shop by colour type on my website or give me a call on 07958 657 032.

Speaking of studio, I have a new one! I hope to see you very soon.

Don’t forget to check out my facebook page for updates and news.




New year, new you?

The Christmas decorations have been packed away, the New Year’s resolutions are firmly in place and we’re looking ahead to a colourful and stylish year!

In this first blog of 2017, let’s look at some of the new colour trends for the year. Plus I’ve got a special offer for you too.

Until the end of January, spend over £25* in my online store and receive a colour me beautiful zip-top pouch for FREE (worth £4.50*).

This handy little travel pouch is large enough to hold your make-up essentials but small enough to pop in your handbag! You can also use it to store your pens, earphones or mobile phone charger!


Towards the end of last year, Pantone released their top ten colours for Spring 2017 alongside their colour of year; Greenery.

This year’s list features an array of shades which can be made to work for almost all of the colour me beautiful dominant colour categories.

Get social!

If you check out my Facebook page over the next few weeks I’ll be taking a look at who can wear which colours and what to pair them with to give you a few ideas.

When you do visit my facebook page, please like it and share with anyone you think is interested in style and colour! 👍

In the meantime, here are some suggestions for each dominant colouring type:

Light: Island Paradise, Niagara and Pale Dogwood.
Deep: Kale, Lapis Blue and Pink Yarrow.
Warm: Kale, Primrose Yellow, Greenery and Flame.
Cool: Island Paradise, Lapis Blue and Niagara.
Clear: Island Paradise, Lapis Blue, Greenery and pink yarrow.

Soft: kale, pale dogwood and hazelnut.

With so much colour inspiration to enjoy, January doesn’t seem so grey after all!


If you’ve not had a colour analysis before, get in touch to book either a personal consultation or join a group session.


see you soon!



*whilst stocks last. excl. P&P charges. Promotion ends 31st January 2017. Pouch will be automatically included in qualifying orders.