NEW Autumn/Winter 2022 Seasonal Masterclass

I am excited to announce the launch of the new on-demand seasonal masterclass!

It’s not always possible to attend my live group workshops or to record them.

That’s why, these on-demand masterclasses are available! They go through the detail of the latest colour and style trends you can expect to find in the current season.

Whilst they are pre-recorded, I do talk you through the same slides I’ve used in the group workshop from 1st October. I’ll go through the latest colour and style trends in much more detail, where you’ll find them and how to wear them.

The next masterclass is available here:

Autumn/Winter 2022/3 – On-demand seasonal Masterclass

You can also watch this short video explaining more about it below.

Watch the introductory video on Youtube:

These are recorded twice a year. They coincide with the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter trends. Each video typically lasts around 30 to 45 minutes. You’ll receive a link to the pre-recorded video and can watch and listen to it in your own time. I’ll talk you through the same presentation slides used in the seasonal ‘what to wear’ workshops.

The Spring/Summer 2023 workshop, guide and masterclass is available from 1 April 2023.

Register your interest in ‘seasonal updates’ and join the wait list to receive a 5 day pre-launch offer here.

What’s the Autumn ‘what to wear’ workshop?

Let me do the hard work for you this Autumn!

Here’s an update on the next seasonal workshop and what you can expect. This event occurs every April and October so this time round, it’s for Autumn and Winter colour and style trends.

There are two events to choose from; an in person event which takes place at TLC studio HQ and a virtual event which takes place online via zoom.

Both events take place on Saturday 1st October at 10am (in person) and 2pm (online).

In this video, I’m sharing details of the event but also how you can get your hands on the NEW colour and style update guide and what’s involved to qualify for the early bird bonus which is available (but only if you’re quick).


Here’s some highlights and links not to miss:

If you missed the Spring / Summer 2022 style update guide, this is now reduced and on sale on the website, but only whilst stocks last. Visit it here.

The ‘What to wear’ workshop – autumn/winter 2022 takes place on Saturday 1 October at 10am and 2pm. You’ll find full details on the event here.

IN PERSON tickets are available to purchase here:

ONLINE tickets are available to purchase here:

The Autumn / winter new Colour & Style Update guide are available to purchase online from 1 October UNLESS you opt in to my ‘seasonal update’ waitlist when you’ll get a 5 day pre-launch exclusive offer. Register your details here to receive your offers.


Any questions, do get in touch but I’d love to see you there!

Watch the video here:

How to prepare your wardrobe for autumn

Have you found that as the seasons change, your dressing habits change too?

As autumn comes, you begin adding layers and the debate rages about when you should wear your winter coat, put on the winter duvet and let’s not start on the heating!

If you keep peering inside your wardrobe crying out: “I have nothing to wear!” I’m guessing that’s not strictly true. There are no doubt clothes hung up ready to wear. What you’re most likely feeling is that you that have nothing appropriate to wear.

It’s a vicious circle. Especially when you think about the retailers and fashion and advertising. If your email is anything like mine, it’s been pinging away with ‘autumn trends’, ‘the transitional piece you need right now’, ‘top ten must have pieces’ and the like since August!

Whilst tempting, inspiring and seductive, encouraging you to open your purse and part with your hard-earned cash, it’s worth remembering that in a couple of months, some of those ‘on trend’ and ‘popular’ pieces will be on the sale racks. Because the fashion retailers haven’t sold them, and they need to make way for the next set of stock to burst through the doors.

Fast fashion allows everyday folk to buy the hot new trends at affordable prices. But, at what price? I don’t just mean the price tag but on the people involved in the journey from thread to your wardrobe.

People are more aware of the environmental and sustainable impact of the clothes being made. Campaigns like #secondhandseptember from Oxfam encourage people to not buy new and to shop second hand. I was delighted to be asked to get involved in a feature in The Yorkshire Post magazine supplement over the weekend (read it here or check out my Facebook post or Instagram for the article).

Yorkshire post article

Old versus new

When the seasons change, do you really need to buy something new? As a good old fashioned Yorkshire lass, I believe you can and should get your money’s worth from everything you buy! I call it £s per wear and it’s a simple concept. Buy less and wear more and learn how to re-style pieces you already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for.

What have you been wearing?

Have a look at what your most worn item of clothing, footwear and accessories have been over the last few months.

What is it that you loved about them? Work out the £s per wear (cost of item divided by the number of times it’s been worn) and consider if they have been a good investment. Anything under £10 per wear is pretty good but lower is much better!

Consider if you can keep wearing them when it cools down and it’s raining! It might mean wearing them a different way. A summer dress worn with tights or leggings? Maybe with a jumper over the top or underneath.

Have you got something similar?

It’s important to keep checking your wardrobe. Especially before any purchase you make. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying another <fill in the gap of an item you buy on repeat and still only wear one of the five you have> which you don’t actually need.

Fashion tends to repeat itself, so you may already have that must-have top/dress/pair of boots and might need to learn how to restyle it. Check the items you’ve not been able to wear that you got last year before heading out and buying another.

Make a list

I’m not trying to be a boring killjoy but identifying what you actually need is the best place to start. Identify the specifics: colour, style, shape, fit and you’ll make less impulse buys. This is really important if you’re one of those people that tend to buy a top / trousers / boots then realise you have nothing to wear them with when you get home. Should you need help, you can always download my wardrobe charts.

Seek assistance

Sometimes, you just need some guidance on what to buy and what suits you. Especially from someone who is impartial.

I’ll be sharing the colours, the trends and styles to look out for and how to make them work for you!

If you’re thoughtful before you buy, it can make all the difference to your pocket, wardrobe and the planet. It’s becoming more and more frequent that you’ll already have some of these ‘new trends’ in your wardrobe so let me inspire you to make them feel like new again.

Tickets are available at my autumn/winter what to wear workshop. It’s a group event which takes place on Saturday 1 October. There’s a morning session at the studio and a virtual session taking place in the afternoon. If you can’t make it, be sure to look out for my DIY support to be announced shortly.

Read more details here or buy your ticket here for Saturday 1 October.

What to wear workshop – Autumn/Winter 2022 – Saturday 1 October

It’s that time of the year again. When the weather threatens to change and suddenly your inbox is full with ‘what to buy for Autumn’!

To help reduce the overwhelm, I’m back again with my seasonal update to help you decipher what you’re going to buy (if anything) and how to work with what you’ve already got.

The Autumn/Winter What to wear workshop is back!

Looking for some guidance on what to wear so you don’t get sucked into making (more) shopping mistakes in the new season? My workshops are for you!

Just because it‘s in the shops, fashionable or on trend does not mean it will work for YOU – and that’s ok.

What’s involved?

You’ll hear all about what’s available in the shops and most importantly, what to look for so they suit you! It’s not always about buy, buy, buy, but understanding how can you be more sustainable with your choices and use what you may already have lurking in the back of your wardrobe to bring it up to date.

All this helps to guide you on making the right buying choices so you can feel good in what you wear!

The workshop with presentation will last around 90 minutes. You’ll learn about the current colour and style trends and a goody-bag following the session with further guidance.


These seasonal workshops run on the first Saturday of April and October. This Autumn/Winter workshop will be held on Saturday 1 October.

This time round, I’ll be offering an in-person session at TLC HQ in the morning at 10am and a virtual session in the afternoon at 2pm.

PLUS, there’s chance for those eager and early in their booking to bag an EARLY BIRD BONUS! The first THREE people to book for each event (so six in total) will be entered into a draw to win a 30-minute styling call with me.


The in person workshop costs £20 (including goody bag, refreshments and a chance to sample skincare and makeup). The virtual session takes place online via zoom and costs £17.50 (includes goody bag).

How to get tickets

Tickets are available to purchase in advance here.

Book now!

The event takes place on Saturday 1 October. Tickets are £17.50 for the virtual session or £20 for the in-person event. Purchase them via Eventbrite using the link above or click the button below.