How to tuck and style a jumper

Sometimes you want some inspiration on how to wear the clothes that you’ve already got in your wardrobe.

It can be as simple as styling it a different way or wearing it differently. If you find yourself stuck in a style rut, reaching for the same things, this one is for you.

Here’s an example of two items I’ve had for years, but never worn together!

The jumper is fine, not shapeless, but the outfit doesn’t have a great sense of style, even though I’ve added a necklace.

If I was to just tuck in the jumper, it looks a bit untidy and ruffled. (not like those videos when they tuck their jumper into skirts and look effortless). You’ve got to take a bit of care with shaping it to avoid the bulges and create a nice line.

Watch this video as I show you how to tuck and shape it so it lays flat and tidy and creates some shape to your figure and silhouette.

How to tuck and style a jumper

Three ways to choose and combine colours using your swatches

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to wear your colours when you’ve had a colour consultation. With so many colour options in your swatches, it can feel overwhelming. Whilst we go through this in your colour session, it’s easy to forget. Sometimes it’s nice to have some inspiration too!

There are many combinations you can choose but much depends upon your own individual style and look you want to achieve as well.

In this video, I’m sharing three ways that you can use your swatches to help you choose and combine your colours together. Whether you have 30, 42 or 48 swatch wallet, I’m sharing different methods of using the colours in your swatches.

The demonstration uses my own clothes and swatches to help explain the methods.

Take a look and watch it here.

How to create ruching effect

In this 2 minute video, Toni shows you how to create a ‘ruching’ effect on your clothes.

This could be particularly useful if you have an oversized or shapeless top. It’s a good trick if you’re simply trying to create some shape or detailing, especially to highlight a narrow waist. The effect will also help to disguise a tummy area too with the ruching.

You just need a hair band or elastic band – no sewing skills are required!

Watch it here on YouTube.

Makeup brush mysteries – solved!

I’m often told by clients that they find the sheer volume of makeup brushes rather overwhelming.

Unless you’re told, you don’t always know what the most effective method of application is. Sometimes, you can work it out on your own, but it’s nice to be guided too!

That was the reason for this latest video here. I talk you through the makeup brushes I regularly use during my sessions with clients. There’s just four too – mystery solved.

Watch it here on facebook

Watch it on YouTubeYouTube.

If you need more guidance, contact me to book a makeup lesson.

Ways to define your waist or hide your tummy

When it comes to dressing, there’s two things I get asked all the time:

  1. How to show off your waist.
  2. How to hide your tummy area.

So, in answer to both questions, I featured my style tips on both aspects for a quick video over on social media.

To help illustrate the points, I wore a comfy / slouchy dress.

Hope you find it helpful and useful and if there’s anything else you’d like to see, just let us know.


Click here to watch our video on YouTube.

Spring colours for you

Earlier this year, I shared Pantone’s top ten colours for Spring.

They won’t exactly match what you have in your colour swatch wallets but I have combined some for each dominant colour type.

To demonstrate this, I’ve created some mini video images on my Facebook page. Please head on over to take a look and find the one for your colour type.

Here’s one covering them all:

Whilst you’re there, I’d be grateful if you could please share and like my Facebook page. If you have anything positive you’d like to share; please go ahead. I’d love to see any photos of you wearing your colours too so send me a picture, tweet me or share on my Facebook page.




Spring colours