Race day dressing announced by Royal Ascot

Planning a trip to the races this year? You may need a tape measure and to check the dress code given Royal Ascot’s announcement.

I listened to the radio with some mild humour and agreement today when I heard the strict dress code for those attending a Royal Ascot race day this June. If you’re planning a trip; read on.

For the men

Anyone planning to attend bearing their “mankles” (that’s men’s ankles) may be refused entry. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of this look or why a man wouldn’t wear socks. Admittedly though, it’s very popular with Jude Law, Tinie Tempah and Idris Elba carrying off the look with some style.

Formal dress code generally states that socks are a must for gentleman.

No cravats allowed. If you’re in the Royal enclosure, wear a black or grey morning dress suit which means a waistcoat, tie and the same coloured top-hat. Choose a shirt and tie combo in your colour palette.

For the ladies

There’s significantly more rules for the girls than boys so I’ve broken them down to assist you in your race day choices.



Off-the-shoulder necklines have been banned. An example would be a Bardot style made famous by Bridget Bardot herself. This neckline is complimentary for most body shapes, so it’s a shame it’s been banned.

Straps are required and should be one inch or more on dresses and tops. Strapless, halter and spaghetti have all been banned. Don’t think you can cheat with a jacket or pashmina ladies as what you wear underneath must still comply!



Fascinators are not allowed in the Royal Enclosure, only hats and headpieces. Your headpiece must have a solid base measuring a minimum of four inches in diameter!

When choosing a hat, try to compliment it to your face shape. Choose a colour from your palette and if you’ve not had a colour analysis, choose a shade which compliments you. Avoid any colour which casts a dark shadow!



The jumpsuit famously allowed last year stays, but needs to be ankle length now, so similar to the boys.

Skirt lengths and dresses should be “of modest length” falling just above the knee or longer. Avoid having your hemline finishing at any wide parts of your leg. Choose a narrow point instead which is the most flattering.

Trouser suits must be to the ankle of course. They should also be of matching material and colour. All over colour gives the appearance of height so is good news for any petite ladies. City chic and classic personality types will be the happiest with this matching rule!

Finally, it should go without saying but no midriffs on show!


I can help you shop and dress accordingly choosing the right race day outfit. Just get in touch to book any of my services.