Do you know the difference between body shape and body proportions?

Have you ever fell in love with something on the hanger only to discover that when you try it on it just doesn’t fit right?

Often, the reasons are down to the wrong sizing or the wrong shape. But, have you considered that it might not be made for your body proportions?

Take the elusive jumpsuit. I call it elusive as it is can be exceptionally challenging to find the right fit! It’s the perfect example where knowing your shape can still mean the garment doesn’t fit. For example, it could be too long in the body for you, or too short. It could be too short in the leg, or too long. The rise on the jump suit could be too long giving the appearance of a saggy bum, or indeed it could be too short so it digs uncomfortably in. I’m sure you get the idea and that’s before we assess the fabric!

Shape versus proportions

People get in touch often because they want to know what their body shape is and what suits them. But, if you frequently find the fit of clothes is the challenge then do consider that it might not be your shape that you’ve got wrong. It could well be your body proportions. I’ve talked about this recently in this video.

Broadly speaking, you need to consider where your waist is in proportion to the rest of your body. If you don’t have a clearly defined waist, think of where your natural bend is.

There is no right and no wrong. And, unfortunately, the retail and fashion industry don’t always make this easy as there is no uniform in sizing, cutting and shapes! But, it does help to know and understand your proportions to help you refine your clothing choices and make sure they work for you, (and not the other way round). Clever techniques exist, it’s just learning more about it.

I don’t use a tape measure, but I do assess and go through this during a style and image consultation alongside your body shape, scale and fabric cut and weight. All these factors have an impact on whether something fits and flatters you. This is why when you understand this detail, you’ll make fewer shopping mistakes. You’ll learn clever tips to balance yourself out, if you need to.

So if you’re struggling to shop for clothes or continually have to get things altered; a style and image consultation could be something that you’d really benefit from. I can’t guarantee you won’t need to get things altered. But, it might save you time and money buying something which doesn’t love you the same.