How to wear a scarf – 3 ways and 3 reasons

Given the weather has turned colder here in the UK, it means that the winter woollies will have to come out!

For me, a scarf is the easiest and most versatile accessory that you can have in your wardrobe.

This autumn/winter season, you’ll notice an abundance of colourful scarves, capes and cover-ups available.

I’m sharing my guidance and more on the trends, colours and styles in my new seasonal updates which you’ll find full details to help you make informed decisions here.

3 reasons to wear a scarf

A scarf is a fabulous accessory to invest in and often a more cost effective way of updating your wardrobe too.

Firstly, when you wear a scarf in a shade of colour which compliments your features, you’ll look fabulous! That’s because the colour that you wear near to your face will reflect upwards. Choosing a colour that compliments your features will avoid casting shadows onto your features. You can learn your best shades of colour and how to wear them during a colour analysis consultation. A scarf is included in your package with me in the studio too.

It can rescue any outfit! So, if you’re wearing something which isn’t one of your best colours, it will cast shadows onto your features. This will have the unfortunately impact of making you look tired or older than you are and you don’t need that! Adding a scarf will break up the not-so-good colour in your outfit to rescue it and make you look much healthier (as long as it’s right for you of course!). A scarf is a really useful accessory to add when you feel you need to add a finishing touch which will elevate the outfit too.

This last reason may seem a little boring or practical, but it will actually help to keep you warm!

3 simple ways to tie a scarf

Many people struggle to wear a scarf as they feel unsure about how to tie it. They see others who make it look effortless and just can’t make it work the same way for them! Often though, the main reason they struggle is actually down to their style personality (this is something which you learn much more about during my style and image consultation).

I’m often asked for ways of wearing and tying a scarf and this is something which I’ve covered previously. In this video, I’m sharing my three favourite methods which are really simple and easy to do. I’m talking you through how to tie each one in turn in the video as well which you can watch here on YouTube. 

In the video, my first one is a really simple and effortless method which I call the loop. You simply loop it around your neck and adjust the ends. You can do this with any length or thickness of scarf.

The second is what I call the twisted loop. You start using the first method and then twist each end into the loop which twists the scarf. Easily than it sounds and definitely worth a watch!

Lastly, what I call the plaited hoop. In the video, I’ve slowed down the clip so you can follow it a little easier but you’ll start like that one where you push both ends through the hoop at one side (the one everyone does). Instead push one end through the hoop, twist the hoop round to make a figure of 8 and feed the remaining end into the hole you’ve just created. Lies much flatter and nicer too. Watch the video to see these come to life:

The super soft scarf featured in the video

You’ll notice that I’ve used a long scarf in the video tutorials. This is the purple super soft scarf by Colour me Beautiful. There are 5 colours available (including the purple which is a universal one, so it suits everyone) but you’ll find one for every colour type and if you need help identifying the right shade for you, do get in touch. If you know your colouring type, you can refine the filter through the online shop to show you the ones which work for you. Available from the studio as well as online here.

New square scarves

To commemorate Colour Me Beautiful’s 40th birthday, they have introduced a very special new range. The new Sofia Mulberry Silk Scarves are available in three colour ways; Warm, Cool and Universal (so this one suits everyone).

Mulberry Silk is one of the most expensive and luxurious fabrics in the world. It is smoother and stronger than any other silk and breathable too. Order yours online or from the studio.

The Universal Sofia is made up of colours that we can all wear; soft white, teal, purple, pewter, taupe and stone.

The Cool Sofia is made up of cornflower, soft white, icy-grey, blue-green, cassis and hot pink and is perfect for anyone with a cool undertone.

The Warm Sofia is made up of olive, turquoise, cream, sage, terracotta and orange-red and will look sensational on anyone with a warm undertone.

Each scarf measures 88cm x 88cm.