In January, I was invited to be one of the guest speakers at a female empowerment event. It sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and start off 2020.

Sassy ever after LIVE!

I arrived in Sheffield early and was greeted by Kate Grosvenor, the founder who also offers 1-1 coaching sessions. She showed me around the venue which was lovely, including their own lifestyle brand of clothing, candles and more.

Kate Grosvenor

After a glass of bubbles, Kate opened up the event and spoke of ways to change habits and ways to introduce new routines. Informative and useful tips but there was one specific point she made which stuck in my mind. She asked the room full of women; how do you celebrate your successes? I’m not saying you could hear a pin drop but….we were all a bit quiet. Kate said that it was important to celebrate your wins, however small and straight away. Don’t wait until you see a friend, or until you next see your partner or the moment has passed. It did get me thinking, how about you? Try saying well done out loud, tap your own back or even a little clap of the hands could be enough to reward yourself! Visit Kate’s website here.

Deepika Venkatachalam

Deepika is a blogger from India. I listened to her story with such admiration and found her incredibly inspiring! Coming from India to study at Sheffield university with a whole host of achievements under her belt for such a young age, she is definitely one to watch and follow here.

Sarah Tattersfield

The afternoon was not only my turn, but Sarah who is a nutritionalist and the owner of Rotherham’s first and the only members only weight loss and nutritionalist club. Another inspiring and very fit lady! What stuck in my mind from Sarah’s presentation was that they operate a healthy and positive change to your diet, health and fitness. Yes you can have a packet of low fat fat crisps for 90 calories, but is that the best way to eat those 90 calories? Diets are unsustainable and habits need to be changed to create long term healthy lifestyles which is really what your body needs. See more here.

New year, new you

When it was my turn, I was a tad nervous as these ladies were amazing and inspiring but I shared a bit about my background; how I came to become an image consultant and also what the start of a new year meant to me.
It may seem silly to talk of new year, new you now given that we’re in March, but really, you can press reset or pause on life whenever you want. You don’t have to wait until January!
Changing something that you’re not happy about can be hard. Especially if it feels big. Remember; you can’t eat an elephant whole so I always try and think about what the small things are that I can do and build on them, as it’s these small changes that can make the biggest difference. I don’t believe I would be where I am and doing what I love today without breaking it down and taking the steps I did to get here.


For instance, I started a bit of a declutter mission before Christmas. I once heard someone say that your home is your anchor and everything has a home when you declutter. Without meaning to, we can all hoard things can’t we? Even if we don’t mean to, those weeks turn into months and then before we know it, it’s over two years since you moved and that room you meant to sort out after you moved in still hasn’t been emptied…(just me?).
Given the fact that I’m an image consultant, you might expect my wardrobe to be organised and it generally is. I regularly declutter, but my declutter mission extended to each room, drawer, under the stairs and even the garage! During the declutter mission, myself and my husband both agreed we felt not only a sense of achievement, but we felt genuinely calmer knowing things were cleaned, tidy and organised. More on my clothes declutter and organisation another time.
I get a lot of women who get in touch because they feel like they’ve got nothing to wear and they are fed up of feeling like it! I help them understand what suits them and why, so they can get confident in what they wear.
When you understand what suits you and why, you can avoid having those what to wear days. You can save time in the morning and stop wasting money on things you never wear.
But, it doesn’t happen overnight. You can press reset or pause and simply try and change one thing that you’re not happy with but you don’t have to do it on your own either. Making little changes all add up to big changes, especially in how you look and feel. You know that when you feel good in what you wear – this confidence shines through and people notice. Who doesn’t want to feel good in what they wear?
All in all, an amazing afternoon spent with some amazing women. Plus, I bought a wax melt burner with the Sassy wax melts called ‘Be Flawsome’. I am trying.