“Don’t be a slave to trends, find your own style and you’ll always be the height of chic! Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” Lauren Hutton

I always say to people that dressing well is not about buying expensive clothes, or about being at the cutting edge of fashion. It’s simply, knowing what suits you and why so that you can dress with confidence, every day.

80/20 rule

We can all have those days when we feel like we have nothing to wear. You’ve probably seen the statistic that says that we typically only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and with the ladies I meet, the majority all nod their heads in agreement.

It’s not exactly true though is it? We often do have things to wear but we don’t like them / they don’t fit / they don’t suit you / they don’t make you feel good / it doesn’t go with anything. Sound familiar?

If this is you; don’t beat yourself up! But you can change it.


Your first port of call is to review and declutter your wardrobe. It can be as simple as this:

  1. Get rid of any items that no longer fit
  2. Anything that’s really worn, damaged and not repairable
  3. Anything you don’t like or hate yourself in.

Now, this might not help but you’d be surprised. Especially if you take the emotion out of it! If everything left it still good enough to wear, ask yourself why you aren’t wearing it.

If you’re serious about cleansing those wardrobes, then try following these simple steps:

  1. Check if it’s the right colour for you; if it doesn’t lighten and brighten your features then get rid
  2. Does it fit? Is it comfortable? Have you worn it in the last 12 months? If the answers are no; get rid
  3. What’s the condition like? Does it need a minor repair and are you prepared to do it? If not; get rid.

Use my free guide to help you declutter in five simple steps. Download your copy here.

Old favourites

Often, it’s not that you’ve actually got nothing to wear, it’s just that you’ve either lost your way or you don’t know what suits you. Instead you end up reaching for the same few favourites or buying another pair of black jeans / trousers / jacket / top that happens to be identical to the other six you have.

When you know what suits you and why; you’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes that are in the right colours which suit you, in the styles which suit your personality and lifestyle, in the right shape and fit for your body. But, it won’t happen overnight and if you need help, that’s where I come in as I have a range of services to support your journey which you can find here.

Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth

Textile waste is becoming a major problem. According to a government report published in February 2019 – 300,000 tonnes of textile waste end up at landfill from households. If you’re decluttering, please consider alternative ways of disposing your items. Try giving to charities, selling on, restyling or swapping.

Swapping events are becoming more popular. They give you the opportunity to exchange your items (providing they are in good condition) for others. They may not be new, but they’re still new to you. If this appeals, you may be interested in a Style Swap event which is being held in Leeds on 23 January. Tickets can be bought from here. The organiser has also asked me to attend the event and do a talk so why not book your ticket and come along? More details of the event can be found on my events page.

Take the 30 day challenge

Another trick is to turn all your hangers so they are facing the same way. Then, every time you wear something and it goes back in, turn the hanger the opposite way. This way, it’s more visible about what you are and aren’t wearing. I tried this last year for 30 days and you’d be surprised what difference it makes. Revisit the blog here and give it a go.

£s per wear

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll be familiar with my motto. It’s not how much you’ve spent on something, but how many times you’re going to wear it. Before I buy anything, I always ask myself: what do I have that I can wear it with?  Ideally, if you can make three different outfits with it then it’s a good buy in my book. But, it’s got to be the right colour for me (soft, cool and deep), right shape and style (natural/classic neat hourglass) too. Get something in the sale for £10 which you wear once and it’s £10 per wear. Spend £50 on something which you wear 10 times and it’s £5 per wear. I’ve got things in my wardrobe that must be pennies per wear but I regularly declutter too.


If you’d like some help sorting through your wardrobe or simply understanding what works for you and why, then get in touch. Most people start with a colour consultation because it’s the easiest way to update your look, but have a browse and contact me.