Could summer finally be on it’s way??

Following on from my previous blog post on how to wear stripes, this one is all about florals.

When it comes to florals, some people find it easier to embrace this trend than others so this posting is for those who want some ideas on how to try it out.

Those with a ‘romantic’ style personality for example will breeze this trend (think Kylie Minogue). For everyone else, I’ve listed my top three simple tips so everyone can have a go!

Top tip number 1

Anyone with a curvy body shape will look great in floral patterns and detailing but think about the fabric of your clothes too. The more floaty the fabric; the better it is as it will drape across your lovely curves.

Top tip number 2

Wear your pattern when and where you want to draw people’s attention. Equally, don’t wear pattern where you want to minimise any attention either.

Those with triangle/pear or inverted triangle shapes will find this a useful trick and could wear pattern to give the appearance of more balance to their body shape.

Top tip number 3

Keep the size of the pattern in proportion to your scale. If you’re petite, you’ll want more delicate detailing and smaller prints for example. If you’re tall, large bold prints will work better for you.


I hope these simple tips help you dress confidently in florals, but remember to have fun and try things out!

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