How do you dress for online video calls?

Working remotely is the new norm now after weeks of being in lockdown.

Many people, including myself have been doing it for weeks now, but some people will be more familiar with it than others.

With the advent of technology such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype, it means that we can connect easily with our work colleagues, friends and family. A common question I’ve actually heard is – how do you dress for online video calls?

And so, here are some pointers for you to be camera ready at all times:

1.     Now is not the time for ‘neutrals’ such as beige, taupe, camel and stone. These types of shades don’t fare well in front of the camera. Instead, try opting for a bold colour shade from your palette. Navy or charcoal grey would be better than black too.

2.     Busy patterns can be distracting, and stripes are a big no-no as they tend to strobe on screen. Go for block colours.

3.     If you can, try and sit in front of a plain background.

4.     Accessories can be annoying particularly layered bangles that jangle; keep them to a minimum! Dangly earrings can also be distracting so try opting for smaller studs and wearing one (quiet) necklace!

5.     Check your buttons and neckline before going ‘live’ to avoid an embarrassing faux pas.

6.     Make-up can look different online so it’s a good idea to view yourself via your computer screen beforehand. Shimmery eye shadows and highlighters can look just that… shimmery!  Opt for matte finishes instead.

7.     As tempting as it may be to wear loungewear all day, it would certainly be a boost to your confidence and your mood if you wore something smarter. There’s probably no requirement to wear full business dress but dressing up a little will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

Why not take a look and watch our video here.