For the dramatics – Iris Apfel’s H&M collection

Earlier this month, it was announced that Iris Apfel is set to launch a brand new clothing collection with H&M.

Apparently, she’s a H&M fan (who knew?) and the collection is available to purchase from 31 March.

She’s certainly got a rather eclectic taste which is evident in the new H&M collection! I’d say the clothing line will be a huge hit if you’ve got a more dramatic style personality.

Iris is in her 100th year which I think is remarkable and admirable. I love this quote from her and wholeheartedly agree:

Style is not about spending a lot of money. It’s not about what or who you wear, but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and above all, attitude

I never grew up with a lot of money and designer brands aren’t for everyone or their budget. But, when you don’t feel good in something, it actually shows. When things don’t fit or flatter you, then you won’t feel happy or comfortable.

I do believe that you can get value for money from whatever you buy though. ‘£’s per wear’ is my motto and something I say to my clients all the time. The more times you wear something, the lower the £’s per wear becomes.

£’s per wear

Let me explain by way of an example.

The collection from Iris is reported to start at £29.99. Let’s say you buy something from her new collection and you wear it once (or not at all if it’s really not your kind of style). That’s £29.99 per wear. Now, let’s compare that to an item you buy elsewhere that you pay the same price for but this time, you wear it three times. The £’s per wear on this item becomes £10 which actually makes this item much better value for money.

Buying things which make you feel good are a must in my view. So many people have wasted money over the years on things that they never wear I find. It’s understandable why they feel so guilty about it too. That’s why knowing and understanding what works for you is a must.

Here’s the three areas I focus on during my sessions with clients because when you understand each of these areas and how they apply to you, you’ll be able to build a wardrobe of coordinating items.

  1. Wear your best shades of colour near to your face as these will flatter your features the most.
  2. Choose styles which work for your personality type and how you spend your time.
  3. Pick fabrics and designs which flatter your shape and proportions.

Book a colour or style session to learn more!

How to shop

Last month’s blog looked at spring cleaning your wardrobe and I gave five tips on doing this. Now you’ve done you’re wardrobe, do you know what to shop for?

There’s something quite satisfying I think about detoxing though how you feel afterwards will be dependent upon what you’ve left yourself!

Assuming you do this task, it’s also best to do a quick review afterwards to identify what clothing gaps you have so you can go armed with a list when you hit the shops.


Value for money

Please remember that it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it. The more times you wear something, the more value for money it is. I refer to this as £s per wear.

If you’re following me on social media, you may have noticed a recent video from M&S which I commented on. It was a lady in one of their blue summer dresses. The dress could be worn in three ways and it cost less than £50. Using my £s per wear rationale means that if you wear it in their suggested three ways, then it’s just over £16 per wear. Compare this to the dress you bought in the sale for say £25 which you’ve only worn once (or not at all!) and you can see the difference that smart shopping makes.

Given it’s a new season and you may want to fill a few gaps – what do you shop for now?


This trend can be found in tops and dresses. Be wary of the depth of colour as if you’re lighter, avoid the dark denim look or it could wash you out. Equally, if you’ve got darker colouring, this will work for you but avoid the pale denim. Be carful of the weight of the fabric against your body lines too.


This trend continues in lots of styles and colours so there should be something out there to suit everyone.


For all you lights out there : shop now!!

This season brings pastel colours which are perfect for you. Pinks, blues, greens and lavender. Be sure to pick the right shade to suit you. On the subject of lavender – lots of this is out there! Take this colour trend right through to purple. Don’t forget ultra violet is the colour for 2018.



From trousers (the River Island ones I shared on social media did not seem popular with my viewers!) to jump suits and jackets. Be sure to choose both the colours and styles which suit you best. Stripes don’t have to be all over (especially if you have a smaller frame or aren’t looking for the attention). Try a discreet stripe too.



It’s mainly florals again this season on dresses, tips and trousers. The same rule applies as stripes; wear with care the larger patterns so that they don’t dwarf you.


Above all; have fun when you hit the shops!


If you would like to know more about what colour and styles suit you, then book a consultation with me.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning what the seasonal trends are for you, please get in touch to book your own personal style update or shop with me.