3 tips for choosing sunglasses

Could it be that summertime has finally arrived?? I do hope so, and just in time for national sunglasses day on 27 June.

Summer is not complete without a pair of sunglasses!

Here’s my top tips for choosing summer eyewear that really suits you!

My purple toned sunglasses

1. choice of colour

Opt for a frame colour which compliments your physical features. A frame colour which is the same colour as your eyes or hair will often be a good option if you’re not sure or you’ve never had a colour analysis consultation.

For those who are dark brown to black hair, go for a bolder or stronger colour choice, including black. Blondes would be better in a light to mid-depth shade (depending how blonde you are) or rimless ones. If you’re mousey-brown or dark blonde, a tortoiseshell style or blended frame colour will look good; as long as they aren’t too dark for your features!

Red-heads and strawberry blondes would look fab in browns and terracotta style of tortoiseshell frames. Finally, if you’re ash, silver or grey, you’ll find similar colours will be fab for your frames or go bold with a striking pop of colour!

If you already know your colours, use your swatches and opt for one of your colours (dominant or sub-dominant) or, pick one of your neutral colours. Your neutrals are marked with an ‘n’ in your swatches and will always ‘go’ with other colours.   Worried about matching or clashing your eyewear to your outfits? Go for a metallic tone – silver if you’re cool and if you’re warm, choose gold. A rose-gold tends to work for both warm and cool skin tones.

2. reflect your personality

I find sunglasses (and glasses) are either functional or express your style personality! So, if you really want to express your personality, let your eye-wear do the talking. Make a statement, go for a bolder colour choice or a more dramatic stand-out shape. If you sit in this camp, you really won’t be worrying about whether they match or clash with what you’re wearing!

Frames are made from all sorts now. So if you’re into reducing your use of plastic, there are plenty of options to choose.

3. shape and fit

Broadly speaking, the opposite shape to your face shape will be the most flattering. So, if you’re more angular, with straighter and longer length, a rounded frame will be flattering. If you’re not having your personality do the talking, opt for sunnies which look to fit your overall face rather than be too big for it. I refer to it as ‘scale’ and is more to do with balancing out accessories with your overall height and bone structure. A pair of Jackie-o type large frames when you’re small and petite and 5ft, are likely to wear you and stand out.

Check that they sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and they don’t rest on your cheeks either. Both of these are indicators that they’re too big for you!

Finally, do remember that there are thousands of sunglasses to suit all budgets, but do opt for those with UV protection to protect your eyes. Take photos whilst you’re trying them on as, a bit like your clothes and outfits, you tend to see yourself differently in a photo than the mirror!

Have fun! If you need any help, do get in touch.

10 Spring 2023 trends

Time flies doesn’t it? At the start of April, I shared the new colour and style trends for spring / summer 2023 at my ‘what to wear’ workshop.

Having hit the shops the week before, I found a number of items to help me illustrate some of the colour and style trends to the group. During the live workshop, I go through the presentation I’ve prepared all about what you can expect, what suits you and how to make it work for you. I also use the same presentation during the recorded video masterclass (the latest version is available here). The next live group workshop will take place on 7 October and showcase the autumn/winter 2023 colour and style trends.

I’ve showcased some trends I’ve found on the high street in my latest video which you can watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/kAhXbMXh2U8

Here are 10 spring trends featured in the video:

1. Blue midi off the shoulder dress – Next

2. Lime Green Ruffle Sleeve Tie Back Dress – Next

3. Blue/Yellow Striped collared shirt dress – Next

4. Pink Broderie ruffle sleeve Blouse – Love & Roses at Next

5. Khaki Wide Leg Cargo Trousers – New Look

6. Blue button front midi dress – New Look

7. Metallic Silver clutch Bag – New Look

8. Pink animal print tiered dress – New Look

9. Blue Floral hanky hemline dress – Apricot Clothing at New Look 

10. Navy Botanical grecian occasion reversible dress – Apricot Clothing (also available via New Look, Next and Yumi)

Need more help?

Not all these will suit you of course! When you know what suits you, shopping really does become easier. You’ll learn this knowledge when you book a consultation, so do get in touch if the time is right for you.

If you missed the workshop, or you want to watch it again, the recorded version is available here until 30 September.

The Colour & Style guide for spring/summer 2023 is a physical handout you can pop in your handbag and available here. You’ll receive a copy of this if you book a Complete Colour Analysis Consultation between 1 April and 30 September.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a complete digital kit of resources, my new E-Book is 20 pages and contains everything you need to know to help guide you on the spring and summer colour and style trends.

Please note. The above list contains some affiliate links which may result in a payment of commission.