What’s covered in a style & shape consultation?

In this video, you’ll learn what is covered during a style and shape consultation. Watch it on my Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/PVUSE5EyoFo

The details are summarised here:

Style personality

Your style personality is the real you. There’s more to this than you realise. It’s about the clothes you reach for and how they make you feel. Your lifestyle and how you dress to still feel like you!

Having clothes which don’t work for your style personality, means you’ll feel uncomfortable when you wear them. You won’t feel like you, and you won’t be happy. Clothes you don’t reach for are likely to languish in the back of the wardrobe, unworn and unloved because ultimately, they’re not you. I can help you identify what to look for and what works fo you.

Body shape

No tape measures are involved and you can happily stay fully clothed too!

I meet a lot of women who tell me that they don’t know their body shape, or clothes don’t fit them properly. Often, it’s not your underlying body shape which you have challenges with, but your proportions. For example, if you struggle with the fit of jeans, trousers or skirts, the rise you choose is important.

Whilst I’m new to sewing, I’ve always understood the importance of how a garment is constructed and made. I just wasn’t able to do it myself! Seams, darts, necklines and sleeves are all elements to take into account when dressing to flatter your shape.

Your fabric choice can be a friend or a foe! Weight, texture, cut and feel are all elements many people don’t consider, yet it can often be the reason that the fit, shape or style is wrong for you and your body.

Understanding the elements of your body shape, body proportions and body lines helps you identify the cuts, styles and shapes to choose to flatter your shape.

Your clothes

Whilst you’re under no obligation, it can be beneficial to bring along some of your own clothes which you’ve found aren’t working for you. Especially if you can’t put your finger on the reasons why. If you keep putting things on and taking them off again, because there’s something not right with it and you’re convinced it’s not the colour, it’s probably a style and shape session, which you’d benefit from. Especially if you know your colours and nothing has changed!

There are some items I use to demonstrate some of the points I’m making, but your clothes are often the best way to demonstrate the effect and impact.

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These consultations take place in the studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and generally last between two to two and a half hours.

You can combine it with a colour analysis and we’ll cover colours, makeup, style, shape, and personality. You’ll need to allow around four to four and a half hours for this combined package.


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Does your personality affect the way you dress?

What we wear sends out a message to people we meet. Consciously or otherwise, we make a visual statement about how we feel in what we wear.


How much do our own preferences have towards others?

I recently took to Facebook to ask my friends their opinion. Which shoes did they think I should go with for an event I had the following day. I posted two pictures with my outfit laid out including necklace and a pair of shoes.

The dress was new and bought from Marks & Spencer. Both pairs of shoes I already had and had shopped from my existing wardrobe. (I do believe that you can combine outfits together from your existing wardrobe without having to buy everything new. If you want to learn more about this, get in touch to book a session).

The result

1 – 10 votes

2 – 13 votes

I already had a good idea about which shoes I thought I would wear before the votes came in but I was curious to see what people thought.

I chose shoes number one

Are you wondering why? It’s not because I don’t like the other shoes because in actual fact, they are one of my favourites. They are a pair that I have had for many years, been resoled and heeled and the £s per wear I’ve had must be almost pennies now. Getting your wear out of things is a must when buying certain items of clothing.

Instead, it was about the overall image I wanted to project and, make an impression wearing them. I guess it’s linked to confidence too and how I felt wearing them. I felt I needed an edge and these shoes gave me the edge I wanted. How many times do you choose something to wear because you’re happy or confident? This is a must I would say!

The comments I got from my friends and the votes made me reflect about how much our own personality impact on our view about what others wear. I’ve said it many times – image matters, whether we like it or not. How many times have you seen someone on TV or on social media and passed comment about what they are wearing? We all do it – good and bad.

There was also a distinct difference in styling and personality in each shoe. One pair was quite edgy and bold. The other a more classic pair. Also, from the pictures, it can be hard to judge can’t it? There were a few who saw black and red for shoes number one for example when in actual fact they were purple and red. Were people saying what they thought I would look good in, or were they actually saying what they thought they would wear themselves? I suspect there was an element of both.

In my personal and professional view, both shoes worked. If a client had posed the same question to me and asked for my opinion, I’d have asked them to think about where they were going, what impression they wanted to create and, how comfortable were they to wear. I think there’s nothing worse than being in a pair of shoes which are killing your feet!

Did I get any comments about my shoes at the event? Interestingly, no. But I did about the dress – the colour looked great on me I was told 😉.


Bringing it all together

This backs up why the colour clothes we wear have such an impact. It’s usually the first thing people see and it’s actually the easiest way to update your look too. Arguably, you can dress as a different personality and many people do – they have to dress a certain way for work and when out of work, they are the opposite. However, it’s your personality which dictates how you actually combine your outfits together, or not for some of you!

Either way, I would always recommend that you dress for your body shape and wear the shades of colour which suit your colouring the best near to your face as you can see I have.


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