Kick start your wardrobe

Beginning a new year can often be the catalyst to new thinking, new things to try or simply a new image. There’s no doubt that if you look amazing, you’ll feel amazing too!

Here are three ways to kick start your wardrobe if you want to begin a ‘new you’ campaign:

Book a colour consultation (or a review)

Me showing my own colour swatches (there's 48 in a full palette now)

Showing my own fabric colour swatches (there’s 48 in a full palette now)

Never underestimate the power of colour. It really is rather magic. A colour analysis identifies your most flattering shades which even out your skin tone, resulting in a radiant complexion.

Over time, your wardrobe will become more coordinated because everything goes together and shopping mistakes become a thing of the past. You just need the knowledge to get started on your journey.

If it’s been some time since you had a colour analysis and your hair colour has drastically changed, then you may find it beneficial to have a review of your colouring type.

Let your wardrobe breathe and remove the ‘don’ts’

Remove any items of clothes that don’t fit, don’t flatter or you really don’t like. Creating space will enable you to assess what you have in your wardrobe and in turn, build outfits that you really love to wear. Trust me, you will have clothes left! If you’re not quite ready to get rid of them, do still remove them. Take them out of your wardrobe and from daily view. Put them in a suitcase or the loft if need be until you’re ready to say goodbye. Donate to a friend or charity or sell on Vinted or Ebay. If they’re high end, rent them out! Or why not upcycle into another garment or a cushion cover!

Cosmetic clearout

Speaking of wardrobes, it’s not just clothes we hang on to. Be ruthless with your make-up bag too.

cosmetic tube

Morning light foundation showing open pot sign of 12 months

Cosmetics don’t last forever so pull out any that you’ve had for a long while (like that lipstick you’ve had since 1982).

The open pot sign on cosmetics and toiletries indicate how long they’re good for once opened. Anything past this time period and you risk an infection. (I’ve given a broad guide about this previously here, but check your items as the manufacturer and the ingredients is what dictates the timeframe).

Only put items back in the bag that flatter your colouring too.

Ditch the black eyeliner and mascara as it’s not always the most flattering shade. Opt for something softer such as granite pencil or black/brown mascara.

I can show you your most flattering cosmetic shades if you need some help.

Mind the gap!

Once you’ve done these three things, you’ll have a much clearer view of what you have and perhaps what you don’t have.

Use the opportunity to make informed and purposeful choices about what to do next. Just because you’ve created space, doesn’t mean you have to fill the gap!

Remember, you removed clothes because they didn’t fit, don’t flatter and you didn’t like them so you might not have any gaps in your wardrobe. Perhaps with more space you’ll be able to identify that you’re short of a new top or some bottoms. A pair of boots or some jewellery instead. It could provide you with an incentive to organise the area better instead.

If you’re tempted to take advantage of any sales, just remember that these items are cut in price for a reason: they weren’t picked up at full price. And, it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it! Don’t be tempted to buy things because they’re ‘cheap’ unless you know exactly what you’re looking for and that you’ll get your monies worth out of it. The capsule wardrobe workshop will be returning in a few months time so if this appeals but you don’t know where to start, register your interest here.

Get in touch to book your colour analysis consultation

New year, new you?

The Christmas decorations have been packed away, the New Year’s resolutions are firmly in place and we’re looking ahead to a colourful and stylish year!

In this first blog of 2017, let’s look at some of the new colour trends for the year. Plus I’ve got a special offer for you too.

Until the end of January, spend over £25* in my online store and receive a colour me beautiful zip-top pouch for FREE (worth £4.50*).

This handy little travel pouch is large enough to hold your make-up essentials but small enough to pop in your handbag! You can also use it to store your pens, earphones or mobile phone charger!


Towards the end of last year, Pantone released their top ten colours for Spring 2017 alongside their colour of year; Greenery.

This year’s list features an array of shades which can be made to work for almost all of the colour me beautiful dominant colour categories.

Based upon these colours I’ve made some suggestions based upon each dominant colouring type:

Image courtesy of Pantone Color Institute

Light: Island Paradise, Niagara and Pale Dogwood.

Deep: Kale, Lapis Blue and Pink Yarrow.

Warm: Kale, Primrose Yellow, Greenery and Flame.

Cool: Island Paradise, Lapis Blue and Niagara.

Clear: Island Paradise, Lapis Blue, Greenery and pink yarrow.

Soft: kale, pale dogwood and hazelnut.

With so much colour inspiration to enjoy, January doesn’t seem so grey after all! If you need more colour inspiration, use the seasonal updates available here.

Get social!

If you check out my Facebook page over the next few weeks I’ll be taking a look at who can wear which colours and what to pair them with to give you a few ideas.

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If you’ve not had a colour analysis before, get in touch to book either a personal consultation or join a group session.




*whilst stocks last. excl. P&P charges. Promotion ends 31st January 2017. Pouch will be automatically included in qualifying orders.