Fuss-free necklace ideas when you don’t wear jewellery

Have you got any parties planned?

I’m sharing some tips on jewellery here as I find a lot of people struggle to accessorise their outfits. Sometimes, it’s about knowing where to start so I do hope they inspire you.

This is ideal for you if:

– You’re not a big jewellery fan

– You struggle to wear costume jewellery

– If you’re a natural style personality

– You’re a classic style personality who prefers a minimalist look

– You don’t want to stand out from the crowd

– Hate anything jangly or noisy

– You’d rather all eyes be on what you’re wearing and not your accessories

– Prefer to look classy and fuss-free

I produced this short video and shared it on Instagram a few months ago. I’d been asked for some ideas to ‘dress up’ a simple dress a client had picked to wear to an event. She wanted some ideas on ‘how’ to wear jewellery for such an occasion.

Simply by having a look in my jewellery box, I managed to come up with these 10 simple ideas to show you.

Here’s the list and do watch the video below:

1. Pearls (real or not)

2. Beads

3. Layers

4. Small chain

5. Choker

6. Textures

7. Long

8. Large pendants

9. Tassel

10. Diamond

I’m sure if you take a look inside your own jewellery box, you’ll have similar items. If this has inspired you and you think you’ve identified a gap, then do consider picking something up. There are lots fo good budget options available if you’d prefer to experiment without investing in the real thing.

Some of these items I’ve had for years! As a natural, I don’t tend to wear these all the time of course! They do tend to come out for dressing up occasions and where the outfit needs it.

Your Style personality is something we go into detail about during a style and image consultation.

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Watch: 10 simple necklace ideas